Monday, September 3, 2012


I haven't posted in weeks and I think it's time I say farewell to this blog!  I've lost my inspiration to blog but I will be back one day!  School is keeping me way too busy and also I'm joining some extra activities outside of school so I won't have any time to rant and stuff anymore.  I mean I know all 20 of you who read this blog are like totally sad right?  I just don't have time anymore and I lost my rantyness :/.  I'll leave this blog open just in case I decide to drop right back in!  So I say farewell to the blogging world!  You never know when I'll drop in!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Back to School

Today was the first day of school and it was mostly unfamiliar.  I guess it's that transition of being a ninth grader to a tenth that feels so different to me.  People so far haven't really changed, my homeroom is still as annoying as I remembered it last year.  I have two classes in which it's all juniors and seniors which makes me feel pretty alone to be honest.  Today just wasn't that fantastic but tomorrow is when we start getting introduced to class so that's always good.  My goals this year is to work hard and try to make more friends. Honestly it's hard when everyone seems to know each other and you only know like four people.  BUT after watching that film I really need to start getting out there so hopefully they will announce clubs soon.  So yeah my only goal this year is to work as hard as my body can handle and we'll see how that goes!  I'm pretty excited with the rigorous courses this year but that excitement will most likely end in the next week or so.  I hope everyone enjoys their new school year!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sentimental Talk

I was watching this short film on Youtube about college admission and it has impacted me.  For most of us who are in high school we are concerned about our future and how much high school will affect it.  We think good grades and involvement in clubs will get us to the highest ranked colleges and we think being well rounded is necessary for admission.  But does it really matter if we have all A's or if we are in 20 different clubs?  After watching this film I have finally found an answer: not really.  In my freshman year of high school I felt stressed and I felt like I wasn't doing enough to get in college.  We are taught that colleges want the best of the best but really colleges want a hard working, passionate person.  I'm totally convinced that adults have been telling us the wrong things these past few years.  But the competitiveness in admission to colleges pressures us to strive for the #1 position.  I hate how all we are worried about are grades when we don't focus on ourselves and what we are passionate about.  But first I'll share you a personal story.  I was a stressed out person in my first year of high school.  I had high expectations of myself and from others.  I had be the best and rise out on top.  Because of these high expectations I stressed out about every small thing.  I stressed out about time, homework, studying, test scores, report cards, and most importantly my behavior.  I had nightmares at night that I didn't finish homework or a teacher is yelling at me or I failed a test... it was horrifying!  I had dreams about my school and it was a recurring theme.  I would freak out if I had a B in a test or on my report card when in all actuality it didn't matter because it's still a good grade!  These expectations stressed me out that I felt angry and frustrated at myself for not doing better.  And whenever someone congratulated me on getting good grades I felt nothing.  I didn't feel accomplished or joyful I felt nothing.  I didn't feel like I worked hard to get that joy that I look for.  I mean it isn't hard to get A's sometimes and that's what made me feel like I wasn't trying my best.  Having good grades and joining a lot of activities won't guarantee you a spot in a good college, it's the passion and drive you have for something that gets you where you want to be and it has taken me years to figure that out.  The passion I want to pursue is psychology and I strongly believe that Yale is the right place for me.  I devoured their website and whenever I enter it I feel excited that one day I could (hopefully) be apart of it.  They even say on their website that they want an essay that tells them who we really are.  I don't want to be known as that kid who always got straight A's, I want to be the kid who was known for his passion to learn psychology.  Finally I understand what I have to do to enjoy my high school years and that is to do things that I enjoy doing.  I'm not going to take rigorous classes solely because colleges want that!  I'm going to take rigorous classes because I want to.  It's the same with clubs, I want to join the Gay and Straight People club because I want the school to be a more friendly atmosphere for the gay community at school.  I want to join tennis because it's a sport I could be good at.  We shouldn't focus on what they want, let's focus on what we want.  It's my high school time and I should be learning and making friends, not staying up at four in the morning studying for an AP class that I don't enjoy.  If you're in high school or you're going to high school I strongly advise you to watch the film, it's truly inspirational and it makes you look at things differently.  Don't take high school for granted, use it as a chance to learn things not to get a couple A's and not learn anything.  I'll rather get a B in a class that I learned a whole bunch rather than get an A and not have worked for it.  Oh my gosh this post is super duper long but I hope you got something out of it.  The film is 28 minutes long so pleeeeease make some time to watch it, you won't regret it.  Stay motivated!

The short film: Congratulations, We Regret to Inform You: the college admissions secret

2012 London Olympics: Conclusion

The London Olympics are closing today and I'm a bit sad that it has to end.  I just recently started watching the Olympics and I can't believe I didn't start watching earlier!  It was an honor to see hundreds of athletes competing with so much talent.  They trained and trained for hours a day to compete with other countries.  All that dedication to their event makes me inspired to work that hard for a goal I want to accomplish.  But what I'm really impressed with are the amount of countries that came together to compete.  For two weeks we are able to set aside our differences.  If only we could act this way outside of the Olympics!  That's probably my second favorite part about this event.  I love seeing all these people with different backgrounds and I don't just mean skin color, race, or ethnicity.  The biggest inspiration overall would come from Oscar Pistorius.  It was awesome that he had the opportunity to run against other able bodied people.  It wasn't just because he was a double amputee but just the reason that he continued to run and train makes me feel warm inside.  It really does make me a bit teary to think I have to wait another four years for the next Olympics.  Not to sound cheesy or overly dramatic but this has been majorly influential and inspirational.  It kinda makes you want to jump up and do something spectacular!  Of course I have more stuff to type but I can't remember as usual.  My mind is still weeping because all this is over for now and that prevents me from thinking clearly!  I hope all of you enjoyed the Olympics as much as I have!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Challenging the Mind Turns One and August Updates!!!

Look at that long title!  I can't believe it has already been a year since my first post!  It feels strange to think I started this blog a year ago.  Although I haven't been active in the blogging world as I would like but it's just me being unorganized.  I didn't plan anything special because to be honest I barely noticed that my blog has turned one.  Technically it was last month but let's just pretend it's this month.  Other than the one year birthday it's also the beginning of August!  This will be my last few weeks of summer vacation until I start school on the 16th!  I'm a bit excited and nervous and weary of this upcoming school year.  I'll explain in a later blog that I did last summer.  Other than the start of a new school year there isn't much I can mention in this post.  So this post was once again pretty lame but guess what happened!  Liek omg man i was on dis bike ride and i saw soembody get arested!  No idea why but I was riding my bike with my sister and we were on this trail and two cop cars were heading our way and they stopped this guy we passed.  That's the only thrilling tale I shared all summer!  Okay I'll be gone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Horrors Within (small preview)

Kefira, Yon, and Mordechai

Mordechai was waiting for the rest of the family to come home.  He wanted to bring everyone together.  He still thought about Vardimom and his family.  He had to patch everyone together or else they would all stay hateful until the day they die.  Nava was counting her fingers.  Not aware of all the tribulations occurring in the present.  She held up the number nine and smiled.  He smiled back and pinched her cheek lightly.
“Such an innocent child,” he said warmly.
Yon came home first, looking rested and ready to tackle anything in his path.
“Please stay son.  I want to gather the family.”
He shrugged and sat down on his bunk.  He fiddled with his covers, trying to keep himself busy until everyone was home.  Kefira then stepped in, the minute she saw Mordechai she stepped out.
“Kefira please stay, I want to talk to the family,” he said, stopping her.
“Don’t expect Rina to come home.  She ran off before I could talk to her, I don’t know where she is anymore!” she said, distressed.
They waited for Rina to arrive any second but she never did.  Kefira lost her patience and began pacing.
“She isn’t going to return!  Tell us what you want!” she barked.
“I-I’m sorry for the way I’ve been treating all of you.  I’m ashamed to call myself your father… but while I was at Vardimom’s home, I realized how much he cared for his children and his wife.  I reflected upon that and… I can’t believe how selfish I was.”
“Was?  You still are!”
“Kefira… you are beautiful and I’m sorry mother left but… I’m still your parent and I expect respect from my own children.  I love my children and I want you to know that.”
Kefira still seemed unimpressed by his words.  “You know what Mordechai?  Until you start providing for this family, until you start proving to me you actually care then we’ll talk.”
She headed to the door.
“Pardon me but I’ll be looking for Rina because I actually love her!”
She slammed the door shut, leaving Nava scared.  Mordechai sighed.  There was nothing else to prove to his children that he loved them.  Yon sat up and began writing in his journal.
March 21, 1942,
This family is falling apart… Father and Kefira won’t get along!  What’s the deal with her anyway?!  He’s trying to do the world some good by admitting to us he’s been selfish and yet she doesn’t appreciate honesty.  How ridiculous!  I must know why she has a strong grudge against father.
He closed the journal and sat next to his father.  Mordechai was fatigued with stress and overwhelming guilt.  Mordechai had to do something!  Or else it would cost his family.  Something he promised not to lose.  It was now time to put that promise to the test.
When he went to bed that night his mind was still consumed by his family.  When his eyes finally closed he heard a voice in his head.
You’re a fool!  Insensitive!  Selfish!  This is why I left!  Look at yourself!  Your daughter provides more for Nava than you!  Your selfish acts got you here!  You don’t even watch your children!  Look at them pondering around with little to eat!  They want you to die!  Leave this planet!
Mordechai sat up.  He breathed heavily and sweat was pouring down.  Tears began forming in his eyes.  His heart swelled up, it felt heavy with grief.  Guilt clouded his eyes.  He felt as if someone beat him, he couldn’t handle the guilt any longer.  He went outside for air.
Nothing feels right!  My family is my number one priority but I can’t seem to show it.  Why do they not see my attempts on being there for them?  This is all wrong!  He took a walk through town.  He avoided any incoming guard and avoided beggars.  His thoughts were racing, nothing took his mind off of Kefira and her words.
I must wait!  He thought of a plan if they still rejected him.  Why even exist if no one cares for your existence?  Might as well do Hitler some good and reduce the Jewish population by one.  But I must wait for now…

Saturday, July 14, 2012

My First Book

My first book that I've written is called The Horrors Within and it's a historical fiction book.  I'm going to break this up into different sections because it's much more organized and easy!

The book is about a group of people during the time of the extermination camps.  The first part of the book takes place in the Czestochowa ghetto and ends up in the Treblinka camp.  It basically covers the horrors of the ghettos and camps and all those different elements.  It also contains the lives of the people in the camps.  Which contain personal problems, death, and grief.

Character Development
I wanted a huge selection of characters so I created a character roster of more than thirty characters which include prisoners and the guards.  This was my favorite part!  I loved creating the diverse amount of characters.  Keep in mind that the Jews weren't the only group of people that were rounded up.  Homosexuals were also mistreated and rounded up during this time so I had a few characters that represented that minority.  Now things weren't picture perfect for homosexuals in the camp so they were often mistreated practically everywhere they go.  Now I'm no expert on the minds of criminals and murderers but I wanted to shine some light on the guards.  Some were good and some were bad and some were questionable.  Oddly enough I think I did better with the guards than the prisoners.

The only reason I wrote this book was because of a project for history and I only had a month to do it so I had little time to prepare for this huge project.  But a week before writing I had to depend on Google for all my information!  There were awesome websites that provided me with the essential stuff to prepare for the book.  I also watched a bunch of documentaries about the camps and I'll be honest, researching this stuff made me a bit queasy.  The worst was with the whole medical experiments, god it was inhumane.  BUT the websites never sugar coated any of this stuff so I had to make the nasty parts descriptive.  Or it was probably just my adolescent mind.

The Procedure!!!!
Oh I can't begin to tell you how stressful it was writing five pages a day.  If you have big handwriting it might be easy but my handwriting is small and some days it was soooo hard to write!  With the month of April being the only month to work on it I had to force myself to write.  Of course if I had no homework or tests to study for it would be easier but life isn't that easy!  There were days where I was in the zone and I was jamming out words left and right!  And then there were days where I just sat there and looked at my notebook with a blank expression on my face.  I had to listen to depressing or scary songs to get in the zone and it actually helped.  Nevertheless I finished on time!

My Criticism
I'm a huge critic on myself and I must say this book is a bit l-a-m-e.  Sure there were some parts that were good or exciting but to be honest it was inconsistent.  My characters sometimes didn't act like their age or their emotions were a huge roller coaster.  On one page they can be struggling with personal problems and then on the next they could be a completely new person.  Sometimes I threw in personal problems and then you wouldn't really hear about them later on in the book.  It sounded like they got over it and moved on.  These were really novice mistakes BUT it was a learning experience.  I mean aside from the grammar errors and inconsistency I think I did an OK job.  I could have done better but then again my expectations on myself are way too high for everything.

So yeah there you go!  I gave you inside information on my first book so you better feel appreciated because most the people I've told don't get this information!  I should post a small snippet later on so you can see just how bad my grammar is.  Overall I'm a bit excited to share this because to me it's an accomplishment.  On my notebook I ended up with 150 pages but on the document it turned out to be 270 pages... that's how small my handwriting is!  One day I might go back to it and fix all the errors and add in a few things or completely change the ending.  I hope you enjoyed this super duper long post because it took me a long time!  Now if you'll excuse me I need to read some Harry Potter.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Sexist Women

I wasn't going to talk about this today but let me just say I'm fed up with all these "man haters".  My sister (an example) is one of them.  Not too long ago she saw an article on the newspaper that read, Men Are Awful.  And she was like, "yes they are and for good reason".  I got a little offended and I didn't bother asking her why she felt like all men are awful.  She sounds like the typical teenage girl on my Facebook who complains that all men are awful because one relationship didn't work out.  You can't state a claim like all men are awful without providing sufficient evidence.  She sounded like the radical feminist who believes all men are devils.  And yet no one thinks that's sexist.  It's frustrating when women treat men as a whole group instead of individuals.  Here's an idea, let's all treat each other as individuals!  Maybe then I won't hear women saying men are like this or that.  If I said women are horrible I'm pretty sure I would get yelled at by everybody but when women say men are awful no one cares to take that seriously.  Sexist people need to take a step back because you aren't superior to anybody else.  Women aren't better than men and men aren't better than women, we're individuals who are better than other individuals.  Look at it that way instead of letting one experience cloud your judgement of others.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Some Updates

I apologize for not keeping up with the schedule I intended for.  I haven't been in a "bloggy" kind of mood.  Nothing has inspired me and I'm one of those people who need to be inspired to type a blog.  I have one post in mind that I'm making.  I did promise you a video on my first book which will probably just be another written post because it would be strange to talk to a camera when I'm not alone.  So yeah I have two posts in mind that I will do later this week or maybe this weekend.  I've been writing my new book and it feels so good to let out my creative juices!  I've also been obsessed with Harry Potter these past few days.  I found the series in a box in the garage and I was so giddy with excitement that I began reading them.  So I've been writing and reading and nothing else.  Hopefully my mood to blog will be lifted soon.  I need to start reading more blogs because I've been M.I.A.  So that's all for today, stay cool!

Friday, June 22, 2012

School = Insanity?

Strange timing isn't it?  I'm talking about school in the summer.  I'm watching this documentary that's called The War on Kids.  Basically it talks about school being compared to a prison and the different aspects of the education system and the idealistic ideas that society builds.  In school children are expected to be quiet, respectful, disciplined, and joyous.  And we control and enforce these ideas to build a perfect system.

My school has security.  There is a room not far from the entrance of the school that has a room with screens that portray some hallways.  And of course you have the police.  My school was pretty violent this year so I understand a little to why they put cameras but the documentary that I'm watching makes good points.  Spending a huge sum of money on security will not help prevent violence.  Nor does it even help with locating a fight.  It's mostly used as an intimidation factor to ensure that no one would do anything "rebellious".  Now this sounds similar to the Panopticon built by Jeremy Bentham.  It was a prison built so that the prisoners would not know if they're being watched.  Now in schools you can see cameras but either way you're being watched and it's a bit creepy don't you think?  It's like being stalked, someone is watching you when you're walking down the hallways.  I hate having a teacher see me walk down the hallways.  Staring at me with their vicious eyes like a predator about to attack prey.

"No tolerance zone"
A weapon is never tolerable at school.  But how many times do students get in trouble for carrying a real weapon?  Well let me share you a story.  I was in my Catholic school (elementary) and it was recess.  There was this kid who drew a picture on the concrete depicting a stick figure with a poorly drawn gun.  He was punished for drawing something oh so obscene and violent.  All for drawing a gun?  I think we've become absolutely paranoid that whenever a child draws a gun or plays with one then they're suddenly a maniac.  There were cases the documentary revealed that children who pretended to play with guns were suspended or expelled.  It's a huge list and some of them are downright stupid.  A boy who had chicken strips was pointing it at a girl and said "bam" and he got suspended.  It's like our trust with children has poofed into nothing.  Seriously what is the problem here?  Why must we be so harsh on children when their knowledge of guns is limited.

There is something wrong with you!
Teachers pay attention to the "good" kids in class.  The nice, quiet, reserved children.  But then there comes along a rowdy child who fidgets in their chair and they can't seem to pay attention.  Some adults might think that child has ADD or ADHD.  So they do what other typical adults do and go to the doctor.  Because they don't fit into that perfect image we have to build a name for it.  The teachers don't want to spend their time focusing on those children.  They want to focus on the children who get it and learn it quickly.  You go to the doctor, they prescribe a certain stimulant.  Now you have a "normal" child!  Just ignore the side effects like loss in interest, zombie-like figure, and suicidal thoughts.

No freedom
The staff and administration control our freedom when we enter school.  They control how we socialize, when we socialize, limit our thinking and potential, and limit on how we can speak.  When we question authority (teachers) we are labeled as brats, rebels, annoying, or childish.  It's like our freedoms have run down to such a minimum.  We are the dogs and they are the humans disciplining us on every small detail.  We can't speak out or we'll be sent to the principal's.  There are times when teachers just don't like students and the students have to sit there and take it or else they risk detention.  We can't think for ourselves because we constantly have an adult to limit that.  A good example has to be English class.  We are forced to read what the teachers want us to read.  For example I never wanted to read Romeo and Juliet but I had no choice!  Then we get loaded with assignments that make us break things down and analyze this and sequence this and translate this and blah blah blah.  It's bad enough I hate the story why would I want to focus on assignments that only enhance my hatred for this garbage?  And teachers wonder why kids don't try in class.  Maybe it's because the stuff that is taught isn't necessarily in our top "things that I want to learn" list.

Mental deprivation
6:00 a.m. wake up to take a shower
6:25 a.m., clean up and drink a couple glasses of water (I don't eat breakfast on school days)
7:10 a.m., walk to school
7:50 a.m., wait in the class for ten minutes for the day to begin
8 a.m.- 2:50 p.m., try to fit in about eight hours of information whilst staying awake, paying full attention, taking notes, and ignoring morons
Repeat 5x a week.

That's my daily schedule for weekdays.  It's completely monotonous and boring.  Listen, it's bad enough I have to wake up at 6 in the morning and deal with buffoons.  Oh and there is no one to wake me up in case I don't hear the alarm because my mom is at work.  There are days where I prefer waking up later or not even waking up at all but I have to or else I'll be screwed.  There are days where I have woken up thirty minutes after the alarm went off and that makes me pissy throughout the day.  Now, let's see the time spend after school.

3:00 p.m., get home from school
3:30 p.m., do homework until it gets completely finished plus projects, if any
5:00 p.m., get some sort of exercise or physical activity
6:00 p.m., take a small shower, eat, and force yourself to stay awake until it is time for bed

I usually take naps when I get home because I'm so drained.  It isn't because I'm lazy it's because I'm mentally exhausted from the day.  There are days where I hate taking naps because waking up from them makes me feel awful.  I don't have block scheduling so I have to get things done everyday or else it'll be late. Oh and did I mention that late assignments make your grade lower?  Did I mention that quizzes and tests are crammed in on Fridays?  Did I mention I force myself to study?  Did I mention I go to bed stressing about grades and crap?  Yeah it isn't fun and adults will never understand because their generation was different than ours.  We're in a generation where things are competitive and you must be on top of your game every school year.  There are days where I'm so close to falling asleep because I can't seem to stay awake.  It isn't because the teacher is boring but it's because my mental capacity is running dangerously low.  But they expect you to get to school in tip top shape with your assignments done and ready to take a quiz or test with no emotional problems you're dealing with at home.  Oh and the people are... well you get the point.  Seriously there is no time to even think about problems.

A security system that is worse than prison, a policy that is pathetic but is still enforced, teachers who abuse their authority, having no freedom, and mental deprivation is imminent.  One person from the documentary even said that these are perfect for making someone go insane.  Why is it that we have stuck to this system that doesn't even work all that much?  We ask a lot for the younger generation.  More than any other generation and it will keep getting stressful.  I do believe that we have to question the education system because it's at its lowest point.  This was a long post but I hope you get the idea of how the education system is.  Wooh long post!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obsessed With Dreams

Sooo this is pretty random but for the lack of anything to talk about I want to talk more about dreams.  I made a post about dreams in the A-Z Challenge but let's have a discussion!  Recently I've been getting in the habit of starting to record my dreams again.  OK so have any of you like had a dream that was based off an action movie?  Like the dream itself was the action movie.  I have this one dream where it was like this total action packed dream that would make for an awesome action movie.  I don't think I ever wrote it down but I vividly remember it.  I was at this factory or whatever and there was this huge spider and I was all pumped and running away from it and the bad guys that were chasing us.  I had companions but they were somewhere else and I had a knife thing and I threw it and it died.  Then the building came crashing down and I ran for my life.  It doesn't sound so exciting but there is no way to grasp another person's dream.  What about those dreams where things are so relaxing it's indescribable.  The dreams I have that are related to that are so peaceful that I wish I was stuck there for a longer period of time.  I love those dreams because when I wake up I feel at ease.  Nightmares are something we don't like but to me I love nightmares.  It sends a message subconsciously that is urging me to pay attention.  I guess the last nightmare I can remember was when my sister and I were supposed to die because of the last Harry Potter book.  I consider it a nightmare because it was weird knowing you had to die.  Anyways this post is getting long but lord I love dreams so much.  I haven't had much time to translate them but I'm sure I will one day.  I should get to bed because I want to dream another dream... hopefully I remember it!  I guess the moral of this long and pointless post is to pay attention to your dreams.  They send a useful message AND it's fun remembering your dream when you're awake.  I feel the best dreams are the ones that I can remember months after the dream occurred.  I can go on about this but this post is long.  I think my next post will be a part in the book I was supposed to talk about (darn me)!  Just so I can change things up a bit.  Farewell my children, I bid you a good day.

EDIT: This post was supposed to be up on Monday but since I had no internet I'll just post it today and keep with the schedule.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I'm Not Dead

I haven't posted in a week so I guess I need some explaining to do huh.  I haven't really been in a "blogging" mood lately.  I guess it's the whole summer disease in which thinking has gone down the drain.  There hasn't been anything to really blog about and I'm in dire need to talk about something.  I've been thinking about book reviews and stuff like that for the time being.  I'm currently reading the Artemis Fowl series and there a few things I want to talk about.  Other than that there hasn't been much in my mind.  All I've been doing this past week was read... I guess that's exciting right?  Today has been such a gorgeous day that I spent my time reading outside.  It's like 70 degrees over here and it feels awesome!  And the cherry on top?  No stinky factory today!  Wooo!  Now this is the part where I say farewell until I find something to discuss.  Hopefully I won't be so blank these next few weeks.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

IWSG: Intimidation

With every project I start there is the intimidation factor.  Usually I ask myself whether or not I'll get it done in time.  But this time it's a different intimidation.  I'm in the works of starting a new book.  I've written one book but that was rushed and I had to be historically accurate.  I'm in love with fantasy books and this book is going to be all about fantasy.  But when I open that journal I stare at this blank paper just waiting to be filled with anything I can conjure up.  The blank pages intimidate me because all my ideas are forgotten and I start having trouble articulating everything.  This is a fear of mine every time I sit down and write.  Where do I start?!  I'm that type of person who can't keep quiet the 343450 ideas that float throughout my head.  I guess I get too excited to start that I jump from one scene to another without describing it properly.  Writing a new book is intimidating when it should be enjoyable.  Gah I'm stuck!  

Friday, June 1, 2012

June Updatez!!!

I can't believe it's already June!  Well not much is going on this week except  I'm going to be focusing more on fitness and nutrition this month to better myself.  I'll be posting my progress each week on my Tumblr page... yes I got a Tumblr.  I'll post the link at the end of this post.  So yeah I'll be updating each week on my progress and hopefully I'll last the whole summer.  It won't be easy considering I'll be changing my eating habits.  I'm a bit excited (I say that now) to start this.  My goal is not a certain number but it's how I would perceive myself in the mirror.  For now my official goal is to look in the mirror and burst into tears of joy.  Other than that there really isn't anything else I can confirm this month.  I'll make the video of my book tomorrow, promise!  Sorry I posted a little late... I blame procrastination.  Alright my loves I'll see you Monday!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tips To Being a Real Man

Being a real man has a ton of steps.  I composed a list of all the steps to becoming Mr. Hyper Masculine!  No need to thank me, you'll see the results instantly.

1. Know everything about sports.
If you know everything about sports than congratulations you just found a group of male friends to hang out with!  When you know everything about sports and so little about the world then that's totally fine.  People actually respect a person who is well educated in sports.  I mean instead of discussing human rights (which isn't important) you can discuss whether or not an athlete should get paid that extra $60,000!  Trust me, discussing sports leads to awesome bonding between you and the guys.

2. The tough guys win.
This is critical in getting a girl, so if you're that desperate please listen up.  Everyone's heard that tough guys win and let me tell you it's true.  The sensitive guys don't stand a chance against the manly men.  A real man shows no emotion.  He's as hardened as stone and don't you forget it!  How does this all connect to getting a girl?  Well I'll explain that now.  Women want a man who has that tough motorcycle look.  He's very chiseled and can beat up anyone who gets in his way.  So please, don't be a baby and cry, toughen up and be a man.

3. Being called "weak" is a major insult.
This is the most critical point to read.  Being called a "pussy" should never be taken lightly.  Remember you want to be perceived as tough not as a weakling.  If you're ever called weak then you should remember to use physical violence because we all know that solves everything.  Oh and don't forget, when someone punches you, you always tell them how weak they punch.  This will make it seem like you have thick skin.

4. The goal is masculinity not femininity.
Everyone knows that a boy is supposed to be blue and a girl is pink.  You want to be seen as masculine right?  Well this means staying away from the curse that is femininity!  Putting other feminine guys down only makes you seem tougher.  It's very simple.  Calling other guys "faggots" or "queers" will most definitely make you a macho man.  Flamboyance is not acceptable.

5. Buy all male products.
Everything you buy must be masculinized.  I'm talking about everything!  Food, bath products, and even clothes.  You must buy things that have masculine written all over it.  So if you borrow lotion from a girl then STOP!  There is lotion just for us guys!  I mean it's still lotion and it provides the same benefits but only with a manlier smell.  Never buy bar soap because most of the time it's feminine smells like cranberry, coconut, and vanilla.

6. Trucks, not dolls.
This is all for you fantastic parents out there who believe gender and sex are the same thing.  If you have a boy then you should buy manly toys like trucks and action figures.  If you're son plays with a doll then don't panic!  He is simply curious but you should discipline him so he won't do it again.  This enhances his masculinity even at such a young age!  And if you want to ensure he stays at this masculine state then force your child to join Boy Scouts.  Boys Scouts only accept the heterosexual, religious, and "normal" men.  Smells like the joyous smell of masculinity if you ask me!

7. Learn to be more dominant.
I've even been told that I need to be more dominant and when I became dominant everyone wanted to be near me!  You should be more dominant with everyone not just your male peers.  Nothing says manly than to be in control!  Raise your voice when necessary (which is most of the time when you don't get your way) and above all be aggressive.

In conclusion, this post has hopefully helped you to become a more manlier man!  I mean seriously nowadays men are becoming so feminine that it makes America look bad.  It is never ok to be feminine when you're a man!  If women want to be more masculine then fine but men should stay masculine, it's in the book of rules written by society.  We must keep traditional gender roles of men in America or then we'll become corrupt and humiliated!

*Sarcasm ends here*

Monday, May 28, 2012


The word "slut" is a derogatory term to call other women who are considered "promiscuous".  I say women because when was the last time you heard a man being called a slut?  Ha, never.  Men usually get all the praise when they get laid.  And yet why is it so different for women?  If you're in high school then the word "slut" gets spread around like wildfire.  I shake my head whenever women call other women sluts only because they had sex once.  I remember a guy called another girl a whore because she had sex once and yet he wasn't a virgin either.  Such a double standard.  Sometimes the definition of slut has nothing to do with sexual acts and it focuses solely on looks.  If you have too much make up, if you wear little clothing, or if you are more developed, then you are basically screwed.  It's pretty stupid considering people bring biological factors into the equation.  Like seriously you're going to judge a woman because she has bigger boobs?  You know what, this reminds me of Mean Girls.  Remember the phrase, "You have got to stop calling each other sluts and whores!  It only makes it OK for guys to call you sluts and whores."  And that is absolutely true, guys call girls sluts for the wrong reasons.  Now I must admit I used to call other women sluts for the most inappropriate reasons.  But I've learned!  I learned that it isn't my place in this world to control another person's sexuality.  This applies to everybody, not just high school students.  I have two videos from Laci Green.  I strongly recommend watching them, she explains this subject better than me.


she's such a SLUT

Friday, May 25, 2012

Desperate Teens

I originally wasn't going to post something because I wasn't feeling inspired by anything but low and behold I am now inspired by someone.  I have a friend who is a pretty good friend but there is one problem: she's desperate to be in a relationship.  I tell her from time and time again that I'm not interested and I pinpoint why I'm not interested.  Yet she continues to act like I'm going to change my mind and she tells me all these things that make me want to explode into tiny bits.  Whenever I'm busy and she texts me I tell her I'm busy and she gets all worked up saying that I'm lying and she starts complaining.  Now she's telling me I keep rejecting her and all these blasphemous things.  OK I'm not a fan of texting nor calling, I prefer real live socializing.  Number 2, if I don't text you or the conversation doesn't last long then it probably means I don't feel like talking.  Number 3, I hate texting people everyday, I'm a person who likes to text every once in a while because there won't be anything to talk about.  She continues to act like we are in a relationship and it's getting infuriating.  She's a good friend but there are times when I want to be brutally honest and say, "listen I'm not ever going to be interested, move on and get over it."  There was even one time when she asked me when I was going to start dating and I said ten years from now.  She responded with a text that pushed me over the edge.  She said she would wait... are you kidding me?!  I'm not going to reiterate myself a thousand times, I don't want to be in a relationship!  This is the reason why I hate relationships!  Teenagers are so dang clingy and desperate that you can detect it from a mile away!  Yet I must be speaking in a different language because the explanation I provide isn't processing in her mind.  It's frustrating to not be able to have a conversation without her bringing up relationships.  It's pointless to even be friends when all she's thinking about is being together.  If honesty means being a douchebag then so be it.  But I'm thankful she brought up this topic tonight.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

School's Out and Summer Goals!!!!

School's out!!!!  Oh my gosh I don't have to worry about homework or tests anymore... ahh I love summer!  Now that school is out I have a lot of goals this summer that I must accomplish!  My first goal is to read more.  I'm currently reading the The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.  I feel like I've been neglecting the books I have in a box and so I decide I'm going to read most of them.  I'm excited to get back to reading again!  I'm mostly reading to get the feel of writing.  The book I wrote (I still need to make a video) was amateurish and needed improvement.  I also want to write more as well.  I've been planning another book and I'm just dying to get started.  My goal is to at least get started with another book.  And this time I want it to be a bit more professional.  The last main goal I want to do is to get back to fitness.  I've learned a decent amount of things ever since my last post about fitness and I want to start exercising daily.  My goal is to see myself in a mirror and squeal with joy when I reached my goal.  Those are my main goals this summer and I'm looking forward to begin!   

Monday, May 21, 2012

The World of Introverts

I've just finished reading the book Quiet by Susan Cain.  The book is about introversion and all the differences between extroverts and introverts.  There are the obvious details and even the neuroscience behind introverts.  It's a lot of information so I wrote down some notes to prepare for this long post!

Alright so let's begin with the fear of becoming an introvert.  I must say after reading it I had to slap my forehead a couple of times.  I couldn't even begin to fathom how incredibly dumb propaganda can be.  The date goes all the way back to the 20's.  Back then, propaganda began the rise of the extrovert.  Many propaganda posters were targeted mostly towards men (shocker).  So, for my male introverts, in the 20's you were considered to be gay if you were shy.  In order for men not to be accused of being gay they would often pretend to be more outgoing so they wouldn't be labelled as shy.  Men didn't want women to assume they were gay.  Now ladies if you were shy you weren't off the hook.  Many women who were shy were considered "frigid".  As you can see propaganda is... for the lack of a better word, stupid.  OK so we got the fear of becoming shy let's move on to the affect it has on business and schools.

There is a lot of screwed up things involved in business.  You have to be absolutely dominant or then others would tell you that you wouldn't make it in business.  It's pretty inane that people would listen to the louder people only because they were loud.  Being an introvert in business has a lot of disadvantages.  No one is willing to hear you unless you slammed your fist on the table and lay down the law.  Apparently to corporate America assertiveness is key to getting into the business industry.  If you were loud, a good presenter, and assertive then guess what, you made it!  It's pretty unfair that no one is willing to pipe down and listen to the introverts.  No we have to listen to the yelling provided by the extroverts.  This isn't only business related stuff, schools follow the extroversion package they so totally strive for.  Children in elementary schools are particularly effected because they are young and teachers want to prepare them for the future.  And how do schools do this?  Schools "train" children to work together to reflect the business community.  It's mostly referred to as elitism.  We force children to work in teams only because that's how it is in the real world.  Not only is this a detriment to their self-esteem but it's also a detriment to their creativity skills.  Children who are introverts and are forced to work together are most likely not going to be proud of the finished result.  Why?  Because they have to work in a group of four or more and they have to get everyone's brains fixed on one thing.  There were three explanations for the failure of group brainstorming.

1. Social loafing- this is when people sit back and let others do the work.
2. Production blocking- this is when one person talks or produce an idea at once and others are forced to remain passive.
3. Evaluation apprehension- this is the fear of looking stupid in front of other peers.

We all have this in a group project at school.  I can personally relate to all of these whenever I'm forced to work in teams of more than three.  The one that stands out to me has to be the evaluation apprehension.  I have friends who have this stigma around looking stupid in front of people at our table.  I can totes understand why most group projects end up in a mess.  She explains that people's performances are much better when there is no one to watch, when there is no pressure on anyone.  It is said that people who work in open plan places are more likely to have high stress levels and high blood pressure.  Uh... I can understand why!  Teachers and business owners need to understand that some projects are better off doing it alone in the peace and quiet.  Working alone has its advantages.  It involves deep concentration and motivation whereas working in a group is distracting.  While working alone is dreamy she does suggest schools should practice cooperation in moderation and that they should practice it well.

Let's move on to experiments conducted by people to really get into the differences between introverts and extroverts.  There was a ton of information and I didn't write it all down.  So let's start with social experiments done by some people.  The first experiment was conducted by Anders Ericsson, he divided three groups at Music Academy in West Berlin.  One group was considered "best", second group is "good", and third group is learners.  Each group had the same requirements.  The two best groups spent their time in solitude practicing three and a half hours a day, 1.3 hours for the worst group.  The best achievers did better in solitude.  What does all this nonsense mean?  It means people generally work better alone.  Another study was with babies.  The study said that babies who were excited when seeing colorful stuff were high reactive babies and therefore it was predicted they were to be the quiet introverts.  It's vice versa for the low reactive babies.  The high reactive babies were said to be more sensitive to their surroundings and the low reactive were supposed to be unmoved.  There are differences between high and low reactive children.  The high reactive children were said think things thoroughly and to be more sensitive (hence the high reactive title).  There was another research with the infants that followed them up towards adolescence.  Although the conclusion is a bit shaky it still led a path towards some new pieces of information.

For the many of you who are drooling but made it this far in the post now I'm going to describe the introverts.  Introverts are said to prefer less stimulation (i.e reading a book, drawing, etc...).  They enjoy shutting themselves from the world to focus on work.  They are described to be quiet, intellectual, and at times thoughtful people.  Introverts are the type of people who think before acting.  They usually think about the outcomes and think things through a bit too much.  People think introverts "over think" only because that's how they are.  She also describes "reward sensitivity" in introverts.  This is when people would basically do anything for a reward.  Introverts were more likely to pay attention to warning signals.  A great example she provided was when the stock market crashed in 2008.  There were two types of people: the ones who took risk and the others who were smart about their money.  The ones who were smart about their money were introverts who weren't highly reward sensitive.  There was one part in the book that I must mention.  "...extroverts get better grades in elementary school while introverts get better grades in high school and college."

Extroverts are people who constantly need "buzz".  They need more stimulation and they prefer team building activities like communicating with others.  This is why extroverts might feel so exhausted when they're deprived from sleep.  They need arousing to function in the day.  She also states that extroverts have thicker skin.  They aren't as highly sensitive.  Now there was one alarming thing I read in one chapter.  She mentions that Al Gore presented Congress facts about global warming in the 70's.  Since Congress is mostly composed of extroverts, they didn't feel alarmed.  They needed more intense stimulation to grasp their attention.  That's kinda scary if you think about it.  They are also more likely to be "reward sensitive".  She says the stock market crashed mainly due to the extroverts who were major risk takers.

Is America becoming an extroverted country?  Absolutely!  We constantly force students to jump out and be a "leader".  While I was reading this I was confronted with numerous amounts of evidence that America is screaming for extroverted people.  We have these class inquiries at school where the whole class has to work together.  While I was reading this book we did one in history and there was like three leaders who took immediate control and left us introverts in the dust.  Another example was the slideshow on how to get into National Honors Society.  You had to demonstrate leadership to get in.  In a world where extroversion is more appreciated how can introverts possibly be leaders when they're quiet people?  Especially when you have to practically scream to get your voice heard?  Introverts are people who love the peace and quiet and don't love all the chaos that is "leadership".  Americans are some of the most extroverted people in the world and we only pay attention to that majority.  America doesn't care if you're an introvert, they want you to gain social skills that are necessary in life.  She even says that we have genetic limits no matter how we try to shape up our social skills.  That is my favorite part of the book.  It's also called the "rubber band theory".  We can only stretch ourselves to a certain extent but other than that we can't dive in to extroversion.  We tend to extroverts more because it's more acceptable but we ignore the introverts who struggle to have their voices heard.  We need to listen to introverts, they're filled with ideas and bright proposals but we abuse only because they aren't loud enough.  I don't want children to have to be forced to become someone they're not.  Schools, businesses, and society is heading towards extroversion.  I think we should really balance the two.  After all, extroverts need introverts to survive.  I strongly recommend this book because it had tons of information that I couldn't cover.  You can find it anywhere and I recommend this if you want to learn a more in depth coverage about introverts and extroverts.

Friday, May 18, 2012

My Inspiration: Revisited

The last time I did this post was months ago.  This is going to be the updated version of my newly found inspiration.

Laci Green
Yes I'm still inspired by Laci!  Her videos have definitely given me a new light on my health and sexuality.  She's also someone with a deep passion for social justice!  I strongly recommend visiting her Youtube channel and website.  It gives off a lot of useful information, especially sexual health for any age.  Not only have I learned so much sexual health I've also gained an interest in social justice.  It's funny because I told some of my friends about her and they told me she was weird.  Come on, you have to laugh at that!  So yeah, if you believe the "cherry popping" thing is true, she debunks it... I seriously think she's better than the health book I had to read from this year in class.

Brittany Simon
She's a fascinating person to get an opinion from.  I love watching her videos because it makes me think.  I've had to take into consideration some of her topics she covered.  I totally recommend her as well, she has a unique way of looking at certain situations.  Whenever I watch her videos I usually think, "huh, I never thought of it that way.

Davey Wavey
The main reason I like visiting his website and watch his videos is because of his unique perspective of life. Although I don't really agree with his optimism of the world I do enjoy reading/watching it.  If you're having a bad day or if you're in a bad time in your life I think you should check him out.  Not only is he absolutely positive but I also love his sense of humor.  He's also a proud gay man who gives out wonderful advice and support for those in the LGBT community.

So those are the people who have lately inspired me to think a different way, taught me some things, or gave me a necessary laugh every once in a while.  I totally recommend everyone to check at least one of them out if you're interested.  I have the links on the left side of my blog and I have them on their names.  So go check them out!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This School (Rant #342345)

This has not been a fantastic week so please let me rant again.  I complain a lot about this school and for good reason.  There is so much gossip and drama here it isn't even funny.  My fourth hour in particular is the worst hour of the day.  It is filled with a bunch of irritating brats who just want to prove their toughness by starting drama.  I swear all you hear is, "so and so is talking crap about me".  Oh my gosh people so what?!  You have to react better, relying on your physical power is completely stupid.  If there is someone you are working with later in life are you going to be like, 'oh I'm this big bad tough person who's going to pound you to a pulp.'  No, because it doesn't work like that!  There is always going to be a person who won't like you and that's how it's gonna be in life.  And the hilarious part is, they don't try to desist the drama!  They continue it like it's some sort of hobby that's joyful and amazing!  And this school isn't only famous for the tremendous amount of drama but it's also known for the most annoying people I've ever met.  They will not shut up.  When someone tells you to shut up it means you should consider shutting up.  There is this one girl who also moved from Kansas and she agrees that this school is worse than her other one.  My gosh, either it's just me being pissy or this school really is beyond the stupidity level.  I swear, because of all this talking "crap" behind everyone's back there is like a million fights a day.  Ok I feel much better... I'm out.

Monday, May 14, 2012

The Human Anatomy (Rant)

Let me just say that the human anatomy is nothing to be ashamed about.  Yet there are people (English teacher) who are just one of the many examples of people who shame the body.  We were watching Romeo and Juliet and there was a nudity scene that showed Romeo who was completely naked but it only showed the backside. And then there was Juliet who was completely covered until she got up and her breasts were shown for a brief second.  When Romeo got up and stretched the teacher was like, "ewww".  I was completely appalled!  Oh my gosh there was a freaking butt shown, big deal.  Everyone has a butt, get used to it!  And then he said to cover our eyes because Juliet was going to get up and there was going to be nudity.  What is this, third grade?  Number 1: I'm pretty sure all the people in that room have seen a naked body.  Number 2: It's the human body what is the big deal?!  He acts like he's in middle school where everyone turned away when a picture of boobs popped up.  Seriously, everyone else in the class reacted better than him.  Stop being so afraid of the human body, there is nothing bad about it.  Ya feelin me?  And to be honest the actors had pretty glamorous bodies.  How can anyone shame a body like that?  I find it humorous that he tells us to act like adults and yet he says "ewww" to a butt... he contradicted himself there.  Ugh it made me mad when he was making those comments... so I turned to my blog to rant about it!  Please don't be ashamed of human anatomy, there isn't anything wrong with it.

By the way, this post was supposed to be up by Wednesday and the post on my book was supposed to be today.  I think I'm going to make a video on it considering that there is so much to talk about that I can't fit it all in a post.  I tried typing it and I'm not articulating myself as good as I would've liked so I think a video is more appropriate.  It'll be up as soon as I have a chance to record, have an awesome day!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A-Z Challenge Reflections

I'm really late on this but I've been pretty busy with things and today I totally forgot about the post on Friday.  This was my first year for participating in the A-Z Challenge and I must say I overall, enjoyed it.  I didn't get to read as many blogs as I would have liked to but I still found a ton of new blogs to follow!  I also gained a fair amount of new members which is awesome!  Thanks for all the follows peepz!  Now one thing I wished I could have done was take the time to make a post better.  There were quite a bit of posts that I didn't really try on.  Especially the K for Kumquats... that one was pretty lame, I must admit.  I also wish I did posts earlier and not on that last second... but overall I enjoyed some of the posts I made and I loved the challenge of posting everyday.  It was an enjoyable experience and I loved having the chance to share some stories about me and what I enjoy.  I also loved reading other people's themes and stories.  So yeah the A-Z Challenge was challenging but I survived.  I would hope to join next years challenge because there were some posts I would've loved to do!  So to wrap this post up I enjoyed this new experience.  It was a challenge but I prevailed and I'm proud of it!  I hope everyone else had a good A-Z Challenge as well!  Next post I'll be discussing my first book, The Horrors Within.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's human instinct to get pissed off with people and it's instinct to hold grudges.  Right now I'm dealing with a lot of people holding grudges from things that happened like five years ago.  Oh yeah it's that bad.  I'm not a huge fan of bringing past conflicts with people because there is no point.  It happened in the past.  Yet my family thinks they're so intelligent when they tell me all these things my family did to each other and blah blah blah.  Listen, I don't care what a person did five years ago.  If they're better people then I can live with that but if they still have a rotten attitude then see ya later.  And to be honest with you I really don't find any excuse for anyone to hold a grudge.  There was a documentary on a woman who survived Auschwitz and she forgave a doctor who performed horrible medical procedures on her family.  She forgave one of the worst criminals in history for killing her family.  I don't think anyone should hold a grudge considering someone can forgive a Nazi.  But I don't know, it could very well just be me who can't keep a grudge for over a year.  From my view, people aren't that amazing to stay angry at.  I mean, I have my life to live and I'm going to focus on that.  I'm not going to pout that this person did so and so to me seven years ago.  It isn't worth the energy and it only makes me a cranky person.  Sometimes things are so over-the-top pathetic that I want to tell my family to shush, open a bag of Chex Mix, and chill.  The world would be 2% better if we would let things go sometimes. Let goooooooooo... grudges that last for more than five years is silly and downright asinine.  I think I'm going to go play some Zelda to blow off some steam.  Mr. O... out!

I feel much better!  My next post will be my reflection on the A-Z Challenge.  I know I missed the reflections post but I'm still going to do.  Have a hunky dory day!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Updates!

April is over and boy am I happy about it.  April was a busy month and May is looking pretty busy too.  As everyone knows May is the month school gets out so I'm absolutely excited!  There isn't much planned for this month only the end of the school year.  I will be taking a break from blogging, probably a week and a half to focus on school work.  I wish I could make this longer and waste your time even more but I have things to do and it isn't necessarily going to be fun.  Check back in about two weeks to see another blog post!  Cheers!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zoos

I think it's safe to say that most of us have some memories with the zoo.  Either it's funny memories or really sour memories that we do not wish to share!  But with me I remember going to the zoo most Sundays with my family after lunch.  Even though we were frequent visitors I couldn't get enough of the zoo!  During the summer we usually brought our bikes and we would ride on the sidewalks and stop by each exhibit.  It's a memory that I will never ever let go.  Although a zoo was entertaining as a child I can't stand going to them now.  They depress me and I just can't stand to go to one anymore.  I should probably grow a backbone BUT that's just how I am.  How do you feel about zoos?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y is for Yellow

Yellow is my favorite color.... that's all I can think of for this post.  OK this is another letter that failed me and I really can't think of anything else to say.  Monday is the last day of the A-Z Challenge!  I can't believe it's the end of April!  OH and I'm almost done with my book!  So yeah... hmm nothing else to type.  I guess I'll just go and listen to Reik.  Laterz.

Friday, April 27, 2012

X is for X-Men

I love the old X-Men shows they had.  The series began in 1992 and ran through 1996.  I enjoy watching them on Netflix, seeing as how these were sort of better than the modern movies.  I liked the first few seasons but the last season of this show was the worst!  It wasn't exciting or mind blowing it was just eh.  I remember we had the first episode on VHS tape... ahh when I found the first episode on Netflix I screamed like a little girl when she sees Justin Bieber.  It's one of the best t.v shows I'll ever watch.  The comic look to it was a nice touch.  I can get more in depth with it but I have to finish writing.  Oh my gosh this A-Z thing is almost over!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Wolfe

This is the name I plan to change it to.  Wolfe.  Ever since I heard this name I've been obsessed with it.  It just sounds cool to be called Wolfe!  Now the reasons to why I want to change my name are a bit eh.  The first reason is people don't know how to spell it!  It bugs me to constantly have to correct them, it's "f" not "ph"!  Another reason is people have really destroyed my confidence with my name.  I'm not gonna lie the things they say are bit rude.  For most people throughout my life they associated my name with Adolf Hitler.  They would joke around calling me Hitler and it wasn't once or twice its been all throughout my life.  At first I let it slide but then once you hear something repeatedly it takes its toll on you.  The last reason to why I want to change my name is because of Social Security reasons.  My mom told me they kept sending the check or whatever to my dad instead of me.  Changing my name would help with the confusion they have going on.  I mean even my mom thinks I should change my name!  So yeah this post is rushed because I still have to work on a project I've been on for the past 3 mother effing hours!!!!  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vanilla

Is there such thing as vanilla people?  People who go with the flow and everything they talk about has already been heard before, very generic people.  I would like to think that each person is unique mentally.  I say mentally because if you expressed yourself physically then you would be shunned for being yourself.  Does it make sense?  No, but hey one day we'll learn.  There are times where I just think to myself, 'wow that person is very generic and unoriginal.'  There isn't anything unique or interesting about that person that makes me want to jump up and down and appreciate their unique spin on things.  For some reason I keep thinking about a teacher that I have.  He isn't horrible it's just he's very vanilla.  Plain and simple.  I'm one to complicate things and make it intricate, sometimes it's too intricate.  It's like vanilla ice cream.  It's plain and boring but once you add the M&M's, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce then it becomes exciting!  We need to add the M&M's, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce to our life and make it explosive.  But is living a vanilla life really not that bad?  Is it just me who is used to ambitious thinking?  This is one thing I think about way too much.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is for Um...

Yes I know I've been bad at posting but this month has been a mess!  Ok so... um... yeah I have nothing.  Today was supposed to be about uncompleted thoughts and then I found out it wasn't a real word!  I guess I'll continue with that post just with a horrible title.  Here are the list of blog posts that I originally planned to talk about but it backfired and failed.

Failed posts

  1. Popularity
  2. Cornell Notes
  3. Pet Peeves
  4. Pet Peeves (Hallway Edition)
  5. Mythology Rant

T is for Tree house

Although I love trees I had a bad experience with a tree house when I was smaller.  I was at a friend's house and I was on top of a fairly tall tree and we were messing around.  We were in the tree house and it was an open one, which meant there was no walls.  So we were running around like morons and little did I know I would take a great tumble down the tree.  I think one guy accidentally pushed me off and I fell on my knees.  Did it hurt?  I think.  Did I cry?  Most likely.  When I look back it's pretty funny.  Boy was I not the brightest child.. I mean seriously who runs around in a tree house with no walls?!  

Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Spelling Bee

Spelling bees have been my most favorite competition ever!  I remember in first grade when I first started spelling bees.  It was quite embarrassing actually because I misspelled the word "pull"...  I spelled it "pool".  One of the things that was also ridiculing was the spelling bee in 4th grade.  I made it to the county bee and I got out on the first round!  I misspelled "recipe"!  How pathetic is that!?  When I look back at it it's pretty funny but at the time it was horrible.  Then in 5th grade I reached a huge milestone.  I did go to the county bee and I won!  It was total redemption from the last bee!  A couple of weeks later I went to the state bee and that... well I didn't do too hot.  I passed the first round with "nightingale" and then the second round sucked, I misspelled "morgue".  The next few years were absolutely suckish because I didn't make it to state.  And then eighth grade arrived and it was the last year I was eligible to compete.  My initial goal was to make it to the national bee and I would be content.  To make a long story short I didn't make it.  I misspelled "satori" and thus ending my spelling bee competition.  But on the bright side I made it to the third round!  That's my story with the spelling bee, from 1st grade all the way to 8th grade.  So yeah... my spelling bee journey was a mixture of heartbreaking losses and glorifying victories.   I must hear your spelling bee stories!

Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Rain

The rain soothes my mind.  Whenever I hear the soft patter against my window, I'm at ease.  It's somewhat comforting to hear a loud storm outside.  Hearing the rain plunging down from the sky takes me to Cloud 7.  There are times where all I want to do is just go outside while it's raining and run.  Getting completely drenched in water sounds tremendously fun and care-free.  I remember a time in Texas where I was at a birthday party and it began to rain.  I was with other children and we were outside in the rain having a blast.  I truly "love" those days where I can go outside in the rain and it will result in no punishment from parents.  It's sort of like the rain is a substance to which I can get high but I'm not addicted to it because I can't get it everyday.  Ahh life's simple pleasures...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q is for Quiet

People think I'm quiet.  Teachers think I'm oh so quiet and innocent but... if only they knew how loud I actually am!  I find it humorous how teachers think I'm this innocent and quiet kid who has a halo around his head.  Yeah... no.  Outside of school I love talking and I love discussing opinions and certain issues.  I'm not quiet and I will never be.  Even though I do love the peace and quiet I do enjoy talking... but only to one or two people other than that I'm more of a listener.  I can't stand talking to a group of eight people... that's too scary for me.  OK this post was bleh because I'm feeling bleh and that feeling is too bleh. OH and by the way I'm reading a book called Quiet and it talks about introverts.  Once I'm finished with it I'll make a post talking about the book!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Pictures

If you ever see me with a camera... run.  Wanna know why?  Of course you do. I love taking silly pictures!  It isn't necessarily fun for my sister and mom (I usually take surprise pictures of them).  I have a whole load of pictures that are absolutely silly and should never be taken seriously.  I'm not a huge fan of those people who strive for professional profile pictures on Facebook or something.  Make it fun!  Those pictures are like so totally lame-o.  Another thing I love about cameras has to be videos!  So many memories by just hitting the record button.  The camera shouldn't be fake smiles of a group picture, it should be fun! When I look back at a video and actually laugh... that's a video I will always keep.  Not some cheesy family video with no one doing anything.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Oz

I FINALLY GOT A POST DONE ON TIME!!!!  You might be wondering what the heck is Oz.  No it isn't the Wizard of Oz but it is one character's name from the book I'm writing.  I'll talk more about the book later but you can enjoy one character.  Oz is a nine year old boy who reflects me when I was nine.  He's silly at times and he has only one friend.  His one friend is a mute and she's about the same age as him.  He lives with his parents who are rarely home (I don't mention his parents in the book).  His names means "strength" and it's a male Jewish name.  I mean it could be a unisex name but it depends on the person.  This character sort of reminds me of... me as I stated earlier.  His imagination was not concealed in a cage; he could let it go whenever he pleased.  He's also the little girl's only friend as well.  He saw how lonely she was, mostly because her family paid no attention to her at all.  And that concludes one of many characters in my book!  I hope you enjoyed!

Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Name Calling

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when people call each other names like sluts and whores.  I mean I find it funny that most the times people call each other these names for the lack of a better name.  When someone has to resort to any of those names I'll be honest, I consider you uneducated and weak minded.  The best way to insult someone is by calling them that?  Yeah there are plenty of ways to insult someone but please don't call someone that unless you really know what it means.  Most the time I get absolutely tired of girls calling each other that when they really don't even know what it means!  I remember one of my friends called this girl a cunt (omgz bad word) and I asked them if they knew what it meant.  Guess what?!  They didn't!  Know the words you use to insult someone or then it makes you look like the fool.  OH and I find it hilarious how some teens think that cussing is the best insult.  Yeah... heck no.  When you call me every word in the naughty dictionary I can't help but smile!  Sadly I used to be that person who called another person a slut and I thought cussing was the best way to win a fight because that's what the kool kids did.  I hope I made my point across in this rant!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

M is for Memories

This is probably another generic title but I figured why not go for it :P.  We all have memories that will stick with us until the end.  Good or bad, they will be apart of us.  One of the memories I miss the most has to be living in my hometown.  That was the time in my life where things were innocent and calm.  Now don't get me wrong things happened but when I think about it, overall things were mellow.  I was a strange child, according to my father.  And when I look back.. I completely agree.  I would often play outside on the trampoline with myself.  I would pretend I was in some sort of movie and I would act out all the characters.  Sometimes I even pretended I was in track and I would do the high jump.. because in the trampoline... anything is possible.  And how could I forget my stuffed animals!  It was funny because I imagined they were characters in a movie as well.  I would pretend they were in an action film packed with dramatic scenes.  Or I would play school with them.  I have no idea why I'm even sharing this in the first place because it sounds awkward!  Alright the last thing I mostly did when I was smaller was playing with pencils and pens.  And yes I would give them names and pretend they were in reality t.v. shows or school.  I guess I could agree I was unusual... but I was small so I have an excuse!  

Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Lake

Another late post, I apologize!  So I have a story to share to you all wonderful readers about the lake.  Before moving to Illinois we went to this lake nearby my hometown.  So my family and my step-dad and his son joined us for a day at the lake!  It was actually pretty fun but the part I genuinely remember is the snake or animals that came up from the water!  Alright so let's start to the humble beginning.  Me, my sister, and step-dad's son were in the water splashing and having a terrific time.  And then all of a sudden I see this head sticking out of the water coming towards us!  I completely panicked and ran to shore to avoid that thing!  Once I was panicking and splashing in the water looking like a shark was heading towards me, the other two took notice and ran to shore as well!  I didn't even look back or wait for anyone else.  It was every person for themselves!  While I was graciously heading towards shore I heard the others behind me.. laughing? I don't remember but once we got out that mini loch ness monster already disappeared.  It was intense.  I vividly remember a head coming up and down from the water.  Oh good times... good times...  So who has some stories about the lake?!?!?!?!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kumquats

OK I'll confess I thought I had the letter k planned but... I didn't.  So I"m winging it baby!  So kumquats are something I've never had before.  They look unappetizing to be honest with ya'll.  For some reason I'm developing a fear of kumquats I mean they look funny and probably taste funny.  You know something else I haven't tried?  Karkalla (yes I'm using Google today)!  Those fruits seem sour and... well they seem sour.  Let's see am I missing any?  Oh yeah!  Kiwis!  I love kiwi!  They are the only fruit that I like that starts with the letter k!  My favorite part about kiwis are biting into the mini seeds inside of it.  I love that extra crunch along with the fruit itself.  It makes it have some sort of bite to it (nerdy Top Chef terminology).  OK so this post wasn't really exciting or anything but I was unprepared for this letter.  Soooooooo have you tried any fruits that start with the letter k?!  Was it an enjoyable experience?  Was it lacking in anything?  Was it fun?  Was it dumb?  Was it disgusting?  I must knowww!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is for Joy

Barely managed to squeeze this post today!  There are very few things in life that cause joy: Chex Mix and laughing.  Who doesn't enjoy a huge bag of some mouth watering Chex Mix?!  Although it isn't necessarily good for you... I seriously don't care.  This is the only junk food I can feel content with and not guilty when I finished the bag... most times.  And who doesn't enjoy laughing?!?!?!  I love hearing others laugh, it's one of the most rhythmic sound a human can produce.  To be honest it isn't really that easy to make me laugh but when I hear someone else laughing so hard that they snort... priceless.  I mean who hasn't laughed like this: