Tuesday, December 20, 2011

This is NOT Goodbye!

To all my friends in Kansas... this is NOT goodbye!  I would like to dedicate this post to all my friends who have helped me get through this year and in eighth grade.  I never thought that saying farewell could be so difficult!  My friends are a family that I was not privileged with.  I cannot imagine how it would be like without these people.  Saying "later" to a friend is a slap to the heart.  I tend to ignore my friends once I move to a different location but this time it's different... I met amazing people and I wouldn't want to waste it by ignoring their existence.  I promise you that!  This post is for all of you!  I'll continue to communicate with you and hopefully reunite with you all in the summer!  As for my blog, this is my last post for the year!  I have no idea when I'll be back posting but it sure will be as soon as I can!  If you want updates just follow my Twitter and I'll keep you updated as much as I can!  I hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas break!  Enjoy this long weekend!!!  See you in the year 2012!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Horror Movies

Who else is sick and tired of horror movies?  ME!  Horror movies are so generic now!  Here are just a few of my complaints:

Helpless Teenagers
This has to be the most recycled thing with horror movies.  A group of teenagers in a car drinking or doing drugs and then WHAM a killer/monster comes up and kills them all.  Or they show a helpless teenager running for her/his life and they fall down and their world is over.  It is so predictable! 

Paranormal Children
Another thing I am sick of are these children born with a "sixth sense".  I mean in most horror movies you always have children saying these phrases: "they're here", "don't hurt her/him!", or "they're coming to get you!"  It is so reused that it is almost funny!  I can see why children can be so vulnerable but does it have to be done in every movie?!

Magical Killers
Unless they are monsters I don't see how humans can live after being shot 24 times.  Well if they have a bulletproof vest... still how is that possible?!  I absolutely hate those parts where the protagonist has to stab the killer like a hundred times just for him to "die".  Yet after being stabbed multiple times the killer is still alive!  I guess it is a horror movie logic.

Happy Endings!
Oh the ending of horror movies are always the best.  The killer is finally annihilated and everyone's problems have magically disappeared!  What drives me crazy is the part where the killer has been "killed" but wait!  Oh no, he disappeared!  It isn't suspenseful nor is it creepy it is plain irritating! 

In conclusion, I hate horror movies!  I used to like them but there isn't anything to like.  There is no creativity.  It is all the same formula.  Characters running = killer chasing = people die = killer vanished = all is solved!  Please, someone save the horror genre!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Get a Grip!

I swear people are absolutely absurd these days.  I was working on my final for Career and Life Plan and there were a few people who argued with the teacher saying how it was stupid.  We have this booklet that has definitions that we have to write on it every class and they said how no one really filled it out.  Really?!  Well unlike you I actually wrote every definition down and did I complain?  Well... yes I did but I actually finished it.  I'm tired of hearing people complain on how they don't really care about the class.  Yeah I don't like it either but this is your grade!  It is 100% not hard to get things done.  I cannot believe people are that lazy.  These children need to be taught a lesson or two, that is being so irresponsible.  Yes you may have an A in that class but why would you blow it off?  Honestly, it angers me whenever I hear people argue with the teacher because the assignment is stupid.  I'd rather be seen as the nerdy kid rather than the person who failed.  Please, you can't just go on with school thinking you don't have to do a thing.  What's more important?  Grades?  Social life?  Stop being so lazy, it makes me frustrated.  Enjoy the weekend everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Racial Stereotypes

The media has constructed many stereotypes over the past decades.  I hear many stereotypes of different races.  I'll start with Mexicans.  I hear a lot of negative comments towards Mexicans and I for one cannot stand them.  I hear people say that Mexicans are illegal and they don't understand English all that well.  This has to be the most filthy stereotype ever.  Why do people think Mexicans are illegal?  There are many Mexicans in America aiming for legal residence in this country.  I see a lot of movies and shows showing African-Americans having economic hardships or emotional problems.  They portray them in the wrong ways which increases our beliefs in stereotypes.  Now the ones I see all the time are stereotypes in commercials.  For example: white men are portrayed as buffoons, black women are portrayed with having attitudes, and yet... where are Asians or Latinos?!  Lastly, during one of my classes one student said that minority groups have lots and lots of babies... x face palm x.  I don't see any real evidence saying that.  Yet he can make those remarks and yet there is many shows that have white families having 19 children.  Honestly I'm done with stereotypes, no justice comes out of it.  Stop believing all these stereotypes!  Enough said.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Soundtracks are Underestimated!

Let's talk about a very serious issue.  Soundtracks!  Does anyone pay attention to the soundtracks of games nowadays?!  I spent my day yesterday listening to Zelda soundtracks and they were phenomenal!  Yet we focus mainly on gameplay that we let the gorgeous music go to waste!  I mean I played Twilight Princess so many times and yet when I listen to the soundtrack I am baffled on how much music I have missed.  This goes to show on how much detail we miss in reality.  Imagine how much we've missed in our life time because we haven't been paying a lot of attention to the details.  Our brains are obviously responsible for forgetting.  Still... I'm going to play Zelda tonight and I'm going to appreciate the clever works of art that Nintendo has provided. Have a glorious day!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Yesterday I had a debate tournament therefore I got home until 9... there, that is my excuse!  I decided to take a break from my angry rants and to relax.  I'm going to talk about Christmas!  Why do I love Christmas?  Well, it is a break from everything.  A day to take a break from the outside world.  I remember a couple years ago I would wake up at 6 in the morning and run around the house seeing if any one else has woken up.  I would go to my mom's room and then go downstairs.  Finally my mom would wake up and I would go absolutely bonkers!  There was one time when we got home from Texas and my mom told us to sleep first before we could open anything.  I woke up earlier than my sister and opened everything.  Then my sister woke up and she was furious!  Now that I look back at it, that had to be the most evil thing I've ever done!  I love wrapping things up for others.  The feeling of knowing what you just wrapped up.  The curiosity on the other person's eyes.  The mysterious gift screaming to be opened.  Now Christmas is also a time to be together with family.  I love going to my aunt's and spending our Christmas there.  Hopefully this year we could spend time with them.  I hope you all enjoyed this Christmas post!  I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Boys playing with dolls?

Originally I was going to talk about the "God's Will" book but we discussed something in math that really irritated me.  My math teacher asked us if boys should play with dolls and the response was of course, "NO!"  I'm not going to talk about everything he said but I see this a lot.  Ask yourself this.  It's ok for a girl to play with trucks and cars yet it is wrong for a boy to play with dolls?  Does that make any logical sense?  No!  Where are these "rules" that boys have to abide by because I don't see any book.  We still struggle with masculinity but this masculinity starts when a boy is a mere 5 to 10 years old.  They are taught by parents and siblings that boys should play with cars and girls should play with dolls.  Yet it is more socially acceptable for a girl to play with anything and yet boys should strictly play with boy things.  When boys do play with dolls everyone starts thinking that the world is going to end!  Oh my gosh a guy playing with dolls?!  Let's all take drastic measures!  Why are people so afraid of this?  Especially parents, parents are especially scared when their son does this.  What makes people freak out about this?  Honestly it makes you look like a scaredy cat.  A boy that young doesn't know what is acceptable.  When does he know?  This message is implanted in his brain by his parents.  That's mainly who is responsible for this.  Please do me a favor, grow out of this book of "rules". 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Closed Mindedness

What is it?  It's people.  People are close mindedness.  I'm going to talk about people who don't have the capability to listen to others speak.  As you know I watch Laci Green's videos on Youtube and over the past few weeks she has gotten some criticism on her Twilight video.  In that video she talks about how the Twilight series portray abusive love.  A lot of people were somehow offended by this video.  Close mindedness?  Absolutely, they were so wrapped up in this series that they couldn't listen to anyone talk smack about it.  It is exactly like the WBC, so wrapped up in their beliefs that they think they are always right.  I strongly believe in gay rights and it is hard to read the person's side of the story.  If you're a person who can't listen to the other side of the argument... please it makes you look smarter if you do.  We should broaden our minds! (Harry Potter reference).  Have a lovely school night!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Athlete Salaries

There is one thing in life I always question... sports.  Why?  Why do we need sports?  I'm not a fan of sports at all but I'm sick of these athletes getting such high salaries.  I don't understand how a soccer player can earn more than a teacher!  All they do is play a game... wooh such excitement!  What do they teach?  They teach absolutely nothing.  These athletes don't contribute anything to this world except for boredom.  Why do we have to treat these athletes like princesses?  Others work hard for their money and yet some still can't support themselves!  That is an f'ed up situation!  All they do is work a little and then take a break, work a little then take a break.  I don't even consider that work!  They play a game and then get paid.  Then if they don't win they will start to cry.  Why do we put these athletes first?  They are normal human beings with an outrageous bank account.  Why can't hard working people earn a much higher wage?  It frustrates me that we are treating these athletes like royalty when they don't make a significant change to society.  Please open your eyes.  Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Updates

As you all know I'm moving.  Unfortunately I'm moving in December, on the week of Christmas.  So my blog will be a little inactive for awhile.  I'll try and post as much as I can this month.  I'm not sure about internet over there so I'll keep you updated on my Twitter.  I'm trying to read as much as I can in the "God's Will" book but it is dragging along.  I'm going to try and read these next few days so I'll have that post up.  December is sadly a busy month, I have moving and finals.  On the week of finals I'm going to have to study all day so I'm not looking forward for that.  I still can't believe it is already December... how shocking!  I have a lot to look forward to.  I probably won't have a lot of posts this month... I'll try though.  Just wanted to let you know that my blog will be inactive for quite awhile when I move.  Also, I'm in a Christmas spirit this year!  Hopefully I'll share some stories concerning Christmas.  Have a good one!