Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is NOT Goodbye!

To all my friends in Kansas... this is NOT goodbye!  I would like to dedicate this post to all my friends who have helped me get through this year and in eighth grade.  I never thought that saying farewell could be so difficult!  My friends are a family that I was not privileged with.  I cannot imagine how it would be like without these people.  Saying "later" to a friend is a slap to the heart.  I tend to ignore my friends once I move to a different location but this time it's different... I met amazing people and I wouldn't want to waste it by ignoring their existence.  I promise you that!  This post is for all of you!  I'll continue to communicate with you and hopefully reunite with you all in the summer!  As for my blog, this is my last post for the year!  I have no idea when I'll be back posting but it sure will be as soon as I can!  If you want updates just follow my Twitter and I'll keep you updated as much as I can!  I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas break!  Enjoy this long weekend!!!  See you in the year 2012!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Horror Movies

Who else is sick and tired of horror movies?  ME!  Horror movies are so generic now!  Here are just a few of my complaints:

Helpless Teenagers
This has to be the most recycled thing with horror movies.  A group of teenagers in a car drinking or doing drugs and then WHAM a killer/monster comes up and kills them all.  Or they show a helpless teenager running for her/his life and they fall down and their world is over.  It is so predictable! 

Paranormal Children
Another thing I am sick of are these children born with a "sixth sense".  I mean in most horror movies you always have children saying these phrases: "they're here", "don't hurt her/him!", or "they're coming to get you!"  It is so reused that it is almost funny!  I can see why children can be so vulnerable but does it have to be done in every movie?!

Magical Killers
Unless they are monsters I don't see how humans can live after being shot 24 times.  Well if they have a bulletproof vest... still how is that possible?!  I absolutely hate those parts where the protagonist has to stab the killer like a hundred times just for him to "die".  Yet after being stabbed multiple times the killer is still alive!  I guess it is a horror movie logic.

Happy Endings!
Oh the ending of horror movies are always the best.  The killer is finally annihilated and everyone's problems have magically disappeared!  What drives me crazy is the part where the killer has been "killed" but wait!  Oh no, he disappeared!  It isn't suspenseful nor is it creepy it is plain irritating! 

In conclusion, I hate horror movies!  I used to like them but there isn't anything to like.  There is no creativity.  It is all the same formula.  Characters running = killer chasing = people die = killer vanished = all is solved!  Please, someone save the horror genre!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Get a Grip!

I swear people are absolutely absurd these days.  I was working on my final for Career and Life Plan and there were a few people who argued with the teacher saying how it was stupid.  We have this booklet that has definitions that we have to write on it every class and they said how no one really filled it out.  Really?!  Well unlike you I actually wrote every definition down and did I complain?  Well... yes I did but I actually finished it.  I'm tired of hearing people complain on how they don't really care about the class.  Yeah I don't like it either but this is your grade!  It is 100% not hard to get things done.  I cannot believe people are that lazy.  These children need to be taught a lesson or two, that is being so irresponsible.  Yes you may have an A in that class but why would you blow it off?  Honestly, it angers me whenever I hear people argue with the teacher because the assignment is stupid.  I'd rather be seen as the nerdy kid rather than the person who failed.  Please, you can't just go on with school thinking you don't have to do a thing.  What's more important?  Grades?  Social life?  Stop being so lazy, it makes me frustrated.  Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Racial Stereotypes

The media has constructed many stereotypes over the past decades.  I hear many stereotypes of different races.  I'll start with Mexicans.  I hear a lot of negative comments towards Mexicans and I for one cannot stand them.  I hear people say that Mexicans are illegal and they don't understand English all that well.  This has to be the most filthy stereotype ever.  Why do people think Mexicans are illegal?  There are many Mexicans in America aiming for legal residence in this country.  I see a lot of movies and shows showing African-Americans having economic hardships or emotional problems.  They portray them in the wrong ways which increases our beliefs in stereotypes.  Now the ones I see all the time are stereotypes in commercials.  For example: white men are portrayed as buffoons, black women are portrayed with having attitudes, and yet... where are Asians or Latinos?!  Lastly, during one of my classes one student said that minority groups have lots and lots of babies... x face palm x.  I don't see any real evidence saying that.  Yet he can make those remarks and yet there is many shows that have white families having 19 children.  Honestly I'm done with stereotypes, no justice comes out of it.  Stop believing all these stereotypes!  Enough said.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Soundtracks are Underestimated!

Let's talk about a very serious issue.  Soundtracks!  Does anyone pay attention to the soundtracks of games nowadays?!  I spent my day yesterday listening to Zelda soundtracks and they were phenomenal!  Yet we focus mainly on gameplay that we let the gorgeous music go to waste!  I mean I played Twilight Princess so many times and yet when I listen to the soundtrack I am baffled on how much music I have missed.  This goes to show on how much detail we miss in reality.  Imagine how much we've missed in our life time because we haven't been paying a lot of attention to the details.  Our brains are obviously responsible for forgetting.  Still... I'm going to play Zelda tonight and I'm going to appreciate the clever works of art that Nintendo has provided. Have a glorious day!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Yesterday I had a debate tournament therefore I got home until 9... there, that is my excuse!  I decided to take a break from my angry rants and to relax.  I'm going to talk about Christmas!  Why do I love Christmas?  Well, it is a break from everything.  A day to take a break from the outside world.  I remember a couple years ago I would wake up at 6 in the morning and run around the house seeing if any one else has woken up.  I would go to my mom's room and then go downstairs.  Finally my mom would wake up and I would go absolutely bonkers!  There was one time when we got home from Texas and my mom told us to sleep first before we could open anything.  I woke up earlier than my sister and opened everything.  Then my sister woke up and she was furious!  Now that I look back at it, that had to be the most evil thing I've ever done!  I love wrapping things up for others.  The feeling of knowing what you just wrapped up.  The curiosity on the other person's eyes.  The mysterious gift screaming to be opened.  Now Christmas is also a time to be together with family.  I love going to my aunt's and spending our Christmas there.  Hopefully this year we could spend time with them.  I hope you all enjoyed this Christmas post!  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boys playing with dolls?

Originally I was going to talk about the "God's Will" book but we discussed something in math that really irritated me.  My math teacher asked us if boys should play with dolls and the response was of course, "NO!"  I'm not going to talk about everything he said but I see this a lot.  Ask yourself this.  It's ok for a girl to play with trucks and cars yet it is wrong for a boy to play with dolls?  Does that make any logical sense?  No!  Where are these "rules" that boys have to abide by because I don't see any book.  We still struggle with masculinity but this masculinity starts when a boy is a mere 5 to 10 years old.  They are taught by parents and siblings that boys should play with cars and girls should play with dolls.  Yet it is more socially acceptable for a girl to play with anything and yet boys should strictly play with boy things.  When boys do play with dolls everyone starts thinking that the world is going to end!  Oh my gosh a guy playing with dolls?!  Let's all take drastic measures!  Why are people so afraid of this?  Especially parents, parents are especially scared when their son does this.  What makes people freak out about this?  Honestly it makes you look like a scaredy cat.  A boy that young doesn't know what is acceptable.  When does he know?  This message is implanted in his brain by his parents.  That's mainly who is responsible for this.  Please do me a favor, grow out of this book of "rules". 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Closed Mindedness

What is it?  It's people.  People are close mindedness.  I'm going to talk about people who don't have the capability to listen to others speak.  As you know I watch Laci Green's videos on Youtube and over the past few weeks she has gotten some criticism on her Twilight video.  In that video she talks about how the Twilight series portray abusive love.  A lot of people were somehow offended by this video.  Close mindedness?  Absolutely, they were so wrapped up in this series that they couldn't listen to anyone talk smack about it.  It is exactly like the WBC, so wrapped up in their beliefs that they think they are always right.  I strongly believe in gay rights and it is hard to read the person's side of the story.  If you're a person who can't listen to the other side of the argument... please it makes you look smarter if you do.  We should broaden our minds! (Harry Potter reference).  Have a lovely school night!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Athlete Salaries

There is one thing in life I always question... sports.  Why?  Why do we need sports?  I'm not a fan of sports at all but I'm sick of these athletes getting such high salaries.  I don't understand how a soccer player can earn more than a teacher!  All they do is play a game... wooh such excitement!  What do they teach?  They teach absolutely nothing.  These athletes don't contribute anything to this world except for boredom.  Why do we have to treat these athletes like princesses?  Others work hard for their money and yet some still can't support themselves!  That is an f'ed up situation!  All they do is work a little and then take a break, work a little then take a break.  I don't even consider that work!  They play a game and then get paid.  Then if they don't win they will start to cry.  Why do we put these athletes first?  They are normal human beings with an outrageous bank account.  Why can't hard working people earn a much higher wage?  It frustrates me that we are treating these athletes like royalty when they don't make a significant change to society.  Please open your eyes.  Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Updates

As you all know I'm moving.  Unfortunately I'm moving in December, on the week of Christmas.  So my blog will be a little inactive for awhile.  I'll try and post as much as I can this month.  I'm not sure about internet over there so I'll keep you updated on my Twitter.  I'm trying to read as much as I can in the "God's Will" book but it is dragging along.  I'm going to try and read these next few days so I'll have that post up.  December is sadly a busy month, I have moving and finals.  On the week of finals I'm going to have to study all day so I'm not looking forward for that.  I still can't believe it is already December... how shocking!  I have a lot to look forward to.  I probably won't have a lot of posts this month... I'll try though.  Just wanted to let you know that my blog will be inactive for quite awhile when I move.  Also, I'm in a Christmas spirit this year!  Hopefully I'll share some stories concerning Christmas.  Have a good one!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm a guy

I'm a guy, I'm supposed to...
not care about how I present myself
not shave
care about sports
know everything about cars
work out everyday
talk about girls 
act like a jerk 
not show my inner feelings
not cry in front of anyone
toughen up and be a man
be dominant
act violent towards my friends
be masculine
be the knight and shining armor
be a slob
be the modern man.

Let's all throw these stereotypes out the door.  We live in a new generation, let's not screw it up for the next.  No more male stereotypes, there is too much of them and I'm absolutely sick of them.  Let guys live the way they want to without society telling us that we have to be masculine.  Leave the magazines, books, and movies. Educate yourselves.  The world is filled with diversity, get used to it.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What am I thankful for?

I didn't really get to talk about what I'm thankful for in life.  Thanksgiving has passed but these are things I'm grateful for everyday of my life.

Heck yeah!  Without friends I would be going crazy and I would need therapy.  It's hard to find friends and I'm happy with mine.

The Internet
Oh you have no idea how I love the internet!  There is so much information that the internet provides for us... I do not want to let that go to waste.  So much to learn about the world and the internet is easily attainable.

My blog
I'm absolutely thankful for this blog.  Without my blog I would feel like my opinions would not be heard.  I started this blog so my voice can be heard.  It is like a diary yet I share it to the world... not in a weird way :P. 

Video Games
What is life without entertainment?!  Oh how I love video games!  Nothing else to say except the fact that video games consume 19% of my brain! 

Other people's blogs
I don't really mention other people's blogs but I read a handful of blogs and they always inspire me.  I'm thankful because they send positive messages and they inspire me to keep on going.  Have to share some blogs I read!

Those are few of the things I'm grateful for... trust me I have many more but I feel like I never talk about what I'm thankful for.  I really hope you all enjoyed Thanksgiving!  Time for another week of school!  Have an extravagant night!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Surprise! News People

Suprise!  I'm not home yet but there is internet here and my sister brought her laptop so... might as well put something up!  Today let's talk about news reporters and news people.  Oh my gosh today my sister showed me an article about how Twilight causes seizures... I laughed so hard when reading it.  It goes to show how pathetic the newspaper is.  I glance at the newspaper here and there and some articles are absolutely ridiculous.  I remember one time one person on t.v. was hosting a live gay marriage on his show and he showed a compilation of clips of news reporters all saying the exact same things.  They all said how he was "pushing the envelope".  What shocked me the most was that all of them said the EXACT same thing!  People constantly need a story to put out.  When they find one they flip the whole story for it to be "exciting".  This is why I don't watch the news, they completely lie.  There is one thing to like about the news!  Their absurd stories make me laugh so hard!  That's my post for tonight, I might put one up on Sunday.  Get some rest!  Have a restful night!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Respect Teachers

I am impressed with teachers.  They have to put up with bratty teenagers 5 days a week.  They have to put up with complaining, ungrateful, annoying teenagers.  I must say I respect you teachers!  It must be tough, dealing with different types of personalities each day.  Not to mention they have to get up as early as us :/.  Sure there are those teachers who never have a great attitude.  Yet they keep calm when situations happen.  I would like to be in a teacher's shoes for one day to see how they must feel about us.  Do they think we are crazy?  Do they think we are annoying?  Do they think we are smart?  So many questions I have about teachers.  I'm making them sound like they are a different type of species :P.   Again, I applaud you teachers for sticking it out to give us the education we need.  I also applaud you for making class an enjoyable experience.  The only people who make class lame are the people.  Without teachers, we the students would be lost in our studies.  They take the time to help us and assist us with issues at school or with our personal life.  So for all teachers... I owe all my respect towards you!!!!

Just a reminder I will be out of town for Thanksgiving therefore I won't have blog posts up until I get back.  I might be back by Saturday or Sunday so look for a post on either of those days!  Be thankful for everything you have :)!

Monday, November 21, 2011


I apologize for no entry yesterday.  It was my birthday and I decided to take a little day off.  Now I'm ready to make a new post!  

I feel bad for celebrities.  Why?  They have to put up with paparazzi.  I feel bad because they have no privacy whatsoever.  It does make me mad however that if a celebrity does something wrong the whole world shuns them.  General people are crazy yet when a higher rank of people (celebrities) does something wrong the whole world is in awe.  I don't see why we put celebrities as high ranks of people.  I do feel bad for them because they have no privacy.  Lots of rumors are made about them and we always believe them.  Also, we tend to make them look bad on purpose.  During interviews, people ask them the most ridiculous questions to make sure they look bad on screen.  We need to stop worrying about these celebrities.  They apparently share a life with the whole world.  Why can't we leave them alone?  That's it for tonight, I have another entry up tomorrow!  Be happy today!

Friday, November 18, 2011

High School Dropouts

This is a very touchy topic for some people.  I would like to say that this is my opinion and it is not intended to hurt anyone.  

The dropout rate is increasing each year.  Why?  Well about 40% of people say that middle school never prepared them for high school.  There really isn't a way to prepare yourself for high school.  The only thing they told me about high school was the credits and some classes I could take.  That's the only way to "prepare" yourself for high school.  Entering high school is like entering a new realm.  I know that sounds cheesy :P.  One other interesting reason is that the classes are not interesting... how are they not interesting?!  It really depends on where you go but there is so much classes you can take in high school!  I always thought in middle school there was absolutely nothing interesting.  While typing this I found a website on different reasons to why people drop out.  One reason that caught my attention was, "too much freedom".  This is very interesting.  The guy talked about how he saw other people doing whatever they wanted to do.  Essentially what I'm getting from this is that rules aren't strict enough?  High school isn't too hard.  All you have to do is show up and do your work.  Nothing in life is easy and that's the cold truth.  You can't just wing high school, you have to put some effort towards it.  Now there is another big reason for dropouts.  Some are influenced by friends.  Now that's a different topic I'll discuss later.  Later folks!  Have a majestic day!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm a Grammar Freak

Yes I'm one of those nerds who corrects people's sentences.  My issue is the fact that people do not make sense anymore!  I play an online game with a chat and I'm often confused when reading other people's messages!  I cannot understand them!  It takes me minutes to process that butchered sentence.  They aren't making themselves look good.  I might be overreacting but honestly... I'm on the verge of becoming insane.  We cannot continue with this.  Is this how we present the English language?  With sentences that have no structure?  Come on we are better than that.  Now I'm not trying to be an old fart :P.  I really don't care about periods or commas... yet I still use them.  I don't care about that, all I care about is if the sentence actually makes sense.  I notice these types of things outside of the digital world.  In reality I see a lot of children struggling with these things.  We need to be more aware of this, this is a serious issue we need to fix.  That's my little rant!  Think smart!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Westboro Baptist Church

Oh this church has some major issues!  I'm going to first state that this church is the most pessimistic church ever!  I swear they say a lot of strange things that don't make a whole lot of sense.  I took a look at this website and... wow.  This church discriminates against the gay community... no doubt about it.  They call them, "fags" and in one of their posts they said a ridiculous definition.  The term, "fags" is not meant to be used as a childish insult.  Oh but that's not all!  I read one of their blogs to see how crazy they are and oh my gosh this is what they say.  They say, "thank god for 9/11, thank god for Hurricane Katrina, thank god for wildfires, etc...  What the heck?!  That is the most heartless thing a human being could say!  They are basically saying, thank god for death!  What a horrible way to present themselves, not a good way to represent their church.  I also hate the way they flaunt the words, "slut" and "whore" to other people.  It makes me laugh how they say, doomed america every sentence.  They never capitalize America, I find that very disrespectful to our country.  This is their country as well and they better be thankful for that.  These people are rude scum-sucking rodents who need to get slapped across the face.  They are the most negative people ever!  They are close minded and they need to open their eyes.  I cannot tell you how angry I was after reading their posts... disgusting.  I don't know how anyone would want to join a filthy belief system like that.  How can someone live like this?!  I get the feeling they don't enjoy life that much.  Yes, because living in doomed america is really that bad... let's shed a tear.  Alright everyone promise me you will have a positive day!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Media

Why do I hate the media?  There are many reasons to why I hate it but there are a few things I have noticed with the media.  I always see violence; that's the number one story for everyone.  I constantly see violence and tensions rising in the Middle East.  This causes people to believe that the world is increasingly becoming violent.  In reality the world isn't becoming violent, we are decreasing the violence everywhere.  Yet the media feeds us these articles that say things like that.  Another thing that bothers me are the articles that induces us to believe in certain stereotypes.  For example, I see a lot of articles saying that men are killers... please.  I was never a fan of the media.  They feed us negativity and if you're like me I stay away from that.  In my opinion I think the media has no importance to the world.  I think the world would be a much better place without this atrocious nonsense.  I don't see myself benefiting from this so why bother with it.  Have an excellent day!!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is going to be an angry rant for the people at school who do not know how to respect.  First of all I would like to say that I'm aware of my flaws and I don't need anyone else to remind me of them.  I don't need you to remind me that I have a great amount of flaws.  I'm honestly disgusted by over half of Freshmen.  Today I'm paired with a group of people to work on a project for Career Exploration and two of the girls in my group drive me insane.  I was typing this letter and I felt like she was frustrated by me.  For what reasons?  I honestly don't know but she gives me this attitude that I really don't appreciate.  She is a good example of children who cannot respect others.  I try my hardest to respect others who oppose me and disagree with me.  What I like in return is some respect as well.  I don't care if you talk about me behind my back, as long as it stays between you and your friend.  What I don't like is when you come up to my face and act disrespectful.  Of course that's the reality, people are impudent.  In this world there will be people you won't necessarily like.  It isn't just her it has been a great amount of people since sixth grade.  My question is why?  Why are there people who act like brats?  I'm trying to conceal the anger inside of me.  Yet do I feel bad for myself?  Absolutely not.  I feel bad for them.  Why?  They simply lack knowledge and respect.  What's worse than that?  I hope I didn't waste your time with this rant.  See you on Saturday.  Have a delightful day!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Future posts!

I'm currently reading some books that grabbed my attention when I was at the library.  When I finish these books I plan to write an entry on them.  As you can tell this entry is more of future entries.  This entry might bore some of you so I apologize :P.  The first book I'm reading is based on God's Will.  This book talks about the will of god.  The next book I want to read is one I'm fascinated by.  It's based on the media and how it is NOT affecting children.  My last book is based on sociology.  From these books I'm beyond excited!  I'll make a lot of entries with these books.  It won't be one entry to summarize the whole book.  It will be broken down to many different posts.  I'll try to put as much information as the book provided me.  I'll also mention exact quotes and statements by the author.  Those are my future plans!  Trust me I will stick to them!  Have an ambitious day!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Kool Kids

I'm a kool kid because...
i tlk lik dis
Grammar Isn't Important To Me
I NeVeR Do My HoMeWoRk!
ima bully 2 every one
i cuss evry 10 words
i complian cuz i dont want 2 do work
speling is to much of a chalenge
i use words "queer" or "faggot" 2 be funny
bein smart is to nerdy
i listen to rap music
i joke bout rape cuz its dat funny
i point da middle finger at ppl
i back talk da teacher
i like to go wit da crowd
bein different is bad.

For all teenagers... please let's grow up. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Religion in School?

Should religion be taught in public schools?  My answer is heck no!  I have a few reasons why this is blasphemy.  On a website I saw some people state some reasons why religion should be taught.  Anyways adopting the plan to place religion in all schools would be very difficult task.  What religion would be taught?  There are many religions and putting all these many religions together would cause a lot of controversy.  There would have to be a lot of thinking and this could take a lot of time.  In some places people replace history with biblical events.  I have a major issue with this, why would you replace history?  History is important!  We evolve from history and what's not to like about it?!  Let's not forget the atheists... they have their own beliefs, why smother them with all this religion when they don't believe in it in the first place.  What about gays?  If the religion discriminates against them... where will they fit in?  There is already existing problems with religions.  It's a battle to see who is the best of all.  People have the right to study it at home, public school is meant for education purposes.  Religion being taught would destroy some education and lead to controversies in the future.  I say religion should never be taught anywhere near school.  Religion is already an issue today and let's not make it worse.  

No teacher post :(.  Anyways have a majestic day!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learn America

Let's learn from our mistakes.  Why can't we give equal rights?  Why do we still have an issue with racism?  Why must we discriminate based on sexual orientation?  Come on America let's make a transition from being this immature country to a respectful country.  Why do gays still have to battle for the right to marry?  Why do women still struggle with being accepted in the work force?  Why can't we just learn from all the discriminating we have done.  Let's move on from these gender stereotypes and let's move on from these beauty standards.  Why must we live in the past?  We all must not be impudent fools!  I want America to be a peaceful country for ALL, not for one group of people but for every single person out there.  I strongly believe we are becoming too careless.  We're not aware of what's going on in this country.  We are like an infestation, we are careless.  Come on Americans educate yourselves.  

Just stop and think.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Inspiration! *Outdated*

Who inspires me?  A lot of people!  I want to dedicate tonights post to the many people who inspire me.  I feel this is necessary because I never really say who inspired me to blog.  Some people might shock you so be aware of that :P.  I will put a link to every concrete person!  I do have abstract inspiration.

Laci Green
If you don't know who she is.. well you my friend are delusional!  No but in all honesty she is one of the best vloggers out there!  She is on Youtube and she talks mainly about sexuality but she does every once- in- a- while talk about things going on in the world.  She is my biggest inspiration and a lot of my entries are inspired by what she talks about.  I would love to one day interview on the many questions floating around in my skull.  She has quite a lot of the same views as I do which is always a plus!  Why was I inspired?  Well my fellow readers, she inspires me because I love the way she freely talks about her beliefs.  I have the need to just preach about what she says.  She is like a teacher!

This person is also a Youtuber but her videos are composed of video games!  Confused?  I hope so.  She inspires me in a different way.  She is a very optimistic person and also very funny!  We need more people like her in this world, definitely a positive thinker. 

Wait... another Youtuber?!  Yup another video game person on Youtube.  In his commentary he says a lot things that led to blog entries!  He is also a very positive person which rocks!  We definitely need more mature people like him. 

Yes people inspire me!  What better way to get inspiration?  The way people act are the best type of inspiration for a blog entry.  It's always fascinating watching people act the way they do.  Now they aren't all random people, I get a lot of inspiration by my very good friends!  You guys rock!

Real life situations and experience are also good inspiration.  The best way to gain knowledge is to have experienced it.  I really hope that last sentence made sense!

OK that wraps things up!  I made this entry a little too long but if you're bored and you have nothing else to do than this is great for you!  Alright everyone I'm sorry this is a little late but I've been playing video games... which is a great way to exercise the brain!  See you all on Halloween!!!  Have a SPOOKY weekend!!!

Websites: Laci Green- http://www.youtube.com/user/lacigreen and http://lacigreen.tv/
MadameWario- http://www.youtube.com/user/MadameWario
Chuggaaconroy- http://www.youtube.com/user/chuggaaconroy
Sorry no link to experience.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Inappropriate Jokes

I know what you're thinking :P, but these types of jokes bother me.  Ever hear those jokes, "oh he's going to rape you!" yeah those types of jokes.  Is it just me or does that bother anybody?  I mean I always hear these "rape" jokes and I'm starting to get irritated.  To some people these jokes can really be offensive.  Some people will probably say, "it's just a joke!"  Really?  Some people might say I'm being over sensitive but overall this isn't being over sensitive.  These jokes can really hurt someone who actually has been raped or has been in that type of situation.  This can make someone feel awful and it should never be taken as a joke.  Seriously there are plenty of things to laugh at in this world but out of all the things why do people laugh at serious situations?  I mean how is it funny?  Is it funny to laugh at people who have experienced this?  Absolutely not!  All I have to say is enough with the rape jokes!  This is very serious and we are going to stand here and joke about it?  People can be very heartless at times!  I hope one day people can realize how tragic this is... well a person can dream right?  That's my teeny little rant for today!  I will see you all on Saturday!  Have a magnificent day!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Moving to a different school or state can be extremely difficult.  Trust me I have plenty of experience with moving.  On Monday I got the unfortunate news that I will be moving away to a different state.  This means a new school, new town, and new classmates.  Of course that's how it was every year, except this year it will be especially difficult because I've met an amazing amount of people here.  Moving to a new place means I'm right back to being a rather shy human being.  It took me a couple of months to actually open out to few people.  The one thing that frustrates me the most is leaving in the middle of the school year.  It would be better to move during the summer before sophomore year.  High school is different than middle school and there are different amount of credits you need to pass.  Leaving this high school and going to another one makes me a little nervous because I have no idea if I need to take certain classes as a Freshman.  Dealing with a whole new environment is something I'm an expert at!  I'm going to stay positive and I'm hoping things will be good.  Although leaving my friends is one of the most excruciating pain imaginable I hope to find new friends.  My goal is not to be shy and that I should approach people rather than people approaching me.  As I said I'm going to think positive thoughts, being optimistic is the only thing to make things a little less painful.  This affects my blog as well, I did say I wanted other people's opinions but now that I'll be moving that won't continue until I find people there.  I also hope the teachers will write an entry, I mean I have no clue if the teachers at the new school will be fun and enjoyable or if they will be dreadful and depressing.  Moving is an obstacle I can overcome... it happens but I will put my head up.  There are new opportunities at that school, opportunities that this school doesn't offer.  I will make these last few months of this school the best!  That's all for today, have a brilliant day!!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Nice" People

When someone tells me that a person is nice I would expect them to be friendly to everybody.  A "nice" person would be nice to everybody and not just a certain amount of people.  It pains me when my friends tell me, "oh he/she is really nice" and in reality they aren't that nice of people.  The way you present yourself to me, then I would decide if you really are as nice as people say.  Being rude to me and ignoring my existence is considered nice?  Yeah I have no idea what your definition for nice actually is.  One thing that really bothers me is the fact that they act nice in front of you and then behind your back they whisper something about you.  If you don't like sitting next to me or if you don't like me at all then don't pretend.  Pretending to be nice makes me think we are friends.  If you don't like me that is fine but why bother talking to me?  If you have personal issues with me then discuss them with me, ignoring them won't get anything solved.  It really is hard to trust anybody when this constantly happens.  In my opinion, those type of people aren't "nice" because if they were nice they would treat me and everyone else with respect.  If people do this, I am usually left with a sour first impression.  Ever heard of the golden rule?  Treat others the way YOU would want to be treated.. all I have to say.  This is all I have to say for tonight, have a splendid day!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Venting on Facebook

Almost everyone has those people on Facebook who constantly post their problems.  I'm guessing Facebook is a therapist who can listen to your problems.  I'm sorry but it bothers me when people constantly post how bad their day has been or how their relationship sucks.  There was one person who was on my friends list and they always posted how their life sucks.  A lot of people commented on her statuses telling her to stop.  She told them she was simply "venting" her feelings.  In my dearest opinion I don't understand why you would vent your problems where the whole world will know.  There are plenty of ways to let out anger or sadness.  For example: keep a journal, tell a friend, write it down and throw it away, or you can express it in various ways.  Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to post it where people can see it every day.  Some people even lose their jobs because of their posts.  What does this mean?  Keep your life in private.  There is no need to tell your life situations to people you barely know.  Some things should really be kept to yourself.  Another form is people who post their relationship problems!  I mean I'm sorry your relationship is not so good but the only way to fix it is to actually communicate O:.  I know, communicating is unheard of!  If you don't want people to be in your business then you can change your privacy settings or don't post at all.

I have a debate tournament Saturday that will be all day so there will be no new entry on Saturday.  I will have one up on Sunday!  Have a fascinating day!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Negative Slurs

OK I apologize, it isn't slang it's slurs... oops!  That's not the point :P, the point is... I'm sick of them.  When I was little I never heard the terms, "queer" or "faggot" used as an insult.  It doesn't anger me it just irritates me.  I really don't know how those slurs started being the new trend.  I always hear someone say, "you're such a faggot" or simply just telling others they are a queer.  I'm not sure how calling others those words is used as an insult.  Now some people say they aren't targeting gays and people are being over sensitive.  OK I can understand that but why use those particular words to describe someone as "dumb?"  There are many words in the English dictionary that mean "dumb."  "Queer" and "faggot" are irrelevant to the word "dumb" or "stupid."  I don't think people try to aim it at gays but I think people need to be a little more smart with their vocabulary.  This is my opinion so don't tear me apart :P!  

A little announcement!  Tomorrow I hope I get the chance to speak with the teacher to discuss the next post on my little series.  That's all for tonight!  Have a lovely day!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Music Industry

Ten years ago I feel like music was real.  The artists actually sang and the song made sense.  I feel like the music that artists produce have no soul in them whatsoever.  Not all the artists have generic music but whenever I listen to the radio I keep listening to these generic songs.  The people who I've noticed in change are the artists who've started their careers from ten to fifteen years ago.  Jennifer Lopez is an example.  I listen to her old music and I hear a message.  Her recent album struck me with awe.  All I hear is an auto-tuned voice with dance music.  The one thing I keep noticing is the messages in music.  All I hear about is dancing, dancing, and more dancing!  I'm afraid that music will never be the same again.  Don't get me wrong the music is catchy but is that all?  A lot of artists that were good back then have gotten unoriginal and their sense of creativity has faded.  I'm waiting for the day when I hear an artist who is stepping out and being different.  Now in a later post I'm going to continue talking about this but I'm going to do a little research.  This was my personal opinion, the next post will be with facts.  Have a positive week!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Plans for Challenging the Mind

This post will mainly focus on an idea I found on another blog.  I got inspired by one idea, that is having two sides of an argument.  Of course this won't be a big portion of what I do.  This will be a once-in-a-while thing, probably once or twice a month.  How will this work?  I want to find a topic that I have/haven't discussed.  I will try to fit it into one entry with both arguments.  If both arguments are long I will post it in separate posts.  I was inspired by this idea because I feel like I need to know both sides of the story.  This will take a lot of planning and time, one post can take quite some time.  

After the plans for a teacher to post on here I plan to get one of my super friends to post what they have to say about high school.  I hope she has the time from her schedule to help me with this post.  If she does then great! If not then I will find someone else.  That's all the plans I have for now!  Have yourself a very merry day 8D!!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rebellious Children

A lot of people complain about how children nowadays are rebellious and abtrusive.  Let's look at some of the possibilities to why they might be rebellious.  Let's start with the media.  Some people say the cause of rebellious actions in children are violent t.v. shows, movies, or music.  As much as I despise the media I must say all of this is bogus.  Watching a violent show would not turn me into this violent maniac.  It also shouldn't make me want to be rebellious and act out.  The only thing that bothers me are the music coming form these artists but my only concern with that is profanity.  I mean I hear a lot of children cussing at such young ages it worries me.  While I agree that children are becoming rebellious nowadays, people are blaming the wrong things.  I'm going to blame parents, a lot of parents complain yet it's their fault.  This is your child and it's your responsibility to teach them from right and wrong.  It isn't always parents fault but most of the time it is.  If you think the media has something to do with your rebellious child then I would reconsider the channels or movies they watch.  Part of being a parent to my understanding is having a firm hand.  Another thing that has to be blamed is the people they hang out with.  Are they a good influence?  Or do they have a bad influence?  For some reason I feel like as the years go by children want to seem cooler.  They want to fit in with the crowd.  One day I hope children will be children, nothing more.  Before I close up, I hope that next Monday or Wednesday I will have "The Mind of a Highschool Teacher" ready.  Have a creative night/day or whatever!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mind of a Highschooler

This will be a mini-series I want to start.  This will reveal confessions of a highschooler.  Now I'm not doing this myself, my plan is to ask a couple of other people.  I want to also ask some teachers to let out their feelings on here.  Now I'm going to start with me, a freshman.  Being a freshman there are a lot of things I must let out.  The first thing is, I really don't like half of the freshmen who go to this school.  They are stuck up snobs who think they own the school.  They're a wee bit annoying... although I hope I'm not :P.  Not everyone is annoying, just most of them.  Being a freshman isn't as bad as people say, there are a couple of upper classmen who don't like freshmen but nothing too serious.  I want to talk about teachers next.  I like how the teachers don't get in our faces about homework, it is our responsibility.  In middle school the teachers kept nagging and they were treating us like little children.  I have one teacher who gives me the impression that he doesn't really like freshmen.  He always says, "oh you're freshmen you don't know discipline."  It irritates me when he says this, it's stereotyping.  I can understand others but come on the last person I would expect to say that is a teacher.  The one thing I notice are people from my grade changing.  The one tough fact of entering high school are the fact that you might not have the same friends from middle school.  Some people have a positive change and others might have a negative change.  You learn who your real friends are, the results might not be what you would expect but it's life.  What I like about high school is the fact that you can choose the classes you want!  You don't have to take the same classes over and over.  I love how you can choose classes that reflect what you want to be when you're out of school.  For me it's like freedom, the freedom to choose what you're interested in.  In the next part of this series I plan to ask a teacher to type what's in their minds about being a high school teacher.  If they don't have the time I will do something else.  That's it for tonight, bye bye!  Have a ravishing day!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Response to iJustine's ":(" video

So, a fellow Youtuber named iJustine created a video about the death of Steve Jobs.  In the video she was crying and telling everyone she just heard the news.  Now Steve Jobs was her idol and inspiration, she would mention his name in some of her videos.  What I want to talk about are the horrible comments she received for that video.  The comments shows you that some people are absolutely heartless.  The comments angered me because a bunch of people said how there were other people who accomplished more than him.  Others said how it was fake and others were plain rude.  I don't know what runs in peoples' minds when they say such despicable comments.  Everyone has someone who inspires them, Steve Jobs was someone who inspired her.  Obviously no one can respect that, it's quite sad how people are nowadays.  That's all for tonight, have a great night!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Social Network

No I'm not talking about the movie :P, I'm talking about Facebook!  Facebook gets a lot of negative criticism from parents or people.  Parents dislike it because their children are on it 8 hours a day.  It annoys me whenever I hear parents blame Facebook.  If your child is on 24/7 then maybe you should take immediate action and cut their internet time.  People dislike Facebook because it is too slow or they're screwing it up or some other ridiculous complaints.  The new layout for Facebook is just fine, it's all the same just a little things done differently.  I mean if you hate it that much than I would suggest getting away from it.  Now there are those who say it has a negative impact on children's social lives.  From my point of view I see it differently.  I have moved a lot these past few years and Facebook is a great way to reconnect with my classmates.  It also helps me talk to friends over the summer.  People complain about cell phones and Facebook... how else are we supposed to communicate with friends?  I have a few good friends here, if I move why not use Facebook to reconnect with them?  Also Facebook has solved many people looking for their lost child or parent.  I went ahead and looked up the negative impacts.  The one that struck me was children making friends online rather than in real life.  What's wrong with making friends online?  Some kids are shy in real life, making friends online might be a good way.  I made a friend online, they are the closest friend I have... is that bad?  Absolutely not!  Did I lose any social or speaking skills?  I'm still myself so... nope!  Now for the parents, it's is your job to keep your children safe.  It isn't the laws job, it is your own.  See you next time!  Have a radical day!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011


Immaturity comes in teenagers and most likely adults.  Let's talk about immature teenagers.  I have PLENTY of things to say about ignorant teenagers.  Now there are the ones who scream and yell and act like little four year old children.  There are also those who judge others for the smallest of things.  For example: there is one guy in one of my classes who paints his nails, other people always question him and make rude remarks.  They always do this to him.  Immaturity?  Huge sign of immaturity and rudeness.  Grow up people, it's his body he can do whatever he wants with himself.  There is another example but it's hard to explain.  One girl from last year was partners with me for a module in a class.  Everything was fine but she made some statements about me.  Instead of sucking it up she kept going.  There are times where you will be paired up with someone you don't necessarily like but it doesn't give you the right to be rude.  Adults are much different.  Sort of, but adults are a little stubborn.  Remember the video I was talking about in my Racism entry?  Those are immature adults, they were protesting about illegal immigration and saying rude things.  I highly doubt they would sit down for five minutes and hear the other side of the story.  There are also adults who act just plain dumb.  For example: I was in Walmart with my mom and sister getting some things.  We were next in line to get checked out, there was someone else behind us and a lady in the back.  There was some people trying to get to the cashier next to us.  The minute the couple went in front of the lady flipped out.  She was like, "HEY!"  I was in utter shock.  There were two options she could have done.  She could have just waited patiently, or if they were cutting she could have told them politely that they were there first.  Sheesh what happened to manners?  As you can see adults can also be very immature.  I really hope the teens who are immature now will learn when they get older.  As for adults I hope they can sit down for five minutes and hear the other person speak or just grow up.  That's all for today!  Have a peachie day ;)!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gender Role Stereotypes

Here are the gender roles in society: guys are supposed to listen to rap, supposed to love cars, we must love sports, and we have to be masculine.  Girls are supposed to be feminine, must be the care takers of the house, and they are supposed to tend to a man's every need.  I'm so sick of hearing these gender roles.  All these stereotypes must go away!  I'm a guy so everyone tells me that I have to do this and that.  You know that guy I always complain about right?  Well recently he tells me I'm so "feminine" because I don't listen to rap and I listen to a woman singing, I flinch a lot, and I don't let anything touch me.  Really?  That is a sign of a gender role stereotype.  Being a guy you can't do one thing without people calling you "feminine".  In society a man must stand up for himself and if he is seen with one tear rolling down his cheek he is labeled as a "sissy" or "wimp".  For a woman being tough and masculine; they are labeled as a "tomboy".  Those stereotypes must learn the other side of the story.  A guy can do what makes him happy, a girl can do that as well.  You aren't here to tell me a set of rules I have to abide by.  It should never be a big issue, you have your life to live and I have mine, let's leave it at that.  Next time you tell someone that remind yourself that it really isn't any of your business.  I have more to say about this but that will be another time!  Have yourself a calming day/night or whatever!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reality television

Oh the enjoyment of watching reality television.  You know, the fake entertainment.  Yes today I will discuss the horrors of reality television.  I'm going to be honest I despise reality shows with a passion.  There are many shows nowadays that are completely worthless and contribute nothing to society.  Shows like Kim Kardashian and her sister going places and doing absolutely nothing.  The real housewives that like to play high school all over again.  Or who could miss Jersey shore, the show that exposes people fighting and partying every day.  Do people really find these shows entertaining?  Not only are these shows fake but they show a lot of stereotypes.  For example: the real housewives expose women being these beauty queens who get whatever they want.  Men are seen as a-holes who cheat on their woman.  These stereotypes are pointless and only increase stereotypical statements.  One show that I cannot stand anymore is "Teen Moms".  Not only is that the most fake show out there but it makes teen girls think that getting pregnant will have no affect at all.  I also read an article saying the moms get paid every season.  Now you know where they get all the money to buy the houses or apartments.  They also over exaggerate the drama in shows like Kim Kardashian goes to whatever city.  Oh my gosh your sister just talked behind your back your life must be so hard.  Yeah your life must be so hard having lots of money and doing absolutely nothing that helps this world.  Come on people get a life, there are so many things to do than spending your day watching snookie get a tan.  I would love to cancel all these pointless shows.  I think life would be much more productive without these shows we call "entertainment".  Please no more of these shows, I absolutely don't care.  That's it for tonight, have an exquisite weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Whenever I hear about a teenager giving up his/her life because of bullying I question humanity.  Is this how we act towards each other?  The recent story I've heard is about a 14 year old boy named Jamey Rodemeyer who committed suicide because of bullying.  He made a video talking about how it gets better and people left some shocking comments.  They told him how he should just end it and how no one would care.  This was on a Formspring account.  It angers me whenever people say things like that and actually mean it.  What causes this hatred?  He also had a Youtube account and when I was looking on the comments it baffled me to see comments that still had hatred in them.  I mean what good does it do for the people bullying?  I'm always puzzled to why we have those people in this world.  It still surprises me that people will say harsh things to others they don't even know!  I really hope bullies learn something.  If not they will never learn.  Bullying is a form of foolishness.  Next time you try to tell someone they are better off dead, think twice.  

By the way I am on Twitter!  Follow me for updates and all that fun stuff, here is the link http://twitter.com/#!/adolfoespitia.  Hopefully you learn something from this post, have a super day!! 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Illegal Immigration

The last post that I did inspired me to talk about illegal immigration.  Whenever I read an article about immigration I check to see the comments and I must say nearly all of them oppose it.  It sickens me whenever I hear people talk about how Mexicans will take over America and blah blah blah.  Really?  Whoever said that must be crazy or something because that is complete blasphemy!  To my understanding people who cross the border want to better their lives.  Mexico is getting pretty violent and families would do anything to have a better opportunity in America.  You also have to understand that they want a better life for their children as well.  Of course some people want to be hard-headed and send every illegal back to Mexico.  So, let's look at how that is bad.  The first reason is that it will take a long time to organize this, yeah not a good idea.  The second reason is about the children, some are born in America and are considered citizens... what will you do with the children?  In my opinion I think that will be a very messy situation.  From watching the episode you also have to understand is that some people are forced to come here.  Telling someone to go back to where they came from is a horrible thing to say.  What if they came from nothing?  Not everyone has the same privileges as others.  Understand that people want to start a new chapter in their life and their only choice is to come to America.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and my next post will be about bullying.  Have a magnificent day!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A lesson to be learned...

I was on Netflix surfing films and documentaries when I stumbled on a show called "30 Days".  What the show is basically about is putting a person in another person's shoes, in other words it is empathy.  The one I stumbled across was an episode called "Immigration".  The episode was about a legal immigrant from Cuba who opposes illegal immigration.  He says everyone must follow the law and that Americans should act now before the country is taken.  He has to live with a family of seven who have no papers.  The mother and father and oldest children are considered illegal while the youngest are legal since they were born in the United States.  The episode exposed the family's hardships and what they deal with everyday.  The father works as much as he can helping people for low income.  He earns what he can.  The mother earns money by recycling as much as she can.  Later in the episode there were some parts that really made me feel horrible.  In one scene the mother tells the guy she saves up money from the beginning of the year so she can buy gifts for Christmas.  This part made my eyes water because it wasn't much and she explains that she wants to give the children something of the money.  Another part I cringed was when the guy went to visit the husband's brother back in Mexico.  The brother lived with his mother and father and his family.  The living conditions were horrid, there were cockroaches on the wall and it was filthy.  The guy later learns that the husband was forced to go to America, even though he didn't want to.  The brother shows the guy to the house that they used to live in... it was the worst site I eve saw.  It wasn't even a house... there was hardly a roof.  Couple days later the guy and the husband were working in a yard.  The husband found this slimy lizard and told the guy to leave it alone and let it live its life.  He says something vital and it definitely made me think, this is the translation in English, "as a child our first reaction would be to kill the animal, when we grow older we learn that life is precious."  After watching this episode it made me realize that I take everything for granted.  After seeing the living conditions of this family, I was apolled.  How can people go through that?  No one deserves to live in those types of conditions.  Now that I think about it I must complain about a lot of things.  We complain that it is too cold or too hot, the house is too ugly, or that the basement is scary... small things that others would gladly take.  Next time we think about complaining about something small, remember that someone is living in worse conditions.  I'm glad I got to watch this episode, it made me re-think everything.  I hope you enjoyed this entry and next time I'll talk about immigration.  I hope you have a peaceful day!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Michele Bachmann

I would like to first say I apologize for being M.I.A!  These past few days have been busy and I have not had the chance to type an entry.  Things have finally settled down so I have time for a new blog post!

I'm not into politics or the government, in fact I hate it but Michele has been on the news recently and I'm starting to notice her.  Lets just get this out there, I'm not a fan of her.  Some of the things she says are ridiculous!  For one, I honestly do not want a president who can't back up their own opinions.  When she was asked about HPV vaccines, she said how it has dangerous side effects.  When she was asked by Jay Leno if it prevents cervical cancer, her response was that it could potentially have dangerous side effects.  Also, when asked about gay marriage her response is that she wants to help America and all that junk.  I seriously don't want a president who can't stand up for her own opinions...  If you have a statement or opinion, back it up with facts.  I'm not sure if she's the best president out there.  For one, she can't even defend her opinions or statements.  I'll rather have a president who is honest... hey I'm optimistic for that :P.  Anyways I apologize for not posting anything I'll try!!!  Have a groovy day!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teenagers dumb?

Couple months ago my sister bought a book called, The Dumbest Generation.  I went ahead and read some of it and I must say I got a little offended.  Basically what the guy talked about was America's test scores and how teenagers aren't reading anymore and blah blah blah.  Let's cut to the chase, are we really stupid?  Or do adults have higher expectations?  I must admit here and there I do think that some people at my school are a little frustrating when it comes to education, but calling this whole generation dumb is a little offending.  The author needs to realize that this isn't all of teenagers and basing that off some test scores are ridiculous.  We aren't as stupid as people think.  Science isn't my best subject, I take a test and fail... does that make me stupid?  Another thing is that there are some amazingly smart teenagers out there, I see a lot of trouble makers who are intelligent for their age.  Last thing, he also complains about kids with blogs... -_-.  He needs to look at the bigger picture and realize not all teenagers are 'stupid'.  Have a placid day!!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Alright today we will discuss abortion!  Abortion is such a touchy subject, so might as well get my opinion out there.  I believe that abortion is a woman's choice, no one else should interfere with that.  First let's talk about the phrase, "it's killing a human being!"  OK the baby hasn't developed into the form of a body.  It isn't really murder if it hasn't formed.  Some people say to just put it up for adoption.  Really?  You're going to have your baby and then just give it up for adoption?  I feel bad for that child, he/she wouldn't know their birthmother until quite some time.  Also, being in an adoption home doesn't sound so comforting to me.  There are many children in this world who don't have families, why increase the number?  There are some scenarios that happen.  Accidents happen, uneducated, and they might have been raped or assaulted.  Whenever I mention, "what if they got raped?" the first response is, "now that's a different situation."  uhhh not really.  If a woman wants to get an abortion it is her decision, not ours.  We have to remember that we don't live anyone else's lives, we live our own.  Women who get abortions don't turn into some witch, they still have the same personality.  Society shouldn't tell you what to do, you make your own decisions.  That is my personal opinion, everyone has their own.  Have a miraculous day!!!  My next blog entry will be a mystery....

Sunday, September 11, 2011


One decade ago the Twin Towers were attacked.  Hundreds of people lost their lives it is a day to remember.  Ten years ago I was 4 years old and I was never aware of it.  My mom never told me, nor did my sister who was in fourth grade.  I found out about this tragedy years later.  My sister however does remember and she told me the story.  This day holds a lot of pain for some, others they couldn't care less.  I think we should take a moment for those who passed away, as well as the families who lost someone.  It may have been a long time ago but the scars are still there.  Not only for those who died in the Twin Towers but those in the plane crash in Pennsylvania, for they made a heroic move to overthrow the terrorist.  Hopefully everyone is doing good, see you for my next entry.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Proposition 8

If you don't already know Prop 8 is this bill or whatever to make gay marriage in California illegal.  Yup I said illegal.  Now my very first blog post was on gay marriage but I'm going to add on, sort of like a part 2.  So far I heard all sorts of things about protecting traditional marriage.  Really?  Last time I checked marriage isn't just supposed to be about a man and a woman.  It's so much more than that and I get a little agitated whenever I hear that.  Marriage is love, how can we separate love just for beliefs?  It bothers me how they arranged this just on personal issues rather than rights.  Oh yeah you're going to organize this thing just because you don't support gay marriage?  Unless you have a logical answer I don't think you should interfere with anyone's life.  While typing this I found a website that talks about saving "traditional" marriage and how it says you can vote yes.  I researched this site and found one document on there that was labeled as, "Myths and Facts".  Being the curious person that I am I go ahead and read what they have to say.  While reading I got just a tad bit angry.  They have these subtitles that say the myths and have a paragraph or two about their "facts".  Let me just say that these make no sense whatsoever.  The first one says it does not discriminate against gays, it simply restores the meaning of marriage.... What meaning are they talk about?!  The meaning of marriage is compassion, support, love, and lots more that I don't know!  It's not simply based on a man and a woman, that is a poor reason.  They also talk about how it causes confusion in children.  Of course it does!  Children don't know marriage and at that age it is perfect to teach them that everyone should be allowed to marry.  Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love.  Say no to Prop 8, this bill is blasphemy and it will only cause more problems.  That's all for tonight and tomorrow I'll be talking about 9/11.  Have a divine day!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Before I get into todays entry I wanted to say that I'm so glad for the weekend!  I've never been happier to just sit in peace without worrying about homework and such.  I have a lot of entries planned and I'm ready to start blogging again!

In society today religion is starting to become in the way of everything.  No one can do anything without someone referring to the Bible.  I have no problem with religion but there are some things that I question.

1. Who is the leader of the church?
Whenever I see a video on Youtube about some person protesting about gay marriage I always question, "who is the person responsible?"  There are a lot of people taking the Bible literally, and I mean they are nitpicking every single thing they can use to their advantage. 

2. The No Factor.
Oh gosh this has to be the worst one.  I see a lot of people saying things like, "oh you can't eat animals or oh you can't shave!"  Really?  The Bible was written centuries ago.  Society in those ages were way different than they are now.

3. False Prophets.
Everyone's heard about May 21 right?  This is something else that's seriously just irritating me, I can't go search up something on the internet without seeing these stupid 'God warned us in 2009'.  These people are taking everything literally!  I mean what is the purpose in putting up those false advertisements? 

4. Which religion?
The one religion that's causing the most controversy is Christianity.  Again, I have no issue with religion but I have issues with people shoving their religion down someone's throat.  I mean come on I have my own beliefs and you have to respect that.  According to them if we aren't Christian we don't go to heaven.  Guess how many times I heard that?

OK so this is more of a strong feeling towards religion.  I am sort of Catholic, I do believe in God but the Bible is a little eh.  I just think people need to live life, I think religion is suffocating.  Anyways that's all for tonight!  Tomorrow I'll be talking about Prop 8.  Have a calming day!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Small Hiatus

Alright so these past few days I've been unlucky with topics to cover.  I like to be inspired when I type an entry... no luck has hit me.  So I'm taking a small hiatus, only for a week.  Well number one reason is the fact that the next week will be extremely busy.  Debate and science will definitely get me stressed out.  Another reason is because I haven't been hit with a great topic to blog about, a week should be good enough for me.  I will be back to blog on Friday to start my normal routine.  Hopefully everyone understands, I might be able to write something on Sunday but only if it's worth it.  Have a comforting weekend!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


First, I would like to say that I'm the best blogger out there!  My opinions are seriously better than anyone else's.  I clearly understand the situation of every topic I talk about.  No one stands a chance with me!

Don't you hate it when people act like that?  OK I would like to state that I'm not the best blogger nor do I consider myself the best.  That was a sarcastic statement :P.  Well obviously our topic today is egotistical brats!  I have an issue with people thinking they are superior to others.  Everyone has their strong points and their weak points.  For example; my weak points are that I'm NOT at all athletic, I'm also very slow!  It makes me a little angry when you're in P.E and some guy/girl thinks they're such superstars!  I don't mind if people have a little ego here and there but when they think they're the masters of the game that's when the fun goes.  It's not just sports, you know the "too good for everyone" guy?  Yeah he's also one of them.  There is a fine line between having a sense of pride and being egotistical.  When I'm in the kitchen I don't tell everyone, "hey know what a quinelle is?  HA I do!"  No, I don't roll like that.  My question is, why do they need to boast in front of everyone?  For me it makes me feel like crap, especially during a game.  I mean I'm not athletic you don't have to make it worse.  From my experience I remember one time where we were playing a game in P.E and I threw a giant frisbee and one kid told me, "you could not have possibly made that."  What the heck?!  He obviously downsized me.  People... Anyways I'm out of my opinion juice, have a SHENACIOUS day!  (not a real word) 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Positive Day!

I'm going to give you some tips on how to make your day more positive!  Yay!

1. Think of things to look forward to.
This is what I will always use if I hate getting up in the morning for school.  Whenever you wake up in the morning think about all the exciting things to do today!  For example: it's a Monday and you have a math test.  Oh but you get to hang out with your friend during lunch!  Never ever be pessimistic in the morning, it will make your day seem longer and frustrating.  

2. The afternoon
After school I like to come home and just relax for a couple of minutes before I do any work.  This calms my nerves after a stressful day at school.  I also tell myself that after I'm done with work I can do whatever I want to.  This motivates me to not complain and certainly not get worked up about little things.  I usually do this at the beginning of the day, "ahhh when I get home I'm going to watch my favorite show!"  That definitely makes me happy.

3. It's the small things that count
A lot of people take advantage of their iPod or computer.  Whenever the teacher gives us an assignment I think about the small things that make me happy.  For instance, YouTube is one of those simple bursts of happiness whenever I see a new video.  You might look forward to reading a book, playing a game, or even drawing.

4. Me time
I love this one!  Everyone needs their "me" time.  I always need my "me" time or I will cry.  OK not really but this always makes me happy everyday!  Just think, you're in a very boring class and you begin to think about how school sucks and then you flip the attitude!  Just imagine you have one place in the house or outside where you can be alone with your thoughts.  I don't know about you but that is fantastic for me!

5.  Don't over think it.
Never ever think too much, thinking too much causes you to go from :D to :/.  You might put yourself down.  Always think the best of things... It's a new day and for me everyday is a new start to everything.  

Have a THRILLING day!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Beauty Pageants

I have PLENTY of things to say about the despicable beauty pageants.  There is one show where they basically video tape girls in the competition of pageants.  I must say that this isn't even a beauty pageant.  All the girls have like ten pounds of make up on their face.  A child that young does NOT need make up.  They look like a 22 year old who is out to party.  It looks sort of like a clown.  Whenever my sister watches that show I usually end up watching it.  The one thing that kills me the most is their bratty, disrespectful, gimme gimme attitude!  I cannot stand it!  This makes the younger generation look absolutely awful.  If they act that way that young I can't imagine what lies ahead of them during high school.  I always blame the mother or fathers who force the child to go to competitions.  This makes parents look horrible.  Whenever I watch the back stage crap the child usually controls the parent.  How sad is that?!  They think they can have the whole world by winning and being snotty.  Why do they even consider it a beauty pageant?  I mean they have to perform in front of the judges and I must say sometimes they look hands down slutty.  The judges have to judge on hair, make up, talent, and other crap that's usually fake.  OK basically the judges don't care about personality, they just want a plastic doll performing a horrible dance.  Honestly, this shouldn't ever be called a beauty pageant, it should be called "Who can be the most fake of all?"  That's all for tonight... have a GORGEOUS day!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Been busy

These past few days have been extremely busy for me.  I'll try to put something down all this weekend but I have a lot of work to get done.  Who knew I would be busy this early in the school year!  Anyways I apologize for being late on this blog, I'll try much harder to get an entry at the normal schedule.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Angry rant!

I'm here because my sister is not letting me sleep!  As you know my room is right in front of the t.v with no door or anything to block the obnoxious sound of her ridiculous show.  I don't care if she watches t.v as long as she does it when I'm not sleeping!  Whenever I tell her things she just ignores me until I get to the limit where I need to just break everything in my path.  My only option to let out my frustration is typing it here since I can do whatever I want here.  I was watching my show until she told me to get out, I didn't respond nicely but I let her watch t.v... bad idea!  This is her problem is that she needs to know when it's time to stop!  When people want to sleep you let them sleep or then they wake up pissy the next morning!  She needs to understand that some people like me need to get their sleep and not stay up very late especially when school is going on.  It's the weekend but I don't want to stay up past midnight or then I'll never fall asleep.  This is why I hate t.v... it prevents you from getting any sleep.  Revenge isn't necessarily the grown up thing to do but in this case it gives her the taste of her own medicine.  I'm on the computer putting some things in my iPod and it takes awhile so she will just have to wait.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Too good for everyone

SO someone in one of my hours gave me the inspiration to write this entry.  As you know by the title this person thinks he's too good for the "unpopular kids".  Whenever he gets paired up with someone who isn't popular he starts to moan and he doesn't do it quietly he does it so the whole class can hear!  He also complains about people and how he thinks he's the best.  Last year I remembered him talking to another person saying how he doesn't understand why people don't like him... really?!  All the evidence is right there!  If he keeps this up he won't be able to work with anyone, no one wants to work with an egotistical person.  When people are like that I know for a fact they aren't people I want to surround myself with.  It is entertaining however that when you see them fail at something they make up an excuse for it.  Just wanted to get that out since I just can't stand people like him.  Have a SUPER day!

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm not going to diss parents but sometimes they overreact to the smallest of things!  This is sort of my video game violence part 2.  So I was listening to a stream and one person was talking about pretty much the same thing.  I think it was last year or a couple months ago that Katy Perry was on a kid show.  She was wearing a dress and it showed some cleavage... and guess what parents did!  Parents all over thought that Katy's outfit was "too much" for kids.  That show is intended for little kids and what do they know about cleavage?  Kids don't worry about that stuff they only care about the show itself and I bet that children would be like, "oh it's Katy!"  Would they mention the outfit?  Absolutely not!  Parents should STOP overreacting to the smallest of things these days!  When kids act up parents blame it on violence in video games and the internet.  That is a poor excuse, there are many things that influence children to do that.  I mean everything has to be "parent approved", it makes me sick to my stomach whenever I hear, "parent approved".  I can understand parents being concerned about their child but come on, there is a fine line between being concerned and being ridiculous.  I think those types of parents should stop suffocating their child, please he/she is a toddler I mean it doesn't know much.  

I'm posting another blog entry tomorrow, today was my first day of high school but tomorrow is with the upper classmates so I'll wait until that to see how that goes.  Anyways have a CHEERFUL day!! 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Summer Recap

This summer I've accomplished a lot!  Ok I'm lying I accomplished so little but I did grow up a lot.  Mentally I think these past 2 months really helped me to understand a lot of things.  I now look at things a better way rather than the bad way.  If that makes any sense!  Anyways this summer was pretty relaxing overall, I got to go back to my hometown and I started exercising more!  In a way this summer helped me get rid of bad energy inside of me.  Even though I didn't get to hang out with my friends or even see them I'm glad to once again see them in a couple of days.  School is beginning and I'm super pumped!  There are a couple of things that I plan to do!  I would like to do this blogging challenge where it's a month of answering random questions!  I will still do blogs and all that fun stuff!  I want to start that probably on the first day of school since I won't be too busy with things... hopefully.  Anyways that is all for tonight, no exciting blog entry :/ how depressing!  Have a good day.  LOL have a SUPERB day! 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Ex- Factor

One of my good  friends wants to date a guy but his ex's are telling her all sorts of things about him.  I have some issues with that.  The obvious question is why are they trying to push her away from him?  So she doesn't have to go through the same thing?  Or is it because they simply don't want her to date him.  First off the thing that keeps coming up in my mind is, "why do they care about who she wants to date?"  Either they need to chill or worry about their own problems.  Another thing is why are they focusing on the bad aspects of him?  Focusing on the faults of a person makes things worse.   If they already broke up why do they care about who he dates?  Instead of telling everyone he likes to back off, shouldn't they be wishing the best to him?  If I dated someone and we broke up I would be wishing the best to that person instead of going off and telling everyone how horrible they are.  I find that extremely immature.  If you really cared you would let go and move on with life.  Never listen to those people who do that, it's whatever pleases you and if they don't like it well that's too bad for them!  That's all for today, have a PEACEFUL day!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Ranting Time!!!

OK I'm going to talk about public bathrooms and things you should ALWAYS do!

1.  Please wash your hands!
    -I don't care if you're in a hurry please wash those hands!!  Whenever I go to the bathroom there is always that one person who just walks out of the bathroom... Everytime I see that I am disgusted and nearly puke!  It's a very disturbing thing to see... Please.  Wash.  Your.  Hands.

2.  Flush the toilet!
     - Whenever I see a toilet full of whatever someone produced I get seriously grossed out.  I mean seriously isn't it gross to go to the bathroom only to find out that all the toilets aren't flushed?!  Why do people do that in public places?!  I feel bad for the people who have to clean the bathrooms because they have to put up with the people who were lazy to flush the dang toilet!

3.  Don't write anything on the stalls!
    - Yes there is always that one gas station that has a bathroom stall littered with writings.  Some of the writings are phone numbers and creepy drawings... Why would you put your phone number?!  I don't think it's funny I think it's childish.  Especially some drawings are very um graphic if you want to say that.

4.  Don't make a mess.
    - Yeah no need for a description.

5.  Throw away your paper towels!
   - It irritates me to see paper towels all over the floor!  How hard is it to walk over to the trash can and simply throw it away?!  It angers me how I sometimes step on these paper towels!  Please throw them away!

6.  Don't socialize.
    - Whether you're on the phone or talking to somebody else, please save the conversation for later!  Unless it's emergency of course.  Other than that please save it for a better time.  No one wants to hear people talking when you're doing your business... It's creepy.

7.  Knock before you enter!
    - I can't believe how many times someone has opened the door when I'm doing urgent business!  How hard is it to knock politely, even if you suspect no one is in.  It's quite embarrassing to have a stranger just barge in like its their home!  What happened to manners?

That's all I have to rant about... geez why can't people be a bit more hygenic.  Hope you enjoyed I guess some of it.  Have a STUPENDOUS day!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gossipers and Backstabbers

In school you have a lot of these types of people.  These are the types of people who irritate me the most.  Let's start with the gossipers, I don't understand why people choose to gossip about others.  Either they must be bored or they were born that way!  It makes me mad when I see a couple of people whispering in each others ears and they look right at you!  When the person hears that people gossip about them I bet they feel mad or bad about themselves.  What I usually hear are comments about their flaws or usually a rumor.  I hear a lot of horrible comments about people.  Whenever someone tries to tell me about a flaw someone has, I feel really bad for the person.  I consider it bullying.  Now I have MANY things to say about backstabbers.  Once I was in class and I had to be with someone I personally had issues with, she was all nice to me.  At first I was like, "ok she's actually not bad".  Then she proved me wrong and started being rude behind my back.  It hurts more when someone pretends to be your friend and secretly says rude things behind your back.  How can people live like this?  I would never say anything bad about my friends behind their back.  The first reaction we have are anger and we do the same to them.  It doesn't prove anything and nor does it solve anything.  I will ignore them because they must be really bored with their lives.  I personally think they do it for popularity or something.  What makes gossipers and backstabbers so popular?  Why do the snobby kids go first before the real people?  Well I'm running out of words to type, have a FUNTASTIC day!!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Teenage Dating

This subject is one I've been thinking of doing but I can't put it in the right words.  I think of teenage dating as something that isn't real.  I don't believe in "young love".  I see a lot of teenagers my age being in relationships that don't even last a week!  I was on Youtube the other day watching a video on Mario Kart and the person who was commentating told the audience that when she was in middle school she didn't worry about growing up and being in a relationship.  I agreed with everything she said because a lot of teenagers worry about grown up things!  All you need in this age are friends, being in a relationship causes so much stress.  If your friends already love you why do you need someone else to make you feel special?  Some of my friends on Facebook post how love sucks and how their relationship sucks.  Guess what, you wanted to be in a relationship.  I would like to be dating when I'm out of school, being in school there are lots of people who try to ruin your relationship.  Rumors always destroy friendships or the other person who you're dating.  I learned that all I need at this age are my friends!  I don't need someone else to make me feel complete.  I don't hate people who date at this age, I just don't agree with it.  That's why I'm called Mr. Opinion!

In other news I'm shutting down my game blog because I don't have the time to update every week.  Especially the game reviews.  When I have time I'll update it but right now I can't.  I'm posting another blog tomorrow because I forgot to do it yesterday :/.  Anyways have a SPECTACULAR day :D!