Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reality television

Oh the enjoyment of watching reality television.  You know, the fake entertainment.  Yes today I will discuss the horrors of reality television.  I'm going to be honest I despise reality shows with a passion.  There are many shows nowadays that are completely worthless and contribute nothing to society.  Shows like Kim Kardashian and her sister going places and doing absolutely nothing.  The real housewives that like to play high school all over again.  Or who could miss Jersey shore, the show that exposes people fighting and partying every day.  Do people really find these shows entertaining?  Not only are these shows fake but they show a lot of stereotypes.  For example: the real housewives expose women being these beauty queens who get whatever they want.  Men are seen as a-holes who cheat on their woman.  These stereotypes are pointless and only increase stereotypical statements.  One show that I cannot stand anymore is "Teen Moms".  Not only is that the most fake show out there but it makes teen girls think that getting pregnant will have no affect at all.  I also read an article saying the moms get paid every season.  Now you know where they get all the money to buy the houses or apartments.  They also over exaggerate the drama in shows like Kim Kardashian goes to whatever city.  Oh my gosh your sister just talked behind your back your life must be so hard.  Yeah your life must be so hard having lots of money and doing absolutely nothing that helps this world.  Come on people get a life, there are so many things to do than spending your day watching snookie get a tan.  I would love to cancel all these pointless shows.  I think life would be much more productive without these shows we call "entertainment".  Please no more of these shows, I absolutely don't care.  That's it for tonight, have an exquisite weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Whenever I hear about a teenager giving up his/her life because of bullying I question humanity.  Is this how we act towards each other?  The recent story I've heard is about a 14 year old boy named Jamey Rodemeyer who committed suicide because of bullying.  He made a video talking about how it gets better and people left some shocking comments.  They told him how he should just end it and how no one would care.  This was on a Formspring account.  It angers me whenever people say things like that and actually mean it.  What causes this hatred?  He also had a Youtube account and when I was looking on the comments it baffled me to see comments that still had hatred in them.  I mean what good does it do for the people bullying?  I'm always puzzled to why we have those people in this world.  It still surprises me that people will say harsh things to others they don't even know!  I really hope bullies learn something.  If not they will never learn.  Bullying is a form of foolishness.  Next time you try to tell someone they are better off dead, think twice.  

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Illegal Immigration

The last post that I did inspired me to talk about illegal immigration.  Whenever I read an article about immigration I check to see the comments and I must say nearly all of them oppose it.  It sickens me whenever I hear people talk about how Mexicans will take over America and blah blah blah.  Really?  Whoever said that must be crazy or something because that is complete blasphemy!  To my understanding people who cross the border want to better their lives.  Mexico is getting pretty violent and families would do anything to have a better opportunity in America.  You also have to understand that they want a better life for their children as well.  Of course some people want to be hard-headed and send every illegal back to Mexico.  So, let's look at how that is bad.  The first reason is that it will take a long time to organize this, yeah not a good idea.  The second reason is about the children, some are born in America and are considered citizens... what will you do with the children?  In my opinion I think that will be a very messy situation.  From watching the episode you also have to understand is that some people are forced to come here.  Telling someone to go back to where they came from is a horrible thing to say.  What if they came from nothing?  Not everyone has the same privileges as others.  Understand that people want to start a new chapter in their life and their only choice is to come to America.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and my next post will be about bullying.  Have a magnificent day!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

A lesson to be learned...

I was on Netflix surfing films and documentaries when I stumbled on a show called "30 Days".  What the show is basically about is putting a person in another person's shoes, in other words it is empathy.  The one I stumbled across was an episode called "Immigration".  The episode was about a legal immigrant from Cuba who opposes illegal immigration.  He says everyone must follow the law and that Americans should act now before the country is taken.  He has to live with a family of seven who have no papers.  The mother and father and oldest children are considered illegal while the youngest are legal since they were born in the United States.  The episode exposed the family's hardships and what they deal with everyday.  The father works as much as he can helping people for low income.  He earns what he can.  The mother earns money by recycling as much as she can.  Later in the episode there were some parts that really made me feel horrible.  In one scene the mother tells the guy she saves up money from the beginning of the year so she can buy gifts for Christmas.  This part made my eyes water because it wasn't much and she explains that she wants to give the children something of the money.  Another part I cringed was when the guy went to visit the husband's brother back in Mexico.  The brother lived with his mother and father and his family.  The living conditions were horrid, there were cockroaches on the wall and it was filthy.  The guy later learns that the husband was forced to go to America, even though he didn't want to.  The brother shows the guy to the house that they used to live in... it was the worst site I eve saw.  It wasn't even a house... there was hardly a roof.  Couple days later the guy and the husband were working in a yard.  The husband found this slimy lizard and told the guy to leave it alone and let it live its life.  He says something vital and it definitely made me think, this is the translation in English, "as a child our first reaction would be to kill the animal, when we grow older we learn that life is precious."  After watching this episode it made me realize that I take everything for granted.  After seeing the living conditions of this family, I was apolled.  How can people go through that?  No one deserves to live in those types of conditions.  Now that I think about it I must complain about a lot of things.  We complain that it is too cold or too hot, the house is too ugly, or that the basement is scary... small things that others would gladly take.  Next time we think about complaining about something small, remember that someone is living in worse conditions.  I'm glad I got to watch this episode, it made me re-think everything.  I hope you enjoyed this entry and next time I'll talk about immigration.  I hope you have a peaceful day!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Michele Bachmann

I would like to first say I apologize for being M.I.A!  These past few days have been busy and I have not had the chance to type an entry.  Things have finally settled down so I have time for a new blog post!

I'm not into politics or the government, in fact I hate it but Michele has been on the news recently and I'm starting to notice her.  Lets just get this out there, I'm not a fan of her.  Some of the things she says are ridiculous!  For one, I honestly do not want a president who can't back up their own opinions.  When she was asked about HPV vaccines, she said how it has dangerous side effects.  When she was asked by Jay Leno if it prevents cervical cancer, her response was that it could potentially have dangerous side effects.  Also, when asked about gay marriage her response is that she wants to help America and all that junk.  I seriously don't want a president who can't stand up for her own opinions...  If you have a statement or opinion, back it up with facts.  I'm not sure if she's the best president out there.  For one, she can't even defend her opinions or statements.  I'll rather have a president who is honest... hey I'm optimistic for that :P.  Anyways I apologize for not posting anything I'll try!!!  Have a groovy day!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teenagers dumb?

Couple months ago my sister bought a book called, The Dumbest Generation.  I went ahead and read some of it and I must say I got a little offended.  Basically what the guy talked about was America's test scores and how teenagers aren't reading anymore and blah blah blah.  Let's cut to the chase, are we really stupid?  Or do adults have higher expectations?  I must admit here and there I do think that some people at my school are a little frustrating when it comes to education, but calling this whole generation dumb is a little offending.  The author needs to realize that this isn't all of teenagers and basing that off some test scores are ridiculous.  We aren't as stupid as people think.  Science isn't my best subject, I take a test and fail... does that make me stupid?  Another thing is that there are some amazingly smart teenagers out there, I see a lot of trouble makers who are intelligent for their age.  Last thing, he also complains about kids with blogs... -_-.  He needs to look at the bigger picture and realize not all teenagers are 'stupid'.  Have a placid day!!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Alright today we will discuss abortion!  Abortion is such a touchy subject, so might as well get my opinion out there.  I believe that abortion is a woman's choice, no one else should interfere with that.  First let's talk about the phrase, "it's killing a human being!"  OK the baby hasn't developed into the form of a body.  It isn't really murder if it hasn't formed.  Some people say to just put it up for adoption.  Really?  You're going to have your baby and then just give it up for adoption?  I feel bad for that child, he/she wouldn't know their birthmother until quite some time.  Also, being in an adoption home doesn't sound so comforting to me.  There are many children in this world who don't have families, why increase the number?  There are some scenarios that happen.  Accidents happen, uneducated, and they might have been raped or assaulted.  Whenever I mention, "what if they got raped?" the first response is, "now that's a different situation."  uhhh not really.  If a woman wants to get an abortion it is her decision, not ours.  We have to remember that we don't live anyone else's lives, we live our own.  Women who get abortions don't turn into some witch, they still have the same personality.  Society shouldn't tell you what to do, you make your own decisions.  That is my personal opinion, everyone has their own.  Have a miraculous day!!!  My next blog entry will be a mystery....

Sunday, September 11, 2011


One decade ago the Twin Towers were attacked.  Hundreds of people lost their lives it is a day to remember.  Ten years ago I was 4 years old and I was never aware of it.  My mom never told me, nor did my sister who was in fourth grade.  I found out about this tragedy years later.  My sister however does remember and she told me the story.  This day holds a lot of pain for some, others they couldn't care less.  I think we should take a moment for those who passed away, as well as the families who lost someone.  It may have been a long time ago but the scars are still there.  Not only for those who died in the Twin Towers but those in the plane crash in Pennsylvania, for they made a heroic move to overthrow the terrorist.  Hopefully everyone is doing good, see you for my next entry.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Proposition 8

If you don't already know Prop 8 is this bill or whatever to make gay marriage in California illegal.  Yup I said illegal.  Now my very first blog post was on gay marriage but I'm going to add on, sort of like a part 2.  So far I heard all sorts of things about protecting traditional marriage.  Really?  Last time I checked marriage isn't just supposed to be about a man and a woman.  It's so much more than that and I get a little agitated whenever I hear that.  Marriage is love, how can we separate love just for beliefs?  It bothers me how they arranged this just on personal issues rather than rights.  Oh yeah you're going to organize this thing just because you don't support gay marriage?  Unless you have a logical answer I don't think you should interfere with anyone's life.  While typing this I found a website that talks about saving "traditional" marriage and how it says you can vote yes.  I researched this site and found one document on there that was labeled as, "Myths and Facts".  Being the curious person that I am I go ahead and read what they have to say.  While reading I got just a tad bit angry.  They have these subtitles that say the myths and have a paragraph or two about their "facts".  Let me just say that these make no sense whatsoever.  The first one says it does not discriminate against gays, it simply restores the meaning of marriage.... What meaning are they talk about?!  The meaning of marriage is compassion, support, love, and lots more that I don't know!  It's not simply based on a man and a woman, that is a poor reason.  They also talk about how it causes confusion in children.  Of course it does!  Children don't know marriage and at that age it is perfect to teach them that everyone should be allowed to marry.  Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love.  Say no to Prop 8, this bill is blasphemy and it will only cause more problems.  That's all for tonight and tomorrow I'll be talking about 9/11.  Have a divine day!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011


Before I get into todays entry I wanted to say that I'm so glad for the weekend!  I've never been happier to just sit in peace without worrying about homework and such.  I have a lot of entries planned and I'm ready to start blogging again!

In society today religion is starting to become in the way of everything.  No one can do anything without someone referring to the Bible.  I have no problem with religion but there are some things that I question.

1. Who is the leader of the church?
Whenever I see a video on Youtube about some person protesting about gay marriage I always question, "who is the person responsible?"  There are a lot of people taking the Bible literally, and I mean they are nitpicking every single thing they can use to their advantage. 

2. The No Factor.
Oh gosh this has to be the worst one.  I see a lot of people saying things like, "oh you can't eat animals or oh you can't shave!"  Really?  The Bible was written centuries ago.  Society in those ages were way different than they are now.

3. False Prophets.
Everyone's heard about May 21 right?  This is something else that's seriously just irritating me, I can't go search up something on the internet without seeing these stupid 'God warned us in 2009'.  These people are taking everything literally!  I mean what is the purpose in putting up those false advertisements? 

4. Which religion?
The one religion that's causing the most controversy is Christianity.  Again, I have no issue with religion but I have issues with people shoving their religion down someone's throat.  I mean come on I have my own beliefs and you have to respect that.  According to them if we aren't Christian we don't go to heaven.  Guess how many times I heard that?

OK so this is more of a strong feeling towards religion.  I am sort of Catholic, I do believe in God but the Bible is a little eh.  I just think people need to live life, I think religion is suffocating.  Anyways that's all for tonight!  Tomorrow I'll be talking about Prop 8.  Have a calming day!!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Small Hiatus

Alright so these past few days I've been unlucky with topics to cover.  I like to be inspired when I type an entry... no luck has hit me.  So I'm taking a small hiatus, only for a week.  Well number one reason is the fact that the next week will be extremely busy.  Debate and science will definitely get me stressed out.  Another reason is because I haven't been hit with a great topic to blog about, a week should be good enough for me.  I will be back to blog on Friday to start my normal routine.  Hopefully everyone understands, I might be able to write something on Sunday but only if it's worth it.  Have a comforting weekend!!!