Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Inspiration! *Outdated*

Who inspires me?  A lot of people!  I want to dedicate tonights post to the many people who inspire me.  I feel this is necessary because I never really say who inspired me to blog.  Some people might shock you so be aware of that :P.  I will put a link to every concrete person!  I do have abstract inspiration.

Laci Green
If you don't know who she is.. well you my friend are delusional!  No but in all honesty she is one of the best vloggers out there!  She is on Youtube and she talks mainly about sexuality but she does every once- in- a- while talk about things going on in the world.  She is my biggest inspiration and a lot of my entries are inspired by what she talks about.  I would love to one day interview on the many questions floating around in my skull.  She has quite a lot of the same views as I do which is always a plus!  Why was I inspired?  Well my fellow readers, she inspires me because I love the way she freely talks about her beliefs.  I have the need to just preach about what she says.  She is like a teacher!

This person is also a Youtuber but her videos are composed of video games!  Confused?  I hope so.  She inspires me in a different way.  She is a very optimistic person and also very funny!  We need more people like her in this world, definitely a positive thinker. 

Wait... another Youtuber?!  Yup another video game person on Youtube.  In his commentary he says a lot things that led to blog entries!  He is also a very positive person which rocks!  We definitely need more mature people like him. 

Yes people inspire me!  What better way to get inspiration?  The way people act are the best type of inspiration for a blog entry.  It's always fascinating watching people act the way they do.  Now they aren't all random people, I get a lot of inspiration by my very good friends!  You guys rock!

Real life situations and experience are also good inspiration.  The best way to gain knowledge is to have experienced it.  I really hope that last sentence made sense!

OK that wraps things up!  I made this entry a little too long but if you're bored and you have nothing else to do than this is great for you!  Alright everyone I'm sorry this is a little late but I've been playing video games... which is a great way to exercise the brain!  See you all on Halloween!!!  Have a SPOOKY weekend!!!

Websites: Laci Green- and
Sorry no link to experience.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inappropriate Jokes

I know what you're thinking :P, but these types of jokes bother me.  Ever hear those jokes, "oh he's going to rape you!" yeah those types of jokes.  Is it just me or does that bother anybody?  I mean I always hear these "rape" jokes and I'm starting to get irritated.  To some people these jokes can really be offensive.  Some people will probably say, "it's just a joke!"  Really?  Some people might say I'm being over sensitive but overall this isn't being over sensitive.  These jokes can really hurt someone who actually has been raped or has been in that type of situation.  This can make someone feel awful and it should never be taken as a joke.  Seriously there are plenty of things to laugh at in this world but out of all the things why do people laugh at serious situations?  I mean how is it funny?  Is it funny to laugh at people who have experienced this?  Absolutely not!  All I have to say is enough with the rape jokes!  This is very serious and we are going to stand here and joke about it?  People can be very heartless at times!  I hope one day people can realize how tragic this is... well a person can dream right?  That's my teeny little rant for today!  I will see you all on Saturday!  Have a magnificent day!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Moving to a different school or state can be extremely difficult.  Trust me I have plenty of experience with moving.  On Monday I got the unfortunate news that I will be moving away to a different state.  This means a new school, new town, and new classmates.  Of course that's how it was every year, except this year it will be especially difficult because I've met an amazing amount of people here.  Moving to a new place means I'm right back to being a rather shy human being.  It took me a couple of months to actually open out to few people.  The one thing that frustrates me the most is leaving in the middle of the school year.  It would be better to move during the summer before sophomore year.  High school is different than middle school and there are different amount of credits you need to pass.  Leaving this high school and going to another one makes me a little nervous because I have no idea if I need to take certain classes as a Freshman.  Dealing with a whole new environment is something I'm an expert at!  I'm going to stay positive and I'm hoping things will be good.  Although leaving my friends is one of the most excruciating pain imaginable I hope to find new friends.  My goal is not to be shy and that I should approach people rather than people approaching me.  As I said I'm going to think positive thoughts, being optimistic is the only thing to make things a little less painful.  This affects my blog as well, I did say I wanted other people's opinions but now that I'll be moving that won't continue until I find people there.  I also hope the teachers will write an entry, I mean I have no clue if the teachers at the new school will be fun and enjoyable or if they will be dreadful and depressing.  Moving is an obstacle I can overcome... it happens but I will put my head up.  There are new opportunities at that school, opportunities that this school doesn't offer.  I will make these last few months of this school the best!  That's all for today, have a brilliant day!!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Nice" People

When someone tells me that a person is nice I would expect them to be friendly to everybody.  A "nice" person would be nice to everybody and not just a certain amount of people.  It pains me when my friends tell me, "oh he/she is really nice" and in reality they aren't that nice of people.  The way you present yourself to me, then I would decide if you really are as nice as people say.  Being rude to me and ignoring my existence is considered nice?  Yeah I have no idea what your definition for nice actually is.  One thing that really bothers me is the fact that they act nice in front of you and then behind your back they whisper something about you.  If you don't like sitting next to me or if you don't like me at all then don't pretend.  Pretending to be nice makes me think we are friends.  If you don't like me that is fine but why bother talking to me?  If you have personal issues with me then discuss them with me, ignoring them won't get anything solved.  It really is hard to trust anybody when this constantly happens.  In my opinion, those type of people aren't "nice" because if they were nice they would treat me and everyone else with respect.  If people do this, I am usually left with a sour first impression.  Ever heard of the golden rule?  Treat others the way YOU would want to be treated.. all I have to say.  This is all I have to say for tonight, have a splendid day!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Venting on Facebook

Almost everyone has those people on Facebook who constantly post their problems.  I'm guessing Facebook is a therapist who can listen to your problems.  I'm sorry but it bothers me when people constantly post how bad their day has been or how their relationship sucks.  There was one person who was on my friends list and they always posted how their life sucks.  A lot of people commented on her statuses telling her to stop.  She told them she was simply "venting" her feelings.  In my dearest opinion I don't understand why you would vent your problems where the whole world will know.  There are plenty of ways to let out anger or sadness.  For example: keep a journal, tell a friend, write it down and throw it away, or you can express it in various ways.  Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to post it where people can see it every day.  Some people even lose their jobs because of their posts.  What does this mean?  Keep your life in private.  There is no need to tell your life situations to people you barely know.  Some things should really be kept to yourself.  Another form is people who post their relationship problems!  I mean I'm sorry your relationship is not so good but the only way to fix it is to actually communicate O:.  I know, communicating is unheard of!  If you don't want people to be in your business then you can change your privacy settings or don't post at all.

I have a debate tournament Saturday that will be all day so there will be no new entry on Saturday.  I will have one up on Sunday!  Have a fascinating day!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Negative Slurs

OK I apologize, it isn't slang it's slurs... oops!  That's not the point :P, the point is... I'm sick of them.  When I was little I never heard the terms, "queer" or "faggot" used as an insult.  It doesn't anger me it just irritates me.  I really don't know how those slurs started being the new trend.  I always hear someone say, "you're such a faggot" or simply just telling others they are a queer.  I'm not sure how calling others those words is used as an insult.  Now some people say they aren't targeting gays and people are being over sensitive.  OK I can understand that but why use those particular words to describe someone as "dumb?"  There are many words in the English dictionary that mean "dumb."  "Queer" and "faggot" are irrelevant to the word "dumb" or "stupid."  I don't think people try to aim it at gays but I think people need to be a little more smart with their vocabulary.  This is my opinion so don't tear me apart :P!  

A little announcement!  Tomorrow I hope I get the chance to speak with the teacher to discuss the next post on my little series.  That's all for tonight!  Have a lovely day!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Music Industry

Ten years ago I feel like music was real.  The artists actually sang and the song made sense.  I feel like the music that artists produce have no soul in them whatsoever.  Not all the artists have generic music but whenever I listen to the radio I keep listening to these generic songs.  The people who I've noticed in change are the artists who've started their careers from ten to fifteen years ago.  Jennifer Lopez is an example.  I listen to her old music and I hear a message.  Her recent album struck me with awe.  All I hear is an auto-tuned voice with dance music.  The one thing I keep noticing is the messages in music.  All I hear about is dancing, dancing, and more dancing!  I'm afraid that music will never be the same again.  Don't get me wrong the music is catchy but is that all?  A lot of artists that were good back then have gotten unoriginal and their sense of creativity has faded.  I'm waiting for the day when I hear an artist who is stepping out and being different.  Now in a later post I'm going to continue talking about this but I'm going to do a little research.  This was my personal opinion, the next post will be with facts.  Have a positive week!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Plans for Challenging the Mind

This post will mainly focus on an idea I found on another blog.  I got inspired by one idea, that is having two sides of an argument.  Of course this won't be a big portion of what I do.  This will be a once-in-a-while thing, probably once or twice a month.  How will this work?  I want to find a topic that I have/haven't discussed.  I will try to fit it into one entry with both arguments.  If both arguments are long I will post it in separate posts.  I was inspired by this idea because I feel like I need to know both sides of the story.  This will take a lot of planning and time, one post can take quite some time.  

After the plans for a teacher to post on here I plan to get one of my super friends to post what they have to say about high school.  I hope she has the time from her schedule to help me with this post.  If she does then great! If not then I will find someone else.  That's all the plans I have for now!  Have yourself a very merry day 8D!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rebellious Children

A lot of people complain about how children nowadays are rebellious and abtrusive.  Let's look at some of the possibilities to why they might be rebellious.  Let's start with the media.  Some people say the cause of rebellious actions in children are violent t.v. shows, movies, or music.  As much as I despise the media I must say all of this is bogus.  Watching a violent show would not turn me into this violent maniac.  It also shouldn't make me want to be rebellious and act out.  The only thing that bothers me are the music coming form these artists but my only concern with that is profanity.  I mean I hear a lot of children cussing at such young ages it worries me.  While I agree that children are becoming rebellious nowadays, people are blaming the wrong things.  I'm going to blame parents, a lot of parents complain yet it's their fault.  This is your child and it's your responsibility to teach them from right and wrong.  It isn't always parents fault but most of the time it is.  If you think the media has something to do with your rebellious child then I would reconsider the channels or movies they watch.  Part of being a parent to my understanding is having a firm hand.  Another thing that has to be blamed is the people they hang out with.  Are they a good influence?  Or do they have a bad influence?  For some reason I feel like as the years go by children want to seem cooler.  They want to fit in with the crowd.  One day I hope children will be children, nothing more.  Before I close up, I hope that next Monday or Wednesday I will have "The Mind of a Highschool Teacher" ready.  Have a creative night/day or whatever!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mind of a Highschooler

This will be a mini-series I want to start.  This will reveal confessions of a highschooler.  Now I'm not doing this myself, my plan is to ask a couple of other people.  I want to also ask some teachers to let out their feelings on here.  Now I'm going to start with me, a freshman.  Being a freshman there are a lot of things I must let out.  The first thing is, I really don't like half of the freshmen who go to this school.  They are stuck up snobs who think they own the school.  They're a wee bit annoying... although I hope I'm not :P.  Not everyone is annoying, just most of them.  Being a freshman isn't as bad as people say, there are a couple of upper classmen who don't like freshmen but nothing too serious.  I want to talk about teachers next.  I like how the teachers don't get in our faces about homework, it is our responsibility.  In middle school the teachers kept nagging and they were treating us like little children.  I have one teacher who gives me the impression that he doesn't really like freshmen.  He always says, "oh you're freshmen you don't know discipline."  It irritates me when he says this, it's stereotyping.  I can understand others but come on the last person I would expect to say that is a teacher.  The one thing I notice are people from my grade changing.  The one tough fact of entering high school are the fact that you might not have the same friends from middle school.  Some people have a positive change and others might have a negative change.  You learn who your real friends are, the results might not be what you would expect but it's life.  What I like about high school is the fact that you can choose the classes you want!  You don't have to take the same classes over and over.  I love how you can choose classes that reflect what you want to be when you're out of school.  For me it's like freedom, the freedom to choose what you're interested in.  In the next part of this series I plan to ask a teacher to type what's in their minds about being a high school teacher.  If they don't have the time I will do something else.  That's it for tonight, bye bye!  Have a ravishing day!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Response to iJustine's ":(" video

So, a fellow Youtuber named iJustine created a video about the death of Steve Jobs.  In the video she was crying and telling everyone she just heard the news.  Now Steve Jobs was her idol and inspiration, she would mention his name in some of her videos.  What I want to talk about are the horrible comments she received for that video.  The comments shows you that some people are absolutely heartless.  The comments angered me because a bunch of people said how there were other people who accomplished more than him.  Others said how it was fake and others were plain rude.  I don't know what runs in peoples' minds when they say such despicable comments.  Everyone has someone who inspires them, Steve Jobs was someone who inspired her.  Obviously no one can respect that, it's quite sad how people are nowadays.  That's all for tonight, have a great night!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Social Network

No I'm not talking about the movie :P, I'm talking about Facebook!  Facebook gets a lot of negative criticism from parents or people.  Parents dislike it because their children are on it 8 hours a day.  It annoys me whenever I hear parents blame Facebook.  If your child is on 24/7 then maybe you should take immediate action and cut their internet time.  People dislike Facebook because it is too slow or they're screwing it up or some other ridiculous complaints.  The new layout for Facebook is just fine, it's all the same just a little things done differently.  I mean if you hate it that much than I would suggest getting away from it.  Now there are those who say it has a negative impact on children's social lives.  From my point of view I see it differently.  I have moved a lot these past few years and Facebook is a great way to reconnect with my classmates.  It also helps me talk to friends over the summer.  People complain about cell phones and Facebook... how else are we supposed to communicate with friends?  I have a few good friends here, if I move why not use Facebook to reconnect with them?  Also Facebook has solved many people looking for their lost child or parent.  I went ahead and looked up the negative impacts.  The one that struck me was children making friends online rather than in real life.  What's wrong with making friends online?  Some kids are shy in real life, making friends online might be a good way.  I made a friend online, they are the closest friend I have... is that bad?  Absolutely not!  Did I lose any social or speaking skills?  I'm still myself so... nope!  Now for the parents, it's is your job to keep your children safe.  It isn't the laws job, it is your own.  See you next time!  Have a radical day!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Immaturity comes in teenagers and most likely adults.  Let's talk about immature teenagers.  I have PLENTY of things to say about ignorant teenagers.  Now there are the ones who scream and yell and act like little four year old children.  There are also those who judge others for the smallest of things.  For example: there is one guy in one of my classes who paints his nails, other people always question him and make rude remarks.  They always do this to him.  Immaturity?  Huge sign of immaturity and rudeness.  Grow up people, it's his body he can do whatever he wants with himself.  There is another example but it's hard to explain.  One girl from last year was partners with me for a module in a class.  Everything was fine but she made some statements about me.  Instead of sucking it up she kept going.  There are times where you will be paired up with someone you don't necessarily like but it doesn't give you the right to be rude.  Adults are much different.  Sort of, but adults are a little stubborn.  Remember the video I was talking about in my Racism entry?  Those are immature adults, they were protesting about illegal immigration and saying rude things.  I highly doubt they would sit down for five minutes and hear the other side of the story.  There are also adults who act just plain dumb.  For example: I was in Walmart with my mom and sister getting some things.  We were next in line to get checked out, there was someone else behind us and a lady in the back.  There was some people trying to get to the cashier next to us.  The minute the couple went in front of the lady flipped out.  She was like, "HEY!"  I was in utter shock.  There were two options she could have done.  She could have just waited patiently, or if they were cutting she could have told them politely that they were there first.  Sheesh what happened to manners?  As you can see adults can also be very immature.  I really hope the teens who are immature now will learn when they get older.  As for adults I hope they can sit down for five minutes and hear the other person speak or just grow up.  That's all for today!  Have a peachie day ;)!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gender Role Stereotypes

Here are the gender roles in society: guys are supposed to listen to rap, supposed to love cars, we must love sports, and we have to be masculine.  Girls are supposed to be feminine, must be the care takers of the house, and they are supposed to tend to a man's every need.  I'm so sick of hearing these gender roles.  All these stereotypes must go away!  I'm a guy so everyone tells me that I have to do this and that.  You know that guy I always complain about right?  Well recently he tells me I'm so "feminine" because I don't listen to rap and I listen to a woman singing, I flinch a lot, and I don't let anything touch me.  Really?  That is a sign of a gender role stereotype.  Being a guy you can't do one thing without people calling you "feminine".  In society a man must stand up for himself and if he is seen with one tear rolling down his cheek he is labeled as a "sissy" or "wimp".  For a woman being tough and masculine; they are labeled as a "tomboy".  Those stereotypes must learn the other side of the story.  A guy can do what makes him happy, a girl can do that as well.  You aren't here to tell me a set of rules I have to abide by.  It should never be a big issue, you have your life to live and I have mine, let's leave it at that.  Next time you tell someone that remind yourself that it really isn't any of your business.  I have more to say about this but that will be another time!  Have yourself a calming day/night or whatever!