Sunday, July 31, 2011

Family and Friends

Before I get into the next part of eighth grade I want to share something that I just learned.  You always hear how you should be thankful for everything you have.  I'm thankful for my family... I was talking to my dad and he kept telling me how he was there if I needed anything.  Not everyone has that and I feel as though I should take this as a privilege not as something that I should take advantage of.  He's trying his best and I'm beyond thankful to have him in my life.  Friends are something we all take for granted.  I have only handful of friends I can trust.  Guess what?  I am thankful for others I can trust.  I take for granted my best friend and I always say, 'oh she can help me'.  Everyday we take the chance to act ignorant with our family or friends.  What if they aren't there anymore?  We will definitely live with guilt and regret.  I feel extremely guilty for taking advantage of those who I care about.  All of them have a special place in my heart and they will never be forgotten..  Thank you for everything you guys have done for me :D!  Have a LOVELY day :)))!!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Eighth grade..

OK so in my last entry I said I would explain how bad eighth grade was... now I will.  I'm going to start with teachers.  My teachers weren't the best at being nice... some treated me with respect... others not so much.  Not every teacher will like you but it bothers me how some had attitudes towards me.  I never argued with my teacher, I never talked back, nor did I give them an attitude.  I remember one didn't let me take a quiz and walked out on me!  I wanted to say, "yeah that's real mature of you".  I decided not to because I had more class than that ;D!  Some actually were nice to me and helped me out and never quit on me.  Others I felt excluded me for some reason that I will never know.  I learned to act better than that and to NOT let them ruin my day by acting like a brat.  There will be people who may not like you.. don't give them a second thought.  Now you know how negative I was being in those classes.  Another reason why I was pessimistic was because of my classmates.  My gosh they loved being rude in class!  I remember in math class they were being soooo rude to the poor substitute and got us all in trouble!  Not all were bad but man it was torture!  Now one kid made the math teacher extremely mad all the time and I felt sooo bad for her!  I don't know why they were that rude.  Though they didn't pay attention in class they did pay attention to the gossip and rumors spreading around.  OK I only have time for that and check for my second part on Sunday!  Have an AMAZING day :DDD!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm nearing my first day of highschool!  I'm very excited to finally get out of the wretched place of middle school!  My goals for highschool are the usual try hard and get good grades... BUT this year I want to be as positive as I possibly can!  My goals are to never listen to negativity and to make the best of it.  Besides I'm used to all the drama so it won't be too hard.  Anyways I'm going to the school on August 1st, but I start August 16th so I'm making the best of the rest of summer vacation.  I'm ready to take highschool head-on!  My next blog entry will be split into 3 parts and consist of how horrible 8th grade was... and how I learned from it.  Plenty of things to say.  In the mean time appreciate the outdoors and the heat :)!  Have an EXQUISITE day!!!!! :D

Monday, July 25, 2011


Let me share something about me!  During 8th grade I was a very negative person with a poor attitude towards things.  I was mostly like that since I was surrounded by the negative influences (teachers, classmates, etc...) yup they were the causes.  It was my fault too but when you're surrounded by teachers who have poor attitudes towards the class and the classmates around you who LOVE drama then you will be sucked into the forcefield of pessimism.  Believe it or not I had such stupid thoughts like when I woke up in the morning to go to school I always thought, 'ugh I have to deal with this teacher.'  It always put a sour taste in my mouth.  When the year progressed I still felt bad for myself and blah blah blah.  When I walked home on the last day I felt a 1000 pounds lifted off of me.  I learned from that mistake... the mistake that I didn't choose to smile, I chose not to have a good day.  Now I choose to be a good influence and to smile :).  I want to surround myself with good people and people who are also positive.  The way I think is not, "live like it's your last day".  I don't like that phrase because you aren't supposed to live everyday thinking you might die.  Live everyday the best you can.  Ignore all the media and all the talk and find a place to block out all that drama.  Instead of saying "I can't" how about "I can".  That's it for today!  Have an optimistic day :D!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Video Games and their "Teachings"

Ok, I know I'm a teenager who loves video games and I will have a different view of violent video games than adults.  Since this is my blog I could write my opinion!  Hooray for blogs!  Anyways I would say that nowadays a lot of adults blame violence on video games and some places want to BAN them!  How moronic!  I will confess that I did play shooter games when I was pretty young and my mom never took the game away from me.  She did however notice it was a shooter game but she ignored it.  I turned out just fine and I play shooter games and "violent" games today!  Not once do I ever think of acts of violence when I play.  When I play I'm usually more concerned about beating the level.  Of course when I lose I get frustrated but I don't go crazy and start murdering people.  I think parents are overreacting to these games and if they are really concerned for their child why do they buy the games for their children?  If that's not the case then why are they concerned with other children playing this?  I would like to tell them to just stay out of it.  Worry about your own child.  That sounds harsh but that is my point of view.  For those parents please watch what your children play if you are THAT concerned.  I think the reason to violence in children or teenagers has to be blamed on real life violence that they experienced.  Also you have to look at what they been through.  It could be anger or just signs of craziness.  Let's pretend that I am playing Grand Theft Auto and something clicked in my mind to start robbing things in real life because I played a game... yeah that doesn't make sense to me.  Although others have a different perception than I do.  Well I got that off my chest... Just like to say.... well it's midnight where I am... so... HAVE A GREAT DAY :DD!!  That works!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


The problem with society these days are the constant negativity!  All I hear is how bad the government is and how the economy will crash.  All they talk about is the train of possibilities that MIGHT happen.  There was one time that I heard how they might flip the situation... THAT'S what I want to hear.  The media is the main cause of all this pessimism.  They constantly have to find a story that has to deal with someone getting murdered or a big scare that's happening.  Really... how about things that are good like charity events or how recycling is becoming more popular.  My sister was watching the news one time and said it makes her depressed because of all the things happening in the world today.  I simply tell her to not watch it and do something else.  When I grow up I don't want my children to listen to all this negativity I want them to live positive lives.  For me I like to think the best of things.  It hasn't rained here that much where I live so there is always next week!  I will walk with my head up and smile.  Nothing beats a smile :).  That's all for today... have a wonderful day :))!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gay Marriage and more

Yes today will be the controversial subject of gay marriage.  First off I will say I am 100% for gay marriage and believe everyone should have the right to marry.  There are a couple of things people say that urk me.

1. Being gay is an abomination in the Bible
        - First off you have to know that the Bible was written thousands of years ago and the word "abomination" is translated as "going against tradition".  Just wanted to get that out there.  Also, people use the Bible for the WRONG reasons,  they use it to discriminate others and spread the vile word... "hate".  When I was in Catholic school they taught me to love EVERYONE around me not to leave out a group of people.  The Bible should be used for love and not to discriminate.

2. Being gay is a sin
        - Again, another reference to the Bible.  I would like to say that the real sinners are the homophobes out there.  They are the ones who hate and say things that make me go from :D to ;(.  So basically being yourself is a sin?  That doesn't make sense at all.  I don't see anywhere in the Tenth Commandments "Thy shall not be gay".

3. Being gay is a choice
         - I can't stress enough that it is NOT a choice!  There is no scientific proof that one gets to choose what gender they prefer.  All those people who say you can change are all wrong.  Going through therapy to change sexual orientation does NOT work.  If someone got to choose do you really think they would choose to be hated?  It's who they are and no one can change that.

4. Gays flaunt their sexuality
         - Really?  All I see is straight people holding hands and kissing in public.  What is that?  If someone had a relationship of the same sex and they were holding hands people would make remarks everywhere.  Yet straights can lock lips in the park where there are children everywhere?  I find that an excuse.

5. Gays who have children will also turn out to be gay
         - One of my friends told me that if I adopt a child to raise it straightness first.  She says that if I raise it in gayness it will be gay.  I find that to be false.  Again no one can choose what gender they like.  If a child has two fathers it has no affect on the child whatsoever.  Goes with the same with two mothers.  Just another excuse to not let them adopt.  Yet straight couples who are abusive can keep a child?  WOAH let's stop for a second... loving fathers or mothers can't adopt a child yet abusive parents keeps theirs?  ....

Those are few of the things that I can say for now.  If you are LGBT I will say that I'm here if no one else is there.  Everyone has a hand to hold in the end.  Please don't listen to what others tell you, they are negative influences in life that should be ignored.  Everyone deserves to be loved no matter who they are.  I'll always be here :).

Monday, July 18, 2011

About Challenging the Mind

This blog will include a lot of different interests.  Mainly I will talk about my opinion on a few subjects and other teenager things!  I won't post things everyday or then I'll run out of things to "blog" about.  I will take suggestions on topics to cover.  I know I sound extremely boring but trust me it will get better!  Stay tuned for subjects I'll take head on!  Also, I am a teenager heading to high school so don't be afraid to ask about things.  Trust me this blog will get more exciting :P!