Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm a guy

I'm a guy, I'm supposed to...
not care about how I present myself
not shave
care about sports
know everything about cars
work out everyday
talk about girls 
act like a jerk 
not show my inner feelings
not cry in front of anyone
toughen up and be a man
be dominant
act violent towards my friends
be masculine
be the knight and shining armor
be a slob
be the modern man.

Let's all throw these stereotypes out the door.  We live in a new generation, let's not screw it up for the next.  No more male stereotypes, there is too much of them and I'm absolutely sick of them.  Let guys live the way they want to without society telling us that we have to be masculine.  Leave the magazines, books, and movies. Educate yourselves.  The world is filled with diversity, get used to it.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What am I thankful for?

I didn't really get to talk about what I'm thankful for in life.  Thanksgiving has passed but these are things I'm grateful for everyday of my life.

Heck yeah!  Without friends I would be going crazy and I would need therapy.  It's hard to find friends and I'm happy with mine.

The Internet
Oh you have no idea how I love the internet!  There is so much information that the internet provides for us... I do not want to let that go to waste.  So much to learn about the world and the internet is easily attainable.

My blog
I'm absolutely thankful for this blog.  Without my blog I would feel like my opinions would not be heard.  I started this blog so my voice can be heard.  It is like a diary yet I share it to the world... not in a weird way :P. 

Video Games
What is life without entertainment?!  Oh how I love video games!  Nothing else to say except the fact that video games consume 19% of my brain! 

Other people's blogs
I don't really mention other people's blogs but I read a handful of blogs and they always inspire me.  I'm thankful because they send positive messages and they inspire me to keep on going.  Have to share some blogs I read!

Those are few of the things I'm grateful for... trust me I have many more but I feel like I never talk about what I'm thankful for.  I really hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving!  Time for another week of school!  Have an extravagant night!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Surprise! News People

Suprise!  I'm not home yet but there is internet here and my sister brought her laptop so... might as well put something up!  Today let's talk about news reporters and news people.  Oh my gosh today my sister showed me an article about how Twilight causes seizures... I laughed so hard when reading it.  It goes to show how pathetic the newspaper is.  I glance at the newspaper here and there and some articles are absolutely ridiculous.  I remember one time one person on t.v. was hosting a live gay marriage on his show and he showed a compilation of clips of news reporters all saying the exact same things.  They all said how he was "pushing the envelope".  What shocked me the most was that all of them said the EXACT same thing!  People constantly need a story to put out.  When they find one they flip the whole story for it to be "exciting".  This is why I don't watch the news, they completely lie.  There is one thing to like about the news!  Their absurd stories make me laugh so hard!  That's my post for tonight, I might put one up on Sunday.  Get some rest!  Have a restful night!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Respect Teachers

I am impressed with teachers.  They have to put up with bratty teenagers 5 days a week.  They have to put up with complaining, ungrateful, annoying teenagers.  I must say I respect you teachers!  It must be tough, dealing with different types of personalities each day.  Not to mention they have to get up as early as us :/.  Sure there are those teachers who never have a great attitude.  Yet they keep calm when situations happen.  I would like to be in a teacher's shoes for one day to see how they must feel about us.  Do they think we are crazy?  Do they think we are annoying?  Do they think we are smart?  So many questions I have about teachers.  I'm making them sound like they are a different type of species :P.   Again, I applaud you teachers for sticking it out to give us the education we need.  I also applaud you for making class an enjoyable experience.  The only people who make class lame are the people.  Without teachers, we the students would be lost in our studies.  They take the time to help us and assist us with issues at school or with our personal life.  So for all teachers... I owe all my respect towards you!!!!

Just a reminder I will be out of town for Thanksgiving therefore I won't have blog posts up until I get back.  I might be back by Saturday or Sunday so look for a post on either of those days!  Be thankful for everything you have :)!

Monday, November 21, 2011


I apologize for no entry yesterday.  It was my birthday and I decided to take a little day off.  Now I'm ready to make a new post!  

I feel bad for celebrities.  Why?  They have to put up with paparazzi.  I feel bad because they have no privacy whatsoever.  It does make me mad however that if a celebrity does something wrong the whole world shuns them.  General people are crazy yet when a higher rank of people (celebrities) does something wrong the whole world is in awe.  I don't see why we put celebrities as high ranks of people.  I do feel bad for them because they have no privacy.  Lots of rumors are made about them and we always believe them.  Also, we tend to make them look bad on purpose.  During interviews, people ask them the most ridiculous questions to make sure they look bad on screen.  We need to stop worrying about these celebrities.  They apparently share a life with the whole world.  Why can't we leave them alone?  That's it for tonight, I have another entry up tomorrow!  Be happy today!

Friday, November 18, 2011

High School Dropouts

This is a very touchy topic for some people.  I would like to say that this is my opinion and it is not intended to hurt anyone.  

The dropout rate is increasing each year.  Why?  Well about 40% of people say that middle school never prepared them for high school.  There really isn't a way to prepare yourself for high school.  The only thing they told me about high school was the credits and some classes I could take.  That's the only way to "prepare" yourself for high school.  Entering high school is like entering a new realm.  I know that sounds cheesy :P.  One other interesting reason is that the classes are not interesting... how are they not interesting?!  It really depends on where you go but there is so much classes you can take in high school!  I always thought in middle school there was absolutely nothing interesting.  While typing this I found a website on different reasons to why people drop out.  One reason that caught my attention was, "too much freedom".  This is very interesting.  The guy talked about how he saw other people doing whatever they wanted to do.  Essentially what I'm getting from this is that rules aren't strict enough?  High school isn't too hard.  All you have to do is show up and do your work.  Nothing in life is easy and that's the cold truth.  You can't just wing high school, you have to put some effort towards it.  Now there is another big reason for dropouts.  Some are influenced by friends.  Now that's a different topic I'll discuss later.  Later folks!  Have a majestic day!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm a Grammar Freak

Yes I'm one of those nerds who corrects people's sentences.  My issue is the fact that people do not make sense anymore!  I play an online game with a chat and I'm often confused when reading other people's messages!  I cannot understand them!  It takes me minutes to process that butchered sentence.  They aren't making themselves look good.  I might be overreacting but honestly... I'm on the verge of becoming insane.  We cannot continue with this.  Is this how we present the English language?  With sentences that have no structure?  Come on we are better than that.  Now I'm not trying to be an old fart :P.  I really don't care about periods or commas... yet I still use them.  I don't care about that, all I care about is if the sentence actually makes sense.  I notice these types of things outside of the digital world.  In reality I see a lot of children struggling with these things.  We need to be more aware of this, this is a serious issue we need to fix.  That's my little rant!  Think smart!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Westboro Baptist Church

Oh this church has some major issues!  I'm going to first state that this church is the most pessimistic church ever!  I swear they say a lot of strange things that don't make a whole lot of sense.  I took a look at this website and... wow.  This church discriminates against the gay community... no doubt about it.  They call them, "fags" and in one of their posts they said a ridiculous definition.  The term, "fags" is not meant to be used as a childish insult.  Oh but that's not all!  I read one of their blogs to see how crazy they are and oh my gosh this is what they say.  They say, "thank god for 9/11, thank god for Hurricane Katrina, thank god for wildfires, etc...  What the heck?!  That is the most heartless thing a human being could say!  They are basically saying, thank god for death!  What a horrible way to present themselves, not a good way to represent their church.  I also hate the way they flaunt the words, "slut" and "whore" to other people.  It makes me laugh how they say, doomed america every sentence.  They never capitalize America, I find that very disrespectful to our country.  This is their country as well and they better be thankful for that.  These people are rude scum-sucking rodents who need to get slapped across the face.  They are the most negative people ever!  They are close minded and they need to open their eyes.  I cannot tell you how angry I was after reading their posts... disgusting.  I don't know how anyone would want to join a filthy belief system like that.  How can someone live like this?!  I get the feeling they don't enjoy life that much.  Yes, because living in doomed america is really that bad... let's shed a tear.  Alright everyone promise me you will have a positive day!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Media

Why do I hate the media?  There are many reasons to why I hate it but there are a few things I have noticed with the media.  I always see violence; that's the number one story for everyone.  I constantly see violence and tensions rising in the Middle East.  This causes people to believe that the world is increasingly becoming violent.  In reality the world isn't becoming violent, we are decreasing the violence everywhere.  Yet the media feeds us these articles that say things like that.  Another thing that bothers me are the articles that induces us to believe in certain stereotypes.  For example, I see a lot of articles saying that men are killers... please.  I was never a fan of the media.  They feed us negativity and if you're like me I stay away from that.  In my opinion I think the media has no importance to the world.  I think the world would be a much better place without this atrocious nonsense.  I don't see myself benefiting from this so why bother with it.  Have an excellent day!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is going to be an angry rant for the people at school who do not know how to respect.  First of all I would like to say that I'm aware of my flaws and I don't need anyone else to remind me of them.  I don't need you to remind me that I have a great amount of flaws.  I'm honestly disgusted by over half of Freshmen.  Today I'm paired with a group of people to work on a project for Career Exploration and two of the girls in my group drive me insane.  I was typing this letter and I felt like she was frustrated by me.  For what reasons?  I honestly don't know but she gives me this attitude that I really don't appreciate.  She is a good example of children who cannot respect others.  I try my hardest to respect others who oppose me and disagree with me.  What I like in return is some respect as well.  I don't care if you talk about me behind my back, as long as it stays between you and your friend.  What I don't like is when you come up to my face and act disrespectful.  Of course that's the reality, people are impudent.  In this world there will be people you won't necessarily like.  It isn't just her it has been a great amount of people since sixth grade.  My question is why?  Why are there people who act like brats?  I'm trying to conceal the anger inside of me.  Yet do I feel bad for myself?  Absolutely not.  I feel bad for them.  Why?  They simply lack knowledge and respect.  What's worse than that?  I hope I didn't waste your time with this rant.  See you on Saturday.  Have a delightful day!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Future posts!

I'm currently reading some books that grabbed my attention when I was at the library.  When I finish these books I plan to write an entry on them.  As you can tell this entry is more of future entries.  This entry might bore some of you so I apologize :P.  The first book I'm reading is based on God's Will.  This book talks about the will of god.  The next book I want to read is one I'm fascinated by.  It's based on the media and how it is NOT affecting children.  My last book is based on sociology.  From these books I'm beyond excited!  I'll make a lot of entries with these books.  It won't be one entry to summarize the whole book.  It will be broken down to many different posts.  I'll try to put as much information as the book provided me.  I'll also mention exact quotes and statements by the author.  Those are my future plans!  Trust me I will stick to them!  Have an ambitious day!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kool Kids

I'm a kool kid because...
i tlk lik dis
Grammar Isn't Important To Me
I NeVeR Do My HoMeWoRk!
ima bully 2 every one
i cuss evry 10 words
i complian cuz i dont want 2 do work
speling is to much of a chalenge
i use words "queer" or "faggot" 2 be funny
bein smart is to nerdy
i listen to rap music
i joke bout rape cuz its dat funny
i point da middle finger at ppl
i back talk da teacher
i like to go wit da crowd
bein different is bad.

For all teenagers... please let's grow up. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Religion in School?

Should religion be taught in public schools?  My answer is heck no!  I have a few reasons why this is blasphemy.  On a website I saw some people state some reasons why religion should be taught.  Anyways adopting the plan to place religion in all schools would be very difficult task.  What religion would be taught?  There are many religions and putting all these many religions together would cause a lot of controversy.  There would have to be a lot of thinking and this could take a lot of time.  In some places people replace history with biblical events.  I have a major issue with this, why would you replace history?  History is important!  We evolve from history and what's not to like about it?!  Let's not forget the atheists... they have their own beliefs, why smother them with all this religion when they don't believe in it in the first place.  What about gays?  If the religion discriminates against them... where will they fit in?  There is already existing problems with religions.  It's a battle to see who is the best of all.  People have the right to study it at home, public school is meant for education purposes.  Religion being taught would destroy some education and lead to controversies in the future.  I say religion should never be taught anywhere near school.  Religion is already an issue today and let's not make it worse.  

No teacher post :(.  Anyways have a majestic day!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learn America

Let's learn from our mistakes.  Why can't we give equal rights?  Why do we still have an issue with racism?  Why must we discriminate based on sexual orientation?  Come on America let's make a transition from being this immature country to a respectful country.  Why do gays still have to battle for the right to marry?  Why do women still struggle with being accepted in the work force?  Why can't we just learn from all the discriminating we have done.  Let's move on from these gender stereotypes and let's move on from these beauty standards.  Why must we live in the past?  We all must not be impudent fools!  I want America to be a peaceful country for ALL, not for one group of people but for every single person out there.  I strongly believe we are becoming too careless.  We're not aware of what's going on in this country.  We are like an infestation, we are careless.  Come on Americans educate yourselves.  

Just stop and think.