Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zoos

I think it's safe to say that most of us have some memories with the zoo.  Either it's funny memories or really sour memories that we do not wish to share!  But with me I remember going to the zoo most Sundays with my family after lunch.  Even though we were frequent visitors I couldn't get enough of the zoo!  During the summer we usually brought our bikes and we would ride on the sidewalks and stop by each exhibit.  It's a memory that I will never ever let go.  Although a zoo was entertaining as a child I can't stand going to them now.  They depress me and I just can't stand to go to one anymore.  I should probably grow a backbone BUT that's just how I am.  How do you feel about zoos?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Yellow

Yellow is my favorite color.... that's all I can think of for this post.  OK this is another letter that failed me and I really can't think of anything else to say.  Monday is the last day of the A-Z Challenge!  I can't believe it's the end of April!  OH and I'm almost done with my book!  So yeah... hmm nothing else to type.  I guess I'll just go and listen to Reik.  Laterz.

Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for X-Men

I love the old X-Men shows they had.  The series began in 1992 and ran through 1996.  I enjoy watching them on Netflix, seeing as how these were sort of better than the modern movies.  I liked the first few seasons but the last season of this show was the worst!  It wasn't exciting or mind blowing it was just eh.  I remember we had the first episode on VHS tape... ahh when I found the first episode on Netflix I screamed like a little girl when she sees Justin Bieber.  It's one of the best t.v shows I'll ever watch.  The comic look to it was a nice touch.  I can get more in depth with it but I have to finish writing.  Oh my gosh this A-Z thing is almost over!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Wolfe

This is the name I plan to change it to.  Wolfe.  Ever since I heard this name I've been obsessed with it.  It just sounds cool to be called Wolfe!  Now the reasons to why I want to change my name are a bit eh.  The first reason is people don't know how to spell it!  It bugs me to constantly have to correct them, it's "f" not "ph"!  Another reason is people have really destroyed my confidence with my name.  I'm not gonna lie the things they say are bit rude.  For most people throughout my life they associated my name with Adolf Hitler.  They would joke around calling me Hitler and it wasn't once or twice its been all throughout my life.  At first I let it slide but then once you hear something repeatedly it takes its toll on you.  The last reason to why I want to change my name is because of Social Security reasons.  My mom told me they kept sending the check or whatever to my dad instead of me.  Changing my name would help with the confusion they have going on.  I mean even my mom thinks I should change my name!  So yeah this post is rushed because I still have to work on a project I've been on for the past 3 mother effing hours!!!!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vanilla

Is there such thing as vanilla people?  People who go with the flow and everything they talk about has already been heard before, very generic people.  I would like to think that each person is unique mentally.  I say mentally because if you expressed yourself physically then you would be shunned for being yourself.  Does it make sense?  No, but hey one day we'll learn.  There are times where I just think to myself, 'wow that person is very generic and unoriginal.'  There isn't anything unique or interesting about that person that makes me want to jump up and down and appreciate their unique spin on things.  For some reason I keep thinking about a teacher that I have.  He isn't horrible it's just he's very vanilla.  Plain and simple.  I'm one to complicate things and make it intricate, sometimes it's too intricate.  It's like vanilla ice cream.  It's plain and boring but once you add the M&M's, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce then it becomes exciting!  We need to add the M&M's, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce to our life and make it explosive.  But is living a vanilla life really not that bad?  Is it just me who is used to ambitious thinking?  This is one thing I think about way too much.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Um...

Yes I know I've been bad at posting but this month has been a mess!  Ok so... um... yeah I have nothing.  Today was supposed to be about uncompleted thoughts and then I found out it wasn't a real word!  I guess I'll continue with that post just with a horrible title.  Here are the list of blog posts that I originally planned to talk about but it backfired and failed.

Failed posts

  1. Popularity
  2. Cornell Notes
  3. Pet Peeves
  4. Pet Peeves (Hallway Edition)
  5. Mythology Rant

T is for Tree house

Although I love trees I had a bad experience with a tree house when I was smaller.  I was at a friend's house and I was on top of a fairly tall tree and we were messing around.  We were in the tree house and it was an open one, which meant there was no walls.  So we were running around like morons and little did I know I would take a great tumble down the tree.  I think one guy accidentally pushed me off and I fell on my knees.  Did it hurt?  I think.  Did I cry?  Most likely.  When I look back it's pretty funny.  Boy was I not the brightest child.. I mean seriously who runs around in a tree house with no walls?!  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Spelling Bee

Spelling bees have been my most favorite competition ever!  I remember in first grade when I first started spelling bees.  It was quite embarrassing actually because I misspelled the word "pull"...  I spelled it "pool".  One of the things that was also ridiculing was the spelling bee in 4th grade.  I made it to the county bee and I got out on the first round!  I misspelled "recipe"!  How pathetic is that!?  When I look back at it it's pretty funny but at the time it was horrible.  Then in 5th grade I reached a huge milestone.  I did go to the county bee and I won!  It was total redemption from the last bee!  A couple of weeks later I went to the state bee and that... well I didn't do too hot.  I passed the first round with "nightingale" and then the second round sucked, I misspelled "morgue".  The next few years were absolutely suckish because I didn't make it to state.  And then eighth grade arrived and it was the last year I was eligible to compete.  My initial goal was to make it to the national bee and I would be content.  To make a long story short I didn't make it.  I misspelled "satori" and thus ending my spelling bee competition.  But on the bright side I made it to the third round!  That's my story with the spelling bee, from 1st grade all the way to 8th grade.  So yeah... my spelling bee journey was a mixture of heartbreaking losses and glorifying victories.   I must hear your spelling bee stories!

Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Rain

The rain soothes my mind.  Whenever I hear the soft patter against my window, I'm at ease.  It's somewhat comforting to hear a loud storm outside.  Hearing the rain plunging down from the sky takes me to Cloud 7.  There are times where all I want to do is just go outside while it's raining and run.  Getting completely drenched in water sounds tremendously fun and care-free.  I remember a time in Texas where I was at a birthday party and it began to rain.  I was with other children and we were outside in the rain having a blast.  I truly "love" those days where I can go outside in the rain and it will result in no punishment from parents.  It's sort of like the rain is a substance to which I can get high but I'm not addicted to it because I can't get it everyday.  Ahh life's simple pleasures...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Quiet

People think I'm quiet.  Teachers think I'm oh so quiet and innocent but... if only they knew how loud I actually am!  I find it humorous how teachers think I'm this innocent and quiet kid who has a halo around his head.  Yeah... no.  Outside of school I love talking and I love discussing opinions and certain issues.  I'm not quiet and I will never be.  Even though I do love the peace and quiet I do enjoy talking... but only to one or two people other than that I'm more of a listener.  I can't stand talking to a group of eight people... that's too scary for me.  OK this post was bleh because I'm feeling bleh and that feeling is too bleh. OH and by the way I'm reading a book called Quiet and it talks about introverts.  Once I'm finished with it I'll make a post talking about the book!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Pictures

If you ever see me with a camera... run.  Wanna know why?  Of course you do. I love taking silly pictures!  It isn't necessarily fun for my sister and mom (I usually take surprise pictures of them).  I have a whole load of pictures that are absolutely silly and should never be taken seriously.  I'm not a huge fan of those people who strive for professional profile pictures on Facebook or something.  Make it fun!  Those pictures are like so totally lame-o.  Another thing I love about cameras has to be videos!  So many memories by just hitting the record button.  The camera shouldn't be fake smiles of a group picture, it should be fun! When I look back at a video and actually laugh... that's a video I will always keep.  Not some cheesy family video with no one doing anything.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Oz

I FINALLY GOT A POST DONE ON TIME!!!!  You might be wondering what the heck is Oz.  No it isn't the Wizard of Oz but it is one character's name from the book I'm writing.  I'll talk more about the book later but you can enjoy one character.  Oz is a nine year old boy who reflects me when I was nine.  He's silly at times and he has only one friend.  His one friend is a mute and she's about the same age as him.  He lives with his parents who are rarely home (I don't mention his parents in the book).  His names means "strength" and it's a male Jewish name.  I mean it could be a unisex name but it depends on the person.  This character sort of reminds me of... me as I stated earlier.  His imagination was not concealed in a cage; he could let it go whenever he pleased.  He's also the little girl's only friend as well.  He saw how lonely she was, mostly because her family paid no attention to her at all.  And that concludes one of many characters in my book!  I hope you enjoyed!

Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Name Calling

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when people call each other names like sluts and whores.  I mean I find it funny that most the times people call each other these names for the lack of a better name.  When someone has to resort to any of those names I'll be honest, I consider you uneducated and weak minded.  The best way to insult someone is by calling them that?  Yeah there are plenty of ways to insult someone but please don't call someone that unless you really know what it means.  Most the time I get absolutely tired of girls calling each other that when they really don't even know what it means!  I remember one of my friends called this girl a cunt (omgz bad word) and I asked them if they knew what it meant.  Guess what?!  They didn't!  Know the words you use to insult someone or then it makes you look like the fool.  OH and I find it hilarious how some teens think that cussing is the best insult.  Yeah... heck no.  When you call me every word in the naughty dictionary I can't help but smile!  Sadly I used to be that person who called another person a slut and I thought cussing was the best way to win a fight because that's what the kool kids did.  I hope I made my point across in this rant!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Memories

This is probably another generic title but I figured why not go for it :P.  We all have memories that will stick with us until the end.  Good or bad, they will be apart of us.  One of the memories I miss the most has to be living in my hometown.  That was the time in my life where things were innocent and calm.  Now don't get me wrong things happened but when I think about it, overall things were mellow.  I was a strange child, according to my father.  And when I look back.. I completely agree.  I would often play outside on the trampoline with myself.  I would pretend I was in some sort of movie and I would act out all the characters.  Sometimes I even pretended I was in track and I would do the high jump.. because in the trampoline... anything is possible.  And how could I forget my stuffed animals!  It was funny because I imagined they were characters in a movie as well.  I would pretend they were in an action film packed with dramatic scenes.  Or I would play school with them.  I have no idea why I'm even sharing this in the first place because it sounds awkward!  Alright the last thing I mostly did when I was smaller was playing with pencils and pens.  And yes I would give them names and pretend they were in reality t.v. shows or school.  I guess I could agree I was unusual... but I was small so I have an excuse!  

Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Lake

Another late post, I apologize!  So I have a story to share to you all wonderful readers about the lake.  Before moving to Illinois we went to this lake nearby my hometown.  So my family and my step-dad and his son joined us for a day at the lake!  It was actually pretty fun but the part I genuinely remember is the snake or animals that came up from the water!  Alright so let's start to the humble beginning.  Me, my sister, and step-dad's son were in the water splashing and having a terrific time.  And then all of a sudden I see this head sticking out of the water coming towards us!  I completely panicked and ran to shore to avoid that thing!  Once I was panicking and splashing in the water looking like a shark was heading towards me, the other two took notice and ran to shore as well!  I didn't even look back or wait for anyone else.  It was every person for themselves!  While I was graciously heading towards shore I heard the others behind me.. laughing? I don't remember but once we got out that mini loch ness monster already disappeared.  It was intense.  I vividly remember a head coming up and down from the water.  Oh good times... good times...  So who has some stories about the lake?!?!?!?!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kumquats

OK I'll confess I thought I had the letter k planned but... I didn't.  So I"m winging it baby!  So kumquats are something I've never had before.  They look unappetizing to be honest with ya'll.  For some reason I'm developing a fear of kumquats I mean they look funny and probably taste funny.  You know something else I haven't tried?  Karkalla (yes I'm using Google today)!  Those fruits seem sour and... well they seem sour.  Let's see am I missing any?  Oh yeah!  Kiwis!  I love kiwi!  They are the only fruit that I like that starts with the letter k!  My favorite part about kiwis are biting into the mini seeds inside of it.  I love that extra crunch along with the fruit itself.  It makes it have some sort of bite to it (nerdy Top Chef terminology).  OK so this post wasn't really exciting or anything but I was unprepared for this letter.  Soooooooo have you tried any fruits that start with the letter k?!  Was it an enjoyable experience?  Was it lacking in anything?  Was it fun?  Was it dumb?  Was it disgusting?  I must knowww!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Joy

Barely managed to squeeze this post today!  There are very few things in life that cause joy: Chex Mix and laughing.  Who doesn't enjoy a huge bag of some mouth watering Chex Mix?!  Although it isn't necessarily good for you... I seriously don't care.  This is the only junk food I can feel content with and not guilty when I finished the bag... most times.  And who doesn't enjoy laughing?!?!?!  I love hearing others laugh, it's one of the most rhythmic sound a human can produce.  To be honest it isn't really that easy to make me laugh but when I hear someone else laughing so hard that they snort... priceless.  I mean who hasn't laughed like this:

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I is for Inn

I've never been afraid of hotels... up until now.  I mean when I think about it do they really clean the rooms?  Now I know that makes it seem like I'm untrustworthy but seriously... do they?  I have a huge phobia of sleeping on a hotel bed... lord knows what happened on there.  Now the bed itself is the least of my worries.  It's the pillows that make me cringe in fear!  And the bathrooms... *shivers* don't get me started on those.  OK OK I'm probably freaking out over no reason.  But I don't have a super disgusting ultra nasty filthy story to share with you about hotels unfortunately :/.  But tell me in the comments the worst experience you've had with hotels!  I must know! Like really badly!

Monday, April 9, 2012

H is for Honesty

My schedule is filled up so I'll make this quick!  Honesty is something frowned upon.  Because everyone has to turn the "freak-out" button when we give our honest opinion!  It seems as though no one is honest anymore!  Regular citizens and politicians (but you already knew that).  I find it humorous how our parents told us to never tell lies and yet we never listen.  I find a small child much more honest than a grown adult.  Why is that?  But with all that put aside I haven't found a person who is completely blunt honest.  Now I'm not saying I'm 100% honest because... I do lie.  Do you think the world will be a better place if no one lied to us?  Tell me in the comments below!  I have to read opinions!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

G is for Gecko

A tragedy has occurred today.  My leopard gecko has died... so I wanted to make today a tribute for my gecko.  I got it about a year ago from a website and it was a trouble maker.  When I let it on my bed it would try to escape by climbing off the edge and falling to the ground.  She was a handful but she had loads of energy.  The reason to her death remains a mystery to me.  But she was really skinny and had laid an egg, but I still can't confirm whether or not that was the main cause.  I'm feeling a mixture of guilt and disappointment.  I had such a busy week that I failed to notice my pets.  I take this as a lesson to pay closer attention to my pets.  So here is a tribute to her.

She's the yellow one on the left.

Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Fantasies

Most of us have some sort of fantasy in the world and I have a couple of my own.  It isn't fairy tales, monsters, or whatever, it's more of a lifestyle... I don't think that made any sense but let''s get started!
One thought that keeps reentering my mind are wooded areas.  I'm infatuated with trees, especially if I'm completely surrounded by them.  It would be surreal to live in the woods.  The nice.. quiet.. peaceful.. woods.  It would be a plus if there was no one else around!  Yeah call me misanthropic if you want but it would be nice and cozy to just be surrounded by trees and no one else.  Only the infinite amount of trees surrounding me.  Imagine waking up to this!

Ooh you know what else sounds nice?  The prairie!  Oh that sounds delightful!  Living in a prairie that stretches for miles with no disturbing cars passing by!  I mean just look at this photo!  It would actually make me more than content to live in this beauty!  Ah it would be relaxing to run all you want with no end!  This would be the equivalent to heaven for me..

The last one might sound pretty strange considering the other two were about nature and all but my last one has to deal with a big city.  I'm a huge fan of the night life.  The lights in a big city calms me and relaxes me in a abnormal way.  Passing a town at night and seeing all these lights are part of the reason to why I enjoy travelling at night.  Even a small town grabs my attention.  This fantasy involves me passing through a town at night with no consequences (i.e light pollution).  It almost comforts me to see a town at night with artificial light.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Entertainment

I'm feeling out of energy today so I'll talk about what entertains me!  Since it's a long weekend I have much more time to take it easy and what better way than to watch movies!  I love watching movies in my nice and solitary room.  I'll be honest I'll much rather watch a movie I've already seen 34 times rather then stepping in the theaters.  The theaters are filled with talkative people who love to cause disruption by noisy bags and obnoxious cell phones.  Yeah I said it!  Oh and did I mention I love being alone?!  There are times where all you want to do is please yourself and the only means to do it is by indulging in high calorie snacks instead of going out with friends and doing mindless activities.  But that's probably just me...  Take today for instance!  Stressful day=appetite..  I'm sorry but when I'm hungry I will take advantage of that state of mind and I'll just go for it.  I'm not willing to sit there count calories and eat "healthful." Listen honey sometimes I need a day to just not care.... ok this post was irrelevant to the title so... what's your best form of entertainment?!  Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D is for Dreams (REM Edition)

So today I'm going to talk about dreams!  I'm obsessed with dreams!  I love any type: lucid, nightmare, etc...  They're all so much fun to write down and record and save for a later day.  I've been recording my dreams for a year and I've decided to tell you the top 5 things I dream about that I've jotted down.  Enjoy!   

5. Wizard101 (online game)
4. Good friend
3. My hometown
2. My pets
1. School

I put school at number 1 because I always dream about it!  And it usually isn't a positive thing.  Most my dreams that concern school are of me failing a class, getting a bad grade on a test, or getting negative feedback from a teacher.  And the deal with dreaming about my good friend is strange.  Most my dreams are about texting each other or me trying to talk but end up failing.  Don't even get me started on Wizard101.  Apparently at the time I played so much that it even consumed my dreams.  There are plenty of other things I dream about but unfortunately that would take up a lot of time!  So in the comments tell me some of the things you notice recurring in your dreams!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Careers

When I was in kindergarten I wanted to become a police officer.  Couple years ago I wanted to become a chef or a marine biologist.  Then I wanted to become an actor or pastry chef.  Now I want to be a psychologist!  I'm completely fascinated by the human brain and how it works.  Just the thought of why people do the things they do intrigues me!  I'm not really sure if I'm the type to do experiments or work one on one with others but this career excites me!  It would be a huge milestone if I were to be accepted at Yale in the future.  If I were to be accepted I would seriously faint.  Watch in 3 years I'm going to change careers and then be obsessed with that particular career and then I'm going to get lost because many things fascinate me!  That's all for today!  I'm super excited for D tomorrow!  It's going to be my favorite letter as of now!

Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Baby Names

Today is letter B and it stands for baby names!  OK this title is a bit ridiculous but I want to talk about names that I love and would name a baby if I would have one.  Enjoy!

I think this name is lovely!  There's a story to why I like this name but it's really... weird.  Sounds like someone who is walking through the woods in a white dress with gorgeous hair.

OK I'll confess I got this from a video game but I adore this name!  It's inexplicable but it sounds like a knight in the medieval era.

I have no idea why I like this name but it's different.  I pronounce it with a long i instead of e.  It sounds warrior-like and yet it's innocent.

I have one more but it's the one I want to change my name to so I'll leave that a mystery!  Whenever I tell people these names they just look at me awkwardly like I'm a lunatic or something.  I mean don't these names sound awesome?!  Or maybe it's just me...  See you for C on Tuesday!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

A is for Adolfo

The start of the A-Z Challenge!!!!  Wish me luck!!!

Yes that's my name, Adolfo.  It means "noble wolf" and it's Italian and Spanish.  I was named after my father whose name is also Adolfo.  The popular way of spelling it appears to be "Adolpho".  If it isn't spelling it has to be pronunciation!  Some people find it interesting and others... well they just don't know how to spell it.  And guess what?  I want it changed (hint: starts with W).  There are positives to having this name!  No one needs to say the first letter of your last name.  No one confuses your name with someone else's (i.e Jon H., Jon D, etc...).  See you for B on Monday!!!