Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 London Olympics: Conclusion

The London Olympics are closing today and I'm a bit sad that it has to end.  I just recently started watching the Olympics and I can't believe I didn't start watching earlier!  It was an honor to see hundreds of athletes competing with so much talent.  They trained and trained for hours a day to compete with other countries.  All that dedication to their event makes me inspired to work that hard for a goal I want to accomplish.  But what I'm really impressed with are the amount of countries that came together to compete.  For two weeks we are able to set aside our differences.  If only we could act this way outside of the Olympics!  That's probably my second favorite part about this event.  I love seeing all these people with different backgrounds and I don't just mean skin color, race, or ethnicity.  The biggest inspiration overall would come from Oscar Pistorius.  It was awesome that he had the opportunity to run against other able bodied people.  It wasn't just because he was a double amputee but just the reason that he continued to run and train makes me feel warm inside.  It really does make me a bit teary to think I have to wait another four years for the next Olympics.  Not to sound cheesy or overly dramatic but this has been majorly influential and inspirational.  It kinda makes you want to jump up and do something spectacular!  Of course I have more stuff to type but I can't remember as usual.  My mind is still weeping because all this is over for now and that prevents me from thinking clearly!  I hope all of you enjoyed the Olympics as much as I have!!!

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