Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tips To Being a Real Man

Being a real man has a ton of steps.  I composed a list of all the steps to becoming Mr. Hyper Masculine!  No need to thank me, you'll see the results instantly.

1. Know everything about sports.
If you know everything about sports than congratulations you just found a group of male friends to hang out with!  When you know everything about sports and so little about the world then that's totally fine.  People actually respect a person who is well educated in sports.  I mean instead of discussing human rights (which isn't important) you can discuss whether or not an athlete should get paid that extra $60,000!  Trust me, discussing sports leads to awesome bonding between you and the guys.

2. The tough guys win.
This is critical in getting a girl, so if you're that desperate please listen up.  Everyone's heard that tough guys win and let me tell you it's true.  The sensitive guys don't stand a chance against the manly men.  A real man shows no emotion.  He's as hardened as stone and don't you forget it!  How does this all connect to getting a girl?  Well I'll explain that now.  Women want a man who has that tough motorcycle look.  He's very chiseled and can beat up anyone who gets in his way.  So please, don't be a baby and cry, toughen up and be a man.

3. Being called "weak" is a major insult.
This is the most critical point to read.  Being called a "pussy" should never be taken lightly.  Remember you want to be perceived as tough not as a weakling.  If you're ever called weak then you should remember to use physical violence because we all know that solves everything.  Oh and don't forget, when someone punches you, you always tell them how weak they punch.  This will make it seem like you have thick skin.

4. The goal is masculinity not femininity.
Everyone knows that a boy is supposed to be blue and a girl is pink.  You want to be seen as masculine right?  Well this means staying away from the curse that is femininity!  Putting other feminine guys down only makes you seem tougher.  It's very simple.  Calling other guys "faggots" or "queers" will most definitely make you a macho man.  Flamboyance is not acceptable.

5. Buy all male products.
Everything you buy must be masculinized.  I'm talking about everything!  Food, bath products, and even clothes.  You must buy things that have masculine written all over it.  So if you borrow lotion from a girl then STOP!  There is lotion just for us guys!  I mean it's still lotion and it provides the same benefits but only with a manlier smell.  Never buy bar soap because most of the time it's feminine smells like cranberry, coconut, and vanilla.

6. Trucks, not dolls.
This is all for you fantastic parents out there who believe gender and sex are the same thing.  If you have a boy then you should buy manly toys like trucks and action figures.  If you're son plays with a doll then don't panic!  He is simply curious but you should discipline him so he won't do it again.  This enhances his masculinity even at such a young age!  And if you want to ensure he stays at this masculine state then force your child to join Boy Scouts.  Boys Scouts only accept the heterosexual, religious, and "normal" men.  Smells like the joyous smell of masculinity if you ask me!

7. Learn to be more dominant.
I've even been told that I need to be more dominant and when I became dominant everyone wanted to be near me!  You should be more dominant with everyone not just your male peers.  Nothing says manly than to be in control!  Raise your voice when necessary (which is most of the time when you don't get your way) and above all be aggressive.

In conclusion, this post has hopefully helped you to become a more manlier man!  I mean seriously nowadays men are becoming so feminine that it makes America look bad.  It is never ok to be feminine when you're a man!  If women want to be more masculine then fine but men should stay masculine, it's in the book of rules written by society.  We must keep traditional gender roles of men in America or then we'll become corrupt and humiliated!

*Sarcasm ends here*

Monday, May 28, 2012


The word "slut" is a derogatory term to call other women who are considered "promiscuous".  I say women because when was the last time you heard a man being called a slut?  Ha, never.  Men usually get all the praise when they get laid.  And yet why is it so different for women?  If you're in high school then the word "slut" gets spread around like wildfire.  I shake my head whenever women call other women sluts only because they had sex once.  I remember a guy called another girl a whore because she had sex once and yet he wasn't a virgin either.  Such a double standard.  Sometimes the definition of slut has nothing to do with sexual acts and it focuses solely on looks.  If you have too much make up, if you wear little clothing, or if you are more developed, then you are basically screwed.  It's pretty stupid considering people bring biological factors into the equation.  Like seriously you're going to judge a woman because she has bigger boobs?  You know what, this reminds me of Mean Girls.  Remember the phrase, "You have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores!  It only makes it OK for guys to call you sluts and whores."  And that is absolutely true, guys call girls sluts for the wrong reasons.  Now I must admit I used to call other women sluts for the most inappropriate reasons.  But I've learned!  I learned that it isn't my place in this world to control another person's sexuality.  This applies to everybody, not just high school students.  I have two videos from Laci Green.  I strongly recommend watching them, she explains this subject better than me.


she's such a SLUT

Friday, May 25, 2012

Desperate Teens

I originally wasn't going to post something because I wasn't feeling inspired by anything but low and behold I am now inspired by someone.  I have a friend who is a pretty good friend but there is one problem: she's desperate to be in a relationship.  I tell her from time and time again that I'm not interested and I pinpoint why I'm not interested.  Yet she continues to act like I'm going to change my mind and she tells me all these things that make me want to explode into tiny bits.  Whenever I'm busy and she texts me I tell her I'm busy and she gets all worked up saying that I'm lying and she starts complaining.  Now she's telling me I keep rejecting her and all these blasphemous things.  OK I'm not a fan of texting nor calling, I prefer real live socializing.  Number 2, if I don't text you or the conversation doesn't last long then it probably means I don't feel like talking.  Number 3, I hate texting people everyday, I'm a person who likes to text every once in a while because there won't be anything to talk about.  She continues to act like we are in a relationship and it's getting infuriating.  She's a good friend but there are times when I want to be brutally honest and say, "listen I'm not ever going to be interested, move on and get over it."  There was even one time when she asked me when I was going to start dating and I said ten years from now.  She responded with a text that pushed me over the edge.  She said she would wait... are you kidding me?!  I'm not going to reiterate myself a thousand times, I don't want to be in a relationship!  This is the reason why I hate relationships!  Teenagers are so dang clingy and desperate that you can detect it from a mile away!  Yet I must be speaking in a different language because the explanation I provide isn't processing in her mind.  It's frustrating to not be able to have a conversation without her bringing up relationships.  It's pointless to even be friends when all she's thinking about is being together.  If honesty means being a douchebag then so be it.  But I'm thankful she brought up this topic tonight.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School's Out and Summer Goals!!!!

School's out!!!!  Oh my gosh I don't have to worry about homework or tests anymore... ahh I love summer!  Now that school is out I have a lot of goals this summer that I must accomplish!  My first goal is to read more.  I'm currently reading the The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.  I feel like I've been neglecting the books I have in a box and so I decide I'm going to read most of them.  I'm excited to get back to reading again!  I'm mostly reading to get the feel of writing.  The book I wrote (I still need to make a video) was amateurish and needed improvement.  I also want to write more as well.  I've been planning another book and I'm just dying to get started.  My goal is to at least get started with another book.  And this time I want it to be a bit more professional.  The last main goal I want to do is to get back to fitness.  I've learned a decent amount of things ever since my last post about fitness and I want to start exercising daily.  My goal is to see myself in a mirror and squeal with joy when I reached my goal.  Those are my main goals this summer and I'm looking forward to begin!   

Monday, May 21, 2012

The World of Introverts

I've just finished reading the book Quiet by Susan Cain.  The book is about introversion and all the differences between extroverts and introverts.  There are the obvious details and even the neuroscience behind introverts.  It's a lot of information so I wrote down some notes to prepare for this long post!

Alright so let's begin with the fear of becoming an introvert.  I must say after reading it I had to slap my forehead a couple of times.  I couldn't even begin to fathom how incredibly dumb propaganda can be.  The date goes all the way back to the 20's.  Back then, propaganda began the rise of the extrovert.  Many propaganda posters were targeted mostly towards men (shocker).  So, for my male introverts, in the 20's you were considered to be gay if you were shy.  In order for men not to be accused of being gay they would often pretend to be more outgoing so they wouldn't be labelled as shy.  Men didn't want women to assume they were gay.  Now ladies if you were shy you weren't off the hook.  Many women who were shy were considered "frigid".  As you can see propaganda is... for the lack of a better word, stupid.  OK so we got the fear of becoming shy let's move on to the affect it has on business and schools.

There is a lot of screwed up things involved in business.  You have to be absolutely dominant or then others would tell you that you wouldn't make it in business.  It's pretty inane that people would listen to the louder people only because they were loud.  Being an introvert in business has a lot of disadvantages.  No one is willing to hear you unless you slammed your fist on the table and lay down the law.  Apparently to corporate America assertiveness is key to getting into the business industry.  If you were loud, a good presenter, and assertive then guess what, you made it!  It's pretty unfair that no one is willing to pipe down and listen to the introverts.  No we have to listen to the yelling provided by the extroverts.  This isn't only business related stuff, schools follow the extroversion package they so totally strive for.  Children in elementary schools are particularly effected because they are young and teachers want to prepare them for the future.  And how do schools do this?  Schools "train" children to work together to reflect the business community.  It's mostly referred to as elitism.  We force children to work in teams only because that's how it is in the real world.  Not only is this a detriment to their self-esteem but it's also a detriment to their creativity skills.  Children who are introverts and are forced to work together are most likely not going to be proud of the finished result.  Why?  Because they have to work in a group of four or more and they have to get everyone's brains fixed on one thing.  There were three explanations for the failure of group brainstorming.

1. Social loafing- this is when people sit back and let others do the work.
2. Production blocking- this is when one person talks or produce an idea at once and others are forced to remain passive.
3. Evaluation apprehension- this is the fear of looking stupid in front of other peers.

We all have this in a group project at school.  I can personally relate to all of these whenever I'm forced to work in teams of more than three.  The one that stands out to me has to be the evaluation apprehension.  I have friends who have this stigma around looking stupid in front of people at our table.  I can totes understand why most group projects end up in a mess.  She explains that people's performances are much better when there is no one to watch, when there is no pressure on anyone.  It is said that people who work in open plan places are more likely to have high stress levels and high blood pressure.  Uh... I can understand why!  Teachers and business owners need to understand that some projects are better off doing it alone in the peace and quiet.  Working alone has its advantages.  It involves deep concentration and motivation whereas working in a group is distracting.  While working alone is dreamy she does suggest schools should practice cooperation in moderation and that they should practice it well.

Let's move on to experiments conducted by people to really get into the differences between introverts and extroverts.  There was a ton of information and I didn't write it all down.  So let's start with social experiments done by some people.  The first experiment was conducted by Anders Ericsson, he divided three groups at Music Academy in West Berlin.  One group was considered "best", second group is "good", and third group is learners.  Each group had the same requirements.  The two best groups spent their time in solitude practicing three and a half hours a day, 1.3 hours for the worst group.  The best achievers did better in solitude.  What does all this nonsense mean?  It means people generally work better alone.  Another study was with babies.  The study said that babies who were excited when seeing colorful stuff were high reactive babies and therefore it was predicted they were to be the quiet introverts.  It's vice versa for the low reactive babies.  The high reactive babies were said to be more sensitive to their surroundings and the low reactive were supposed to be unmoved.  There are differences between high and low reactive children.  The high reactive children were said think things thoroughly and to be more sensitive (hence the high reactive title).  There was another research with the infants that followed them up towards adolescence.  Although the conclusion is a bit shaky it still led a path towards some new pieces of information.

For the many of you who are drooling but made it this far in the post now I'm going to describe the introverts.  Introverts are said to prefer less stimulation (i.e reading a book, drawing, etc...).  They enjoy shutting themselves from the world to focus on work.  They are described to be quiet, intellectual, and at times thoughtful people.  Introverts are the type of people who think before acting.  They usually think about the outcomes and think things through a bit too much.  People think introverts "over think" only because that's how they are.  She also describes "reward sensitivity" in introverts.  This is when people would basically do anything for a reward.  Introverts were more likely to pay attention to warning signals.  A great example she provided was when the stock market crashed in 2008.  There were two types of people: the ones who took risk and the others who were smart about their money.  The ones who were smart about their money were introverts who weren't highly reward sensitive.  There was one part in the book that I must mention.  "...extroverts get better grades in elementary school while introverts get better grades in high school and college."

Extroverts are people who constantly need "buzz".  They need more stimulation and they prefer team building activities like communicating with others.  This is why extroverts might feel so exhausted when they're deprived from sleep.  They need arousing to function in the day.  She also states that extroverts have thicker skin.  They aren't as highly sensitive.  Now there was one alarming thing I read in one chapter.  She mentions that Al Gore presented Congress facts about global warming in the 70's.  Since Congress is mostly composed of extroverts, they didn't feel alarmed.  They needed more intense stimulation to grasp their attention.  That's kinda scary if you think about it.  They are also more likely to be "reward sensitive".  She says the stock market crashed mainly due to the extroverts who were major risk takers.

Is America becoming an extroverted country?  Absolutely!  We constantly force students to jump out and be a "leader".  While I was reading this I was confronted with numerous amounts of evidence that America is screaming for extroverted people.  We have these class inquiries at school where the whole class has to work together.  While I was reading this book we did one in history and there was like three leaders who took immediate control and left us introverts in the dust.  Another example was the slideshow on how to get into National Honors Society.  You had to demonstrate leadership to get in.  In a world where extroversion is more appreciated how can introverts possibly be leaders when they're quiet people?  Especially when you have to practically scream to get your voice heard?  Introverts are people who love the peace and quiet and don't love all the chaos that is "leadership".  Americans are some of the most extroverted people in the world and we only pay attention to that majority.  America doesn't care if you're an introvert, they want you to gain social skills that are necessary in life.  She even says that we have genetic limits no matter how we try to shape up our social skills.  That is my favorite part of the book.  It's also called the "rubber band theory".  We can only stretch ourselves to a certain extent but other than that we can't dive in to extroversion.  We tend to extroverts more because it's more acceptable but we ignore the introverts who struggle to have their voices heard.  We need to listen to introverts, they're filled with ideas and bright proposals but we abuse only because they aren't loud enough.  I don't want children to have to be forced to become someone they're not.  Schools, businesses, and society is heading towards extroversion.  I think we should really balance the two.  After all, extroverts need introverts to survive.  I strongly recommend this book because it had tons of information that I couldn't cover.  You can find it anywhere and I recommend this if you want to learn a more in depth coverage about introverts and extroverts.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Inspiration: Revisited

The last time I did this post was months ago.  This is going to be the updated version of my newly found inspiration.

Laci Green
Yes I'm still inspired by Laci!  Her videos have definitely given me a new light on my health and sexuality.  She's also someone with a deep passion for social justice!  I strongly recommend visiting her Youtube channel and website.  It gives off a lot of useful information, especially sexual health for any age.  Not only have I learned so much sexual health I've also gained an interest in social justice.  It's funny because I told some of my friends about her and they told me she was weird.  Come on, you have to laugh at that!  So yeah, if you believe the "cherry popping" thing is true, she debunks it... I seriously think she's better than the health book I had to read from this year in class.

Brittany Simon
She's a fascinating person to get an opinion from.  I love watching her videos because it makes me think.  I've had to take into consideration some of her topics she covered.  I totally recommend her as well, she has a unique way of looking at certain situations.  Whenever I watch her videos I usually think, "huh, I never thought of it that way.

Davey Wavey
The main reason I like visiting his website and watch his videos is because of his unique perspective of life. Although I don't really agree with his optimism of the world I do enjoy reading/watching it.  If you're having a bad day or if you're in a bad time in your life I think you should check him out.  Not only is he absolutely positive but I also love his sense of humor.  He's also a proud gay man who gives out wonderful advice and support for those in the LGBT community.

So those are the people who have lately inspired me to think a different way, taught me some things, or gave me a necessary laugh every once in a while.  I totally recommend everyone to check at least one of them out if you're interested.  I have the links on the left side of my blog and I have them on their names.  So go check them out!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This School (Rant #342345)

This has not been a fantastic week so please let me rant again.  I complain a lot about this school and for good reason.  There is so much gossip and drama here it isn't even funny.  My fourth hour in particular is the worst hour of the day.  It is filled with a bunch of irritating brats who just want to prove their toughness by starting drama.  I swear all you hear is, "so and so is talking crap about me".  Oh my gosh people so what?!  You have to react better, relying on your physical power is completely stupid.  If there is someone you are working with later in life are you going to be like, 'oh I'm this big bad tough person who's going to pound you to a pulp.'  No, because it doesn't work like that!  There is always going to be a person who won't like you and that's how it's gonna be in life.  And the hilarious part is, they don't try to desist the drama!  They continue it like it's some sort of hobby that's joyful and amazing!  And this school isn't only famous for the tremendous amount of drama but it's also known for the most annoying people I've ever met.  They will not shut up.  When someone tells you to shut up it means you should consider shutting up.  There is this one girl who also moved from Kansas and she agrees that this school is worse than her other one.  My gosh, either it's just me being pissy or this school really is beyond the stupidity level.  I swear, because of all this talking "crap" behind everyone's back there is like a million fights a day.  Ok I feel much better... I'm out.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Human Anatomy (Rant)

Let me just say that the human anatomy is nothing to be ashamed about.  Yet there are people (English teacher) who are just one of the many examples of people who shame the body.  We were watching Romeo and Juliet and there was a nudity scene that showed Romeo who was completely naked but it only showed the backside. And then there was Juliet who was completely covered until she got up and her breasts were shown for a brief second.  When Romeo got up and stretched the teacher was like, "ewww".  I was completely appalled!  Oh my gosh there was a freaking butt shown, big deal.  Everyone has a butt, get used to it!  And then he said to cover our eyes because Juliet was going to get up and there was going to be nudity.  What is this, third grade?  Number 1: I'm pretty sure all the people in that room have seen a naked body.  Number 2: It's the human body what is the big deal?!  He acts like he's in middle school where everyone turned away when a picture of boobs popped up.  Seriously, everyone else in the class reacted better than him.  Stop being so afraid of the human body, there is nothing bad about it.  Ya feelin me?  And to be honest the actors had pretty glamorous bodies.  How can anyone shame a body like that?  I find it humorous that he tells us to act like adults and yet he says "ewww" to a butt... he contradicted himself there.  Ugh it made me mad when he was making those comments... so I turned to my blog to rant about it!  Please don't be ashamed of human anatomy, there isn't anything wrong with it.

By the way, this post was supposed to be up by Wednesday and the post on my book was supposed to be today.  I think I'm going to make a video on it considering that there is so much to talk about that I can't fit it all in a post.  I tried typing it and I'm not articulating myself as good as I would've liked so I think a video is more appropriate.  It'll be up as soon as I have a chance to record, have an awesome day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A-Z Challenge Reflections

I'm really late on this but I've been pretty busy with things and today I totally forgot about the post on Friday.  This was my first year for participating in the A-Z Challenge and I must say I overall, enjoyed it.  I didn't get to read as many blogs as I would have liked to but I still found a ton of new blogs to follow!  I also gained a fair amount of new members which is awesome!  Thanks for all the follows peepz!  Now one thing I wished I could have done was take the time to make a post better.  There were quite a bit of posts that I didn't really try on.  Especially the K for Kumquats... that one was pretty lame, I must admit.  I also wish I did posts earlier and not on that last second... but overall I enjoyed some of the posts I made and I loved the challenge of posting everyday.  It was an enjoyable experience and I loved having the chance to share some stories about me and what I enjoy.  I also loved reading other people's themes and stories.  So yeah the A-Z Challenge was challenging but I survived.  I would hope to join next years challenge because there were some posts I would've loved to do!  So to wrap this post up I enjoyed this new experience.  It was a challenge but I prevailed and I'm proud of it!  I hope everyone else had a good A-Z Challenge as well!  Next post I'll be discussing my first book, The Horrors Within.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's human instinct to get pissed off with people and it's instinct to hold grudges.  Right now I'm dealing with a lot of people holding grudges from things that happened like five years ago.  Oh yeah it's that bad.  I'm not a huge fan of bringing past conflicts with people because there is no point.  It happened in the past.  Yet my family thinks they're so intelligent when they tell me all these things my family did to each other and blah blah blah.  Listen, I don't care what a person did five years ago.  If they're better people then I can live with that but if they still have a rotten attitude then see ya later.  And to be honest with you I really don't find any excuse for anyone to hold a grudge.  There was a documentary on a woman who survived Auschwitz and she forgave a doctor who performed horrible medical procedures on her family.  She forgave one of the worst criminals in history for killing her family.  I don't think anyone should hold a grudge considering someone can forgive a Nazi.  But I don't know, it could very well just be me who can't keep a grudge for over a year.  From my view, people aren't that amazing to stay angry at.  I mean, I have my life to live and I'm going to focus on that.  I'm not going to pout that this person did so and so to me seven years ago.  It isn't worth the energy and it only makes me a cranky person.  Sometimes things are so over-the-top pathetic that I want to tell my family to shush, open a bag of Chex Mix, and chill.  The world would be 2% better if we would let things go sometimes. Let goooooooooo... grudges that last for more than five years is silly and downright asinine.  I think I'm going to go play some Zelda to blow off some steam.  Mr. O... out!

I feel much better!  My next post will be my reflection on the A-Z Challenge.  I know I missed the reflections post but I'm still going to do.  Have a hunky dory day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Updates!

April is over and boy am I happy about it.  April was a busy month and May is looking pretty busy too.  As everyone knows May is the month school gets out so I'm absolutely excited!  There isn't much planned for this month only the end of the school year.  I will be taking a break from blogging, probably a week and a half to focus on school work.  I wish I could make this longer and waste your time even more but I have things to do and it isn't necessarily going to be fun.  Check back in about two weeks to see another blog post!  Cheers!