Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gay Marriage and more

Yes today will be the controversial subject of gay marriage.  First off I will say I am 100% for gay marriage and believe everyone should have the right to marry.  There are a couple of things people say that urk me.

1. Being gay is an abomination in the Bible
        - First off you have to know that the Bible was written thousands of years ago and the word "abomination" is translated as "going against tradition".  Just wanted to get that out there.  Also, people use the Bible for the WRONG reasons,  they use it to discriminate others and spread the vile word... "hate".  When I was in Catholic school they taught me to love EVERYONE around me not to leave out a group of people.  The Bible should be used for love and not to discriminate.

2. Being gay is a sin
        - Again, another reference to the Bible.  I would like to say that the real sinners are the homophobes out there.  They are the ones who hate and say things that make me go from :D to ;(.  So basically being yourself is a sin?  That doesn't make sense at all.  I don't see anywhere in the Tenth Commandments "Thy shall not be gay".

3. Being gay is a choice
         - I can't stress enough that it is NOT a choice!  There is no scientific proof that one gets to choose what gender they prefer.  All those people who say you can change are all wrong.  Going through therapy to change sexual orientation does NOT work.  If someone got to choose do you really think they would choose to be hated?  It's who they are and no one can change that.

4. Gays flaunt their sexuality
         - Really?  All I see is straight people holding hands and kissing in public.  What is that?  If someone had a relationship of the same sex and they were holding hands people would make remarks everywhere.  Yet straights can lock lips in the park where there are children everywhere?  I find that an excuse.

5. Gays who have children will also turn out to be gay
         - One of my friends told me that if I adopt a child to raise it straightness first.  She says that if I raise it in gayness it will be gay.  I find that to be false.  Again no one can choose what gender they like.  If a child has two fathers it has no affect on the child whatsoever.  Goes with the same with two mothers.  Just another excuse to not let them adopt.  Yet straight couples who are abusive can keep a child?  WOAH let's stop for a second... loving fathers or mothers can't adopt a child yet abusive parents keeps theirs?  ....

Those are few of the things that I can say for now.  If you are LGBT I will say that I'm here if no one else is there.  Everyone has a hand to hold in the end.  Please don't listen to what others tell you, they are negative influences in life that should be ignored.  Everyone deserves to be loved no matter who they are.  I'll always be here :).

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