Sunday, July 24, 2011

Video Games and their "Teachings"

Ok, I know I'm a teenager who loves video games and I will have a different view of violent video games than adults.  Since this is my blog I could write my opinion!  Hooray for blogs!  Anyways I would say that nowadays a lot of adults blame violence on video games and some places want to BAN them!  How moronic!  I will confess that I did play shooter games when I was pretty young and my mom never took the game away from me.  She did however notice it was a shooter game but she ignored it.  I turned out just fine and I play shooter games and "violent" games today!  Not once do I ever think of acts of violence when I play.  When I play I'm usually more concerned about beating the level.  Of course when I lose I get frustrated but I don't go crazy and start murdering people.  I think parents are overreacting to these games and if they are really concerned for their child why do they buy the games for their children?  If that's not the case then why are they concerned with other children playing this?  I would like to tell them to just stay out of it.  Worry about your own child.  That sounds harsh but that is my point of view.  For those parents please watch what your children play if you are THAT concerned.  I think the reason to violence in children or teenagers has to be blamed on real life violence that they experienced.  Also you have to look at what they been through.  It could be anger or just signs of craziness.  Let's pretend that I am playing Grand Theft Auto and something clicked in my mind to start robbing things in real life because I played a game... yeah that doesn't make sense to me.  Although others have a different perception than I do.  Well I got that off my chest... Just like to say.... well it's midnight where I am... so... HAVE A GREAT DAY :DD!!  That works!

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