Thursday, July 21, 2011


The problem with society these days are the constant negativity!  All I hear is how bad the government is and how the economy will crash.  All they talk about is the train of possibilities that MIGHT happen.  There was one time that I heard how they might flip the situation... THAT'S what I want to hear.  The media is the main cause of all this pessimism.  They constantly have to find a story that has to deal with someone getting murdered or a big scare that's happening.  Really... how about things that are good like charity events or how recycling is becoming more popular.  My sister was watching the news one time and said it makes her depressed because of all the things happening in the world today.  I simply tell her to not watch it and do something else.  When I grow up I don't want my children to listen to all this negativity I want them to live positive lives.  For me I like to think the best of things.  It hasn't rained here that much where I live so there is always next week!  I will walk with my head up and smile.  Nothing beats a smile :).  That's all for today... have a wonderful day :))!!!

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