Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obsessed With Dreams

Sooo this is pretty random but for the lack of anything to talk about I want to talk more about dreams.  I made a post about dreams in the A-Z Challenge but let's have a discussion!  Recently I've been getting in the habit of starting to record my dreams again.  OK so have any of you like had a dream that was based off an action movie?  Like the dream itself was the action movie.  I have this one dream where it was like this total action packed dream that would make for an awesome action movie.  I don't think I ever wrote it down but I vividly remember it.  I was at this factory or whatever and there was this huge spider and I was all pumped and running away from it and the bad guys that were chasing us.  I had companions but they were somewhere else and I had a knife thing and I threw it and it died.  Then the building came crashing down and I ran for my life.  It doesn't sound so exciting but there is no way to grasp another person's dream.  What about those dreams where things are so relaxing it's indescribable.  The dreams I have that are related to that are so peaceful that I wish I was stuck there for a longer period of time.  I love those dreams because when I wake up I feel at ease.  Nightmares are something we don't like but to me I love nightmares.  It sends a message subconsciously that is urging me to pay attention.  I guess the last nightmare I can remember was when my sister and I were supposed to die because of the last Harry Potter book.  I consider it a nightmare because it was weird knowing you had to die.  Anyways this post is getting long but lord I love dreams so much.  I haven't had much time to translate them but I'm sure I will one day.  I should get to bed because I want to dream another dream... hopefully I remember it!  I guess the moral of this long and pointless post is to pay attention to your dreams.  They send a useful message AND it's fun remembering your dream when you're awake.  I feel the best dreams are the ones that I can remember months after the dream occurred.  I can go on about this but this post is long.  I think my next post will be a part in the book I was supposed to talk about (darn me)!  Just so I can change things up a bit.  Farewell my children, I bid you a good day.

EDIT: This post was supposed to be up on Monday but since I had no internet I'll just post it today and keep with the schedule.

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  1. I dream every night, and I remember every single one of them, its good but annoying at time because during action pack dreams like yours I just feel so exhausted after I wake up XD

    I also have dreams that actually happen during the future or later on. Some are just small things like taking a math test, walking up the stairs, I just have all those huge deja vue sense its...its something.

    take care