Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Not Dead

I haven't posted in a week so I guess I need some explaining to do huh.  I haven't really been in a "blogging" mood lately.  I guess it's the whole summer disease in which thinking has gone down the drain.  There hasn't been anything to really blog about and I'm in dire need to talk about something.  I've been thinking about book reviews and stuff like that for the time being.  I'm currently reading the Artemis Fowl series and there a few things I want to talk about.  Other than that there hasn't been much in my mind.  All I've been doing this past week was read... I guess that's exciting right?  Today has been such a gorgeous day that I spent my time reading outside.  It's like 70 degrees over here and it feels awesome!  And the cherry on top?  No stinky factory today!  Wooo!  Now this is the part where I say farewell until I find something to discuss.  Hopefully I won't be so blank these next few weeks.


  1. You could always talk about your amazing self =DD Your favorite memories and such :)