Friday, July 29, 2011

Eighth grade..

OK so in my last entry I said I would explain how bad eighth grade was... now I will.  I'm going to start with teachers.  My teachers weren't the best at being nice... some treated me with respect... others not so much.  Not every teacher will like you but it bothers me how some had attitudes towards me.  I never argued with my teacher, I never talked back, nor did I give them an attitude.  I remember one didn't let me take a quiz and walked out on me!  I wanted to say, "yeah that's real mature of you".  I decided not to because I had more class than that ;D!  Some actually were nice to me and helped me out and never quit on me.  Others I felt excluded me for some reason that I will never know.  I learned to act better than that and to NOT let them ruin my day by acting like a brat.  There will be people who may not like you.. don't give them a second thought.  Now you know how negative I was being in those classes.  Another reason why I was pessimistic was because of my classmates.  My gosh they loved being rude in class!  I remember in math class they were being soooo rude to the poor substitute and got us all in trouble!  Not all were bad but man it was torture!  Now one kid made the math teacher extremely mad all the time and I felt sooo bad for her!  I don't know why they were that rude.  Though they didn't pay attention in class they did pay attention to the gossip and rumors spreading around.  OK I only have time for that and check for my second part on Sunday!  Have an AMAZING day :DDD!


  1. Hey! Why didn't you tell me you had a blog! Your work is good ,but i have a few ideas. Write about how there were are two hispanic girls and one caucasion girl who brighten up your sixth hour during lunch. Especially write about the very smart but cool ,nice but a lil mean hispanic girl.

  2. LOL yeah I should write about that! Especially about your best friend who starts with an H! ;D