Wednesday, August 31, 2011


First, I would like to say that I'm the best blogger out there!  My opinions are seriously better than anyone else's.  I clearly understand the situation of every topic I talk about.  No one stands a chance with me!

Don't you hate it when people act like that?  OK I would like to state that I'm not the best blogger nor do I consider myself the best.  That was a sarcastic statement :P.  Well obviously our topic today is egotistical brats!  I have an issue with people thinking they are superior to others.  Everyone has their strong points and their weak points.  For example; my weak points are that I'm NOT at all athletic, I'm also very slow!  It makes me a little angry when you're in P.E and some guy/girl thinks they're such superstars!  I don't mind if people have a little ego here and there but when they think they're the masters of the game that's when the fun goes.  It's not just sports, you know the "too good for everyone" guy?  Yeah he's also one of them.  There is a fine line between having a sense of pride and being egotistical.  When I'm in the kitchen I don't tell everyone, "hey know what a quinelle is?  HA I do!"  No, I don't roll like that.  My question is, why do they need to boast in front of everyone?  For me it makes me feel like crap, especially during a game.  I mean I'm not athletic you don't have to make it worse.  From my experience I remember one time where we were playing a game in P.E and I threw a giant frisbee and one kid told me, "you could not have possibly made that."  What the heck?!  He obviously downsized me.  People... Anyways I'm out of my opinion juice, have a SHENACIOUS day!  (not a real word) 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Positive Day!

I'm going to give you some tips on how to make your day more positive!  Yay!

1. Think of things to look forward to.
This is what I will always use if I hate getting up in the morning for school.  Whenever you wake up in the morning think about all the exciting things to do today!  For example: it's a Monday and you have a math test.  Oh but you get to hang out with your friend during lunch!  Never ever be pessimistic in the morning, it will make your day seem longer and frustrating.  

2. The afternoon
After school I like to come home and just relax for a couple of minutes before I do any work.  This calms my nerves after a stressful day at school.  I also tell myself that after I'm done with work I can do whatever I want to.  This motivates me to not complain and certainly not get worked up about little things.  I usually do this at the beginning of the day, "ahhh when I get home I'm going to watch my favorite show!"  That definitely makes me happy.

3. It's the small things that count
A lot of people take advantage of their iPod or computer.  Whenever the teacher gives us an assignment I think about the small things that make me happy.  For instance, YouTube is one of those simple bursts of happiness whenever I see a new video.  You might look forward to reading a book, playing a game, or even drawing.

4. Me time
I love this one!  Everyone needs their "me" time.  I always need my "me" time or I will cry.  OK not really but this always makes me happy everyday!  Just think, you're in a very boring class and you begin to think about how school sucks and then you flip the attitude!  Just imagine you have one place in the house or outside where you can be alone with your thoughts.  I don't know about you but that is fantastic for me!

5.  Don't over think it.
Never ever think too much, thinking too much causes you to go from :D to :/.  You might put yourself down.  Always think the best of things... It's a new day and for me everyday is a new start to everything.  

Have a THRILLING day!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Beauty Pageants

I have PLENTY of things to say about the despicable beauty pageants.  There is one show where they basically video tape girls in the competition of pageants.  I must say that this isn't even a beauty pageant.  All the girls have like ten pounds of make up on their face.  A child that young does NOT need make up.  They look like a 22 year old who is out to party.  It looks sort of like a clown.  Whenever my sister watches that show I usually end up watching it.  The one thing that kills me the most is their bratty, disrespectful, gimme gimme attitude!  I cannot stand it!  This makes the younger generation look absolutely awful.  If they act that way that young I can't imagine what lies ahead of them during high school.  I always blame the mother or fathers who force the child to go to competitions.  This makes parents look horrible.  Whenever I watch the back stage crap the child usually controls the parent.  How sad is that?!  They think they can have the whole world by winning and being snotty.  Why do they even consider it a beauty pageant?  I mean they have to perform in front of the judges and I must say sometimes they look hands down slutty.  The judges have to judge on hair, make up, talent, and other crap that's usually fake.  OK basically the judges don't care about personality, they just want a plastic doll performing a horrible dance.  Honestly, this shouldn't ever be called a beauty pageant, it should be called "Who can be the most fake of all?"  That's all for tonight... have a GORGEOUS day!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Been busy

These past few days have been extremely busy for me.  I'll try to put something down all this weekend but I have a lot of work to get done.  Who knew I would be busy this early in the school year!  Anyways I apologize for being late on this blog, I'll try much harder to get an entry at the normal schedule.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Angry rant!

I'm here because my sister is not letting me sleep!  As you know my room is right in front of the t.v with no door or anything to block the obnoxious sound of her ridiculous show.  I don't care if she watches t.v as long as she does it when I'm not sleeping!  Whenever I tell her things she just ignores me until I get to the limit where I need to just break everything in my path.  My only option to let out my frustration is typing it here since I can do whatever I want here.  I was watching my show until she told me to get out, I didn't respond nicely but I let her watch t.v... bad idea!  This is her problem is that she needs to know when it's time to stop!  When people want to sleep you let them sleep or then they wake up pissy the next morning!  She needs to understand that some people like me need to get their sleep and not stay up very late especially when school is going on.  It's the weekend but I don't want to stay up past midnight or then I'll never fall asleep.  This is why I hate t.v... it prevents you from getting any sleep.  Revenge isn't necessarily the grown up thing to do but in this case it gives her the taste of her own medicine.  I'm on the computer putting some things in my iPod and it takes awhile so she will just have to wait.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too good for everyone

SO someone in one of my hours gave me the inspiration to write this entry.  As you know by the title this person thinks he's too good for the "unpopular kids".  Whenever he gets paired up with someone who isn't popular he starts to moan and he doesn't do it quietly he does it so the whole class can hear!  He also complains about people and how he thinks he's the best.  Last year I remembered him talking to another person saying how he doesn't understand why people don't like him... really?!  All the evidence is right there!  If he keeps this up he won't be able to work with anyone, no one wants to work with an egotistical person.  When people are like that I know for a fact they aren't people I want to surround myself with.  It is entertaining however that when you see them fail at something they make up an excuse for it.  Just wanted to get that out since I just can't stand people like him.  Have a SUPER day!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm not going to diss parents but sometimes they overreact to the smallest of things!  This is sort of my video game violence part 2.  So I was listening to a stream and one person was talking about pretty much the same thing.  I think it was last year or a couple months ago that Katy Perry was on a kid show.  She was wearing a dress and it showed some cleavage... and guess what parents did!  Parents all over thought that Katy's outfit was "too much" for kids.  That show is intended for little kids and what do they know about cleavage?  Kids don't worry about that stuff they only care about the show itself and I bet that children would be like, "oh it's Katy!"  Would they mention the outfit?  Absolutely not!  Parents should STOP overreacting to the smallest of things these days!  When kids act up parents blame it on violence in video games and the internet.  That is a poor excuse, there are many things that influence children to do that.  I mean everything has to be "parent approved", it makes me sick to my stomach whenever I hear, "parent approved".  I can understand parents being concerned about their child but come on, there is a fine line between being concerned and being ridiculous.  I think those types of parents should stop suffocating their child, please he/she is a toddler I mean it doesn't know much.  

I'm posting another blog entry tomorrow, today was my first day of high school but tomorrow is with the upper classmates so I'll wait until that to see how that goes.  Anyways have a CHEERFUL day!! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Recap

This summer I've accomplished a lot!  Ok I'm lying I accomplished so little but I did grow up a lot.  Mentally I think these past 2 months really helped me to understand a lot of things.  I now look at things a better way rather than the bad way.  If that makes any sense!  Anyways this summer was pretty relaxing overall, I got to go back to my hometown and I started exercising more!  In a way this summer helped me get rid of bad energy inside of me.  Even though I didn't get to hang out with my friends or even see them I'm glad to once again see them in a couple of days.  School is beginning and I'm super pumped!  There are a couple of things that I plan to do!  I would like to do this blogging challenge where it's a month of answering random questions!  I will still do blogs and all that fun stuff!  I want to start that probably on the first day of school since I won't be too busy with things... hopefully.  Anyways that is all for tonight, no exciting blog entry :/ how depressing!  Have a good day.  LOL have a SUPERB day! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Ex- Factor

One of my good  friends wants to date a guy but his ex's are telling her all sorts of things about him.  I have some issues with that.  The obvious question is why are they trying to push her away from him?  So she doesn't have to go through the same thing?  Or is it because they simply don't want her to date him.  First off the thing that keeps coming up in my mind is, "why do they care about who she wants to date?"  Either they need to chill or worry about their own problems.  Another thing is why are they focusing on the bad aspects of him?  Focusing on the faults of a person makes things worse.   If they already broke up why do they care about who he dates?  Instead of telling everyone he likes to back off, shouldn't they be wishing the best to him?  If I dated someone and we broke up I would be wishing the best to that person instead of going off and telling everyone how horrible they are.  I find that extremely immature.  If you really cared you would let go and move on with life.  Never listen to those people who do that, it's whatever pleases you and if they don't like it well that's too bad for them!  That's all for today, have a PEACEFUL day!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ranting Time!!!

OK I'm going to talk about public bathrooms and things you should ALWAYS do!

1.  Please wash your hands!
    -I don't care if you're in a hurry please wash those hands!!  Whenever I go to the bathroom there is always that one person who just walks out of the bathroom... Everytime I see that I am disgusted and nearly puke!  It's a very disturbing thing to see... Please.  Wash.  Your.  Hands.

2.  Flush the toilet!
     - Whenever I see a toilet full of whatever someone produced I get seriously grossed out.  I mean seriously isn't it gross to go to the bathroom only to find out that all the toilets aren't flushed?!  Why do people do that in public places?!  I feel bad for the people who have to clean the bathrooms because they have to put up with the people who were lazy to flush the dang toilet!

3.  Don't write anything on the stalls!
    - Yes there is always that one gas station that has a bathroom stall littered with writings.  Some of the writings are phone numbers and creepy drawings... Why would you put your phone number?!  I don't think it's funny I think it's childish.  Especially some drawings are very um graphic if you want to say that.

4.  Don't make a mess.
    - Yeah no need for a description.

5.  Throw away your paper towels!
   - It irritates me to see paper towels all over the floor!  How hard is it to walk over to the trash can and simply throw it away?!  It angers me how I sometimes step on these paper towels!  Please throw them away!

6.  Don't socialize.
    - Whether you're on the phone or talking to somebody else, please save the conversation for later!  Unless it's emergency of course.  Other than that please save it for a better time.  No one wants to hear people talking when you're doing your business... It's creepy.

7.  Knock before you enter!
    - I can't believe how many times someone has opened the door when I'm doing urgent business!  How hard is it to knock politely, even if you suspect no one is in.  It's quite embarrassing to have a stranger just barge in like its their home!  What happened to manners?

That's all I have to rant about... geez why can't people be a bit more hygenic.  Hope you enjoyed I guess some of it.  Have a STUPENDOUS day!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gossipers and Backstabbers

In school you have a lot of these types of people.  These are the types of people who irritate me the most.  Let's start with the gossipers, I don't understand why people choose to gossip about others.  Either they must be bored or they were born that way!  It makes me mad when I see a couple of people whispering in each others ears and they look right at you!  When the person hears that people gossip about them I bet they feel mad or bad about themselves.  What I usually hear are comments about their flaws or usually a rumor.  I hear a lot of horrible comments about people.  Whenever someone tries to tell me about a flaw someone has, I feel really bad for the person.  I consider it bullying.  Now I have MANY things to say about backstabbers.  Once I was in class and I had to be with someone I personally had issues with, she was all nice to me.  At first I was like, "ok she's actually not bad".  Then she proved me wrong and started being rude behind my back.  It hurts more when someone pretends to be your friend and secretly says rude things behind your back.  How can people live like this?  I would never say anything bad about my friends behind their back.  The first reaction we have are anger and we do the same to them.  It doesn't prove anything and nor does it solve anything.  I will ignore them because they must be really bored with their lives.  I personally think they do it for popularity or something.  What makes gossipers and backstabbers so popular?  Why do the snobby kids go first before the real people?  Well I'm running out of words to type, have a FUNTASTIC day!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Teenage Dating

This subject is one I've been thinking of doing but I can't put it in the right words.  I think of teenage dating as something that isn't real.  I don't believe in "young love".  I see a lot of teenagers my age being in relationships that don't even last a week!  I was on Youtube the other day watching a video on Mario Kart and the person who was commentating told the audience that when she was in middle school she didn't worry about growing up and being in a relationship.  I agreed with everything she said because a lot of teenagers worry about grown up things!  All you need in this age are friends, being in a relationship causes so much stress.  If your friends already love you why do you need someone else to make you feel special?  Some of my friends on Facebook post how love sucks and how their relationship sucks.  Guess what, you wanted to be in a relationship.  I would like to be dating when I'm out of school, being in school there are lots of people who try to ruin your relationship.  Rumors always destroy friendships or the other person who you're dating.  I learned that all I need at this age are my friends!  I don't need someone else to make me feel complete.  I don't hate people who date at this age, I just don't agree with it.  That's why I'm called Mr. Opinion!

In other news I'm shutting down my game blog because I don't have the time to update every week.  Especially the game reviews.  When I have time I'll update it but right now I can't.  I'm posting another blog tomorrow because I forgot to do it yesterday :/.  Anyways have a SPECTACULAR day :D!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I was watching this video on Youtube and it deals with people protesting to send Mexicans back to where they came from... What shocked me the most is that this was a crowd of elderly people!!  You would expect 20-30 year olds but nope it was 50-60 year olds complaining about how they should go back.  The video showed a Mexican who was filming this and the crowd gave him such a hard time!  They cussed at him and told him to go back.  They called him such horrible names!!  He didn't say anything bad to the crowd, he never cussed nor did he say anything bad.  This video was very hard to watch because you would think that elderly people are supposed to be wise and grown up.  NOPE all wrong they are way more immature than younger people.  I love how people complain about this generation and how kids are ignorant and talk back.  It really is the older generations who have attitude problems.  I wouldn't call this racism I call this pure HATE.  It really made me think, at first we had problems with African-Americans and making them slaves, then it was the Chinese when they came to America and we sent them to camps, THEN we seperated whites and blacks, now it's the Mexicans who are feeling the American burn.  I am a Mexican and my mom has dealt with racist comments in her life.  Gays and Muslims feel the hatred as well...  I think this generation of cihldren will learn to accept everyone, the older generations need to clean up their act and next time act like their age.  The video offended me and made me mad!  I have hope, this generation will have parents who tell them to love everyone.  In 30 years I see peace,  we will all learn from this.  I had to do this blog because this video really made me lose my temper.  Hating others doesn't solve the problem, it creates bigger ones.  I hope they see this and know how immature and delusional they are.  Today we need to spread the love!  Have a PEACEFUL day :D!!!