Friday, March 30, 2012

April Updates!!!

I'm going to make this short, sweet, and to the point.  April is going to be the A-Z Challenge and I decided to participate just so my blog isn't always so sullen and serious!  My theme will be more about myself, memories, or just random things that come up in my mind.  Doesn't sound super exciting but I'll make it interesting.  I'll be starting on Sunday and I'll be blogging every day except on Sundays after that.  The posts will be short just so it won't be one big blob of letters.  That's all I'll be doing in April even though I had so many posts planned out!  I'm all ready to go, have all letters planned out now it's just a matter of making the posts short.  I'll see you on Sunday starting with the letter A!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grasp Femininity!

Men don't want to show their inner feminine side.  I mean why should they?  They were taught that lesson at a prepubescent age haven't they?  They know that masculinity is the road to g... yeah bull crap!  I believe men should show their inner femininity!  And yet there isn't a way to express it without the social boundaries!  Men's fashion is a dud, in my opinion I think women's fashion is 10x better than men's.  There's more color and more pizzazz... but men's is gray and bleh.  There is a wide selection of feminine products only intended for women and yet for guys it's like a train wreck!  But before we get ahead of ourselves we have to look around us.  How many guys have you seen reject femininity?  Being a male I often crack under the pressure of masculinity, the constant pressure of rejection from others.  If I even do one thing that steps outside the boy box then it's unnatural and immoral.  America has split people into two categories: male and female.  Well what if I don't want to follow those rules?  What if I want to do something feminine like change my fashion?  But generation after generation we are passing these teachings to ensure that no man goes down the path of pink and fabulousness.  Nope!  We want to ensure men that they go down the path of blue and toughness.  Ok society I have one thing to tell you.  F**** off my self expression!  I'm a human, just because I have a certain body part should never mean I should feel ashamed of my feminine characteristics!  Gosh stop taking away my personal freedom!  I have one more thing to say.. GRASP FEMININITY!

Monday, March 26, 2012

My Fitness Milestone

I've struggled with weight issues as long as I can remember!  I've always been chubby when I was younger and it was interesting considering I was pretty active.  Once I got older I started to thin out a bit but still not satisfied with how I perceive myself in the mirror.  Every year I have the "plan" to start getting in shape and getting healthier.  Of course I plateau and start right back to the beginning.  Last year wasn't the best time in terms of fitness and health.  Around this time I weighed about 146 and not completely content with my image.  I look back at my pictures from the yearbook and dang I looked pretty chubby.  In the summer I tried to maintain a fitness schedule and I was doing great but.. school started and I went back down to the bottom :/.  In December before the new year I told myself that I had to become healthier.  Right now at this particular moment I weigh about 130 and I feel much better.  I eliminated soda and fast food from my diet and added in some more fruit and loads of water!  I've been walking to and from school and walking in the evenings which add up to 5 miles which makes a huge difference for me.  I dropped 3 waist sizes thingies and it doesn't sound like a lot but I feel accomplished!  Trust me this wasn't an overnight inspiration, I'm those types of people who get super pumped and then the next day I have no inspiration to continue.  When I look at myself in the mirror now I don't feel ashamed and angry... I feel inspired and ready to continue striving for an even healthier me.  I mostly used trial and error and it worked out swell.  I can go on and on about this but unfortunately I don't have anymore time SO I'll catch ya'll later!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Endless Possibilities

The thought that keeps reentering my mind is the endless possibilities we could or could have lived.  At the moment of death we have lived only one life and only one path.  Yet I can't help but think, couldn't we have lived a vast number of lives?  What if we didn't talk to that one good friend?  What if I didn't eat my breakfast on August 9, 2004?  Would that have an affect on my life later on?  It makes me very curious to think that if I chose that decision it could have possibly had an impact on how I would be.  We could have lived millions of other lives and yet we could only experience one life.  When I think about it more and more I start wondering if my life could have been different.  I have such high fascination for this, let me know your thoughts on this!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

People Aren't Unique: part 2

I'm finally finishing this two part thing.  Let's see if I can explain it a bit more this time!  What I meant by not unique are the people who love to be in groups all the time and they stick to it.  Individuality is dying because we all need to fit into a group.  Correct?  We keep up with crowd and if we slip away then those people are considered "weird."  A good example has to be Lady Gaga!  She is completely different and unique in expressing herself and people call her crazy.  I respect her far more than a generic singer.  Now I did say people are unique to a certain extent and I'll explain that now.  Although I believe people are the same I can't help but think that everyone has their own thoughts and interests.  People fascinate me.  How their brain works and what they think are one unique quality.  We all have different thoughts different dreams and I can't help but wonder how the brain works for each individual.  That's what makes me realize that we are in fact unique in our own way.  We all have a grand amount of capacity in our brains but sometimes people just don't want to use them!  In conclusion, I don't believe people are big on individuality so they tend to stick to groups.  That's what makes people normal and dull.  Yet at the same time we all have our own interests and thought process so we are unique in that way.  Have a lavishing day peoplez!

Monday, March 19, 2012

P.E Gender Expectations

I'll do the part 2 of People Aren't Unique on Wednesday so please forgive me!!  I wanted to make this post as soon as I could because I've noticed a lot of gender stuff from P.E.  I like P.E in the sense that it gets me a good exercise but being a male there is a lot expecting from me.  For example we ran the mile two weeks ago and there was a big gap concerning time.  For the girls they had to run the mile in 10 minutes and guess what the time was for guys?  7 minutes!  Just because I'm a guy you expect me to be athletic enough?  Another example is push-ups and sit-ups.  Push-ups: guys=20 girls=10.  Sit-ups: guys=50 girls=30.  Once you get older you see a significant change in expectations for both men and women.  Now does that seem fair that the expectations of men have to be higher than women?  Why can't we average it out for everyone?  Both male and female have the same expectations and no one feels bad when they don't make the high standards set up by this ridiculous P.E crap.  The only times I see guys actually meeting the standards are the fit athletic ones.  Guess what?!  I'm not very athletic!  The fastest time I ran the mile was 7:48 and that was with track.  I find it unfair that I try my hardest and so does many others but they are always short of meeting the recommendation. It really does piss me off that we have to go by gender role stereotypes.  Ugh.... ok end of rant.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dubstep Isn't a Musical Revolution

Oh geezus I can't seem to understand why many people like that type of "music."  Pretty funny because I told my sister why she listens to that and she tells me I have no taste in music.  Bah!  Are you serious!?  What happened to actual lyrics and an actual beat?!  Dubstep and all the other creators who are similar do not have real talent in my opinion.  It doesn't involve a lot of skill to put together a song.  I think that music is a mixture of obnoxious beats that are out of sync.  That's it.  If this is the future of music then please save me.  It's just a complete failure of the imagination and creativity isn't much better either.  And no it isn't because I don't like trying anything new it's because this music is just... how can I say this... annoying.  What happened to real instruments with real talent?!  Instead we got computerized beats that will make your ears bleed and your tear ducts run out of tears because it's just so dang fowl.  That's all I have from this angry rant.  Have a fastidious Friday?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

People Aren't Unique: part 1

There are two separate meanings of special and unique.  When someone tells me another person is special I can't help but wonder if they have some sort of ability.  Now we've been told everyone is unique in their own way but I beg to differ.  We are unique to an extent but let me explain why we aren't as unique as we think we are.  Every human being has skin and skeletons with facial features.  Ok so our anatomy is the same, can you explain a bit more?  Of course I will!  I don't consider teenagers or adults unique because there aren't many people who stand out.  We all follow the system and therefore following the crowd.  When you go with the crowd I have to say I respect you just a teensy bit less than someone who speaks out and goes the opposite way.  It's a hoard of same thinkers and individualism is depleting.  Everyone loves to hang in groups and whenever someone says something the rest of the pack has to agree on it.  What's so unique if all minds work the same?  What's so unique if we have the same p.o.v?  It's frustrating to see people keeping to their little box and not expanding the capability of their brains.  Yet when someone does act differently we label them as "weird" or "abnormal".  Most the people in my grade call me weird but I find that to be the biggest compliment!  Who would want to be normal and in-line?!  I would enjoy seeing people go against the crowd and not be ashamed of it.  This post probably didn't make any sense because my mind was in 23908934908 places so I'll make a part 2 explaining more and why we are unique.  

Monday, March 12, 2012

Stop and Take a Break

America is known for being one of the most productive and busiest countries in the world.  With an average of 40 or more hours a week at work I think we need to stop and take a break.  Living with such busy lives we never get the chance to admire what the world offers.  Whenever I get the chance to relax I seclude myself from others to return to sanity.  The best spot to regain my energy is by going outside.  Whether it's sunny or cloudy, the outside world rejuvenates me.  I would like to think people would be at ease if they would go outside to walk or sit and close their eyes.  Turn the music off.  Turn the television off.  Get your butt up and walk yourself to the door and smile at what Earth has to offer.  If you're a student that has homework there are two options: take the homework with you or ignore it!  Now I'm not saying to never do your homework but I think taking it outside with you is a brilliant idea.  But if you're lazy then there is the option of opening the window.  What's better than to feel the fresh air?!  Here I am on my bed with my window open... listening to the birds whistling a fine tune with no disturbances.  For a maximized experience go outside or open the window during/after it rains.  The smell of petrichor is orgasmic.  If heaven is real... this is how it would be.  Want to know the best part?  It's completely free.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Content, Not Happy

I'm content, right now I guarantee you're not happy.  Happy for me means high levels of joy and giggly moments.  Content means normal, nothing bad is happening but nothing fantastic is happening either.  Now for the people who say they want to be happy the rest of their lives... why?  When I'm happy I'm in that state of mind and I enjoy it even more.  If you're always happy then what's life worth if you only want to feel one emotion?  Being happy 24/7 will start to decline and it would be hard to grasp those moments of feeling euphoric.  One of my good friends told me that being content doesn't make you disappointed when things don't necessarily go your way.  I feel better being content, I'm not constantly looking for that feeling of joy.  If I am happy I will dive into that emotion and the experience is memorable.  I wouldn't want to be happy for the rest of my life.  I would rather experience all emotions instead of just one emotion that will inevitably fade away.  Happiness should always have the warm fuzzy feeling inside of us and we should take it by the reigns while we can.  Have a rocking weekend!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Celebrating 100 Posts with 100 Facts!!!!

It's time for my 100th post special!!!!!!  Yes my special is sharing 100 facts about me!  Just so I'm not a complete stranger :P.  Enjoy!!

100 Facts!
100. I hate pickles!  Had a bad experience with them in 1st grade!
99. My favorite color is yellow!
98. I use to be a Catholic for quite some time.
97. I don't like sports at all!
96. I hate the phrase "no homo".
95. I'm an honest person... if you want me to be.
94. I'm an introvert!
93. I'm Hispanic (both parents born from Mexico but I was born in the U.S).
92. The German language fascinates me!
91. I despise mythology!
90. The picture I have set right now has my bird in it.
89. The bird's name was Gordini and died a year and a half ago *sad face*.
88. I've moved 4 times in the past 3 or 4 years.
87. The Kansas mascot were the Buffaloes.
86. The Illinois mascot were the Trojans.
85. The Nebraska mascot were the Bears.
84. The Kansas mascot (different town) were the Mustangs.
83. The Iowa mascots are the Kings and Queens.
82. I went to a Catholic school up until 6th grade.
81. I have one sister who is 19.
80. Whenever we have a project in school I tend to be over ambitious.
79. Being normal is soooo bland!
78. I love chocolate so much I can bathe in it!
77. It's hard to make me laugh.
76. I love watching Top Chef when I eat... don't know why.
75. My mom was going to name me Daniel.
74. I want to legally change my name.
73. I would love a tattoo of the sun and moon!
72. I don't like small, crowded areas!
71. I am very opinionated (obviously).
70. I want to be a psychologist one day!
69. (teehee) My least favorite class is P.E.
68. My favorite class is history.
67. I have no middle name.
66. I don't sound as serious in real life!
65. I like being silly at times!
64. I use to (still do) play with pencils and pens.
63. I would give them names.
62. At one point I wanted to become an actor
61. I also wanted to become a chef
60. My favorite food has to be enchiladas!
59. I don't like sports so don't ask me about my favorite teams.
58. I love filling out surveys!
57. I like to pretend I'm doing Youtube videos when I'm really talking to myself.
56. Did I mention I love to talk to myself all the time?!
55. I was a huge tattle-tale in kindergarten!
54. I joined basketball in 6th grade.
53. Totally sucked at it.
52. I love track even though I'm not very good at it.
51. I'm quite dangerous when it comes to sports.
50. I'm really not athletic.
49. I puked in church one time... interesting experience.
48. I love listening to Latin music, Classical, and the occasional trashy Pop.
47. I will never listen to Country, Hip-Hop, or Rap!
46. My lucky number is 8!
45. I went to the state spelling bee twice!
44. I love amusement parks!
43. I freaking love wooded areas!
42. I'm a little egotistical at times.
41. I love the smell of coffee.
40. Hate the smell of cigarettes!
39. I lose interest too easily.
38. No one can cut my hair right!
37. I joined soccer in 3rd grade.
36. I did live in Texas for 2 months in the beginning of 3rd grade.
35. I'm over sensitive at times.
34. I use to pretend I was in scary movies and I would act out as all the characters including the monsters.
33. I wear glasses!
32. I enjoy playing video games.
31. My favorite game of all time is Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition Remix
30. My favorite vegetable are bell peppers!
29. My favorite season is spring!
28. I can be a nuisance at times.
27. I use to take piano lessons... then we moved.
26. I like long walks on the beach (just kidding.. so cliche).
25. I do like to dress nicely!
24. I don't watch t.v.. Top Chef is an exception.
23. No one says my last name correctly.
22. No one can spell my first name correctly!
21. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
20. I have 3 messy leopard geckos! 
19. I plan to do a juice feasting soon.
18. I wear my emotions pretty easily so if I don't like you trust me you'll know.
17. I procrastinate too much!
16. I almost fell asleep.
15. That's how old I am!
14. I tend to ignore people who ask me things.
13. I don't socialize that much!
12. I hate yogurt!
11. Sexuality isn't an embarrassing topic for me.
10. I'm an independent thinker.
9. I like to continue to question things around me.
8. My guilty pleasure has to be watching Mean Girls!
7. I laugh at the most inappropriate times... oops.
6. I hate tomato soup!  Blegh!
5. I'm near-sighted.
4. I love cooking... hate washing dishes.
3. When I say "no" I usually change my mind in 3 minutes.
2. I love travelling at night!
1. I think being called abnormal is the best compliment ever!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Mind Games

I can't stand mind games.  I'm thinking of ones who say they're ok when in all reality they are screaming for someone to help them.  Or the ones who pretend to smile and I go along with it like a fool.  OR the ones who pretend to be nice to you when in all actuality they can't stand you.  Eek!  I despise that!  But we have all played these games at least once in our lives so.. yeah.  It frustrates me when I'm talking to a good friend and I can sense that something is bothering them and they say they're "ok."  Alright I'm here to listen if you need to let it out.  If you tell me you don't want to talk about it that's fine, your personal reasons.  But please don't pretend to be happy and frolicking when you're in sorrow.  It makes me believe that you really are content and pleased with life!  If you're in a gloomy mood then there is nothing wrong to express that gloominess!  It bewilders me when you're in sorrow and you want to magically change your mood to content.  Don't get me started on those backstabbing people you are nice to you but behind your back they're as rotten as month old eggs.  Do you get some sort of entertainment out of it?  If you don't like me that's fine with me but do NOT convince me we're friends by acting friendly towards me.  I can go on but that's a whole different post about a whole different topic that will be covered a whole different day.  Stop playing mind games.  It's frustrating for me to know you hide your feelings.  How can I really know what you're feeling if you keep lying?  I have ears (or eyes) and I'll use them effectively.  Enjoy your delightful Monday!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Racist Jokes

Do I enjoy them?  No.  Do I tolerate them?  No.  Are they funny?  No.  Do they annoy me?  Heck yes.  In my school I have a lot of those jerkwads who love to make racist jokes every five minutes.  I'm not even lying, every joke they say is pretty racist.  On Thursday we did a project in science and there was this one kid who kept poking fun at this one girl because she was Iranian.  We were making baking powder/soda/whatever "bombs".  It really wasn't a bomb just that typical experiment in a bag.  They kept saying how she should be good at this and how this isn't new to her and how she does this all the time.  Now they mentioned this throughout the whole hour of class!  Oh my gosh I was going to rip my hair out!  And then a teacher came and one kid said, "isn't this awkward that she's Iranian and making this?"  The teacher said, "isn't that a little racist?"  Of course the child didn't see it that way!  He said a simple "no."  I've been hearing many racist jokes ever since I've moved here.  And people laugh at it like it's the most comical thing in the entire planet.  Of course people's excuses are, "oh I'm just joking!"  How far can we stretch that phrase?  Will we be in 2019 punching each other in the face saying, "oh I'm only joking!"  I am quite horrified to think that these types of jokes, along with rape jokes are classified as "funny".  I lose a sliver of hope in the world every time I hear these "jokes".  There are an immense load of things to laugh at but of course we have to think in the realm of rude and obnoxious.   

Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Madness Update!

I'm back blogging again and I have a couple of things to share.  I left for a week and a half to think things through and I've come up with many things for the month of March.  Now before I get into anything else, have I learned anything while I was gone?  Yes!  I came to the conclusion that you really can't trust anyone but the ones who are actually close to you.  And yes I do mean friends.  I believe that the only friends I really need are the ones who actually know me.  It's best to be independent especially when many around you are manipulative and backstabbing.  So I've kept quiet and I feel it's working out pretty good actually.  My first blog update is to change the schedule of my posts.  I'm only going to do 3 a week.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I decided that on Fridays I'll do Project Toasty.  March won't be filled with many rants about the world but rather what's been on my mind.  I've been wanting to do this and March is the perfect month to do so!  Some will be funny (hopefully), some will get you thinking, and some will be a little bit depressing.  Sounds like a plan!  I want to change the design of my blog to something else; although I do like the design of it right now.  Just needs to be a fresh new start.  I've been reading past posts and I'll be honest with you I really am ashamed by some of the things I put out.  The February theme was a complete bust and I'm not proud of it by any means.  I don't see the point in deleting them I mean I already put it out there.  I want to look back and think, "wow I was like that?"  So.... yeah nothing much to say.  I will still attempt the 100th post special!  I think the next post I will post will be on Saturday.  I will start the new schedule next week!  So I'm going to work on changing the design and you work on something else.  Got it?  Coolness.