Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm nearing my first day of highschool!  I'm very excited to finally get out of the wretched place of middle school!  My goals for highschool are the usual try hard and get good grades... BUT this year I want to be as positive as I possibly can!  My goals are to never listen to negativity and to make the best of it.  Besides I'm used to all the drama so it won't be too hard.  Anyways I'm going to the school on August 1st, but I start August 16th so I'm making the best of the rest of summer vacation.  I'm ready to take highschool head-on!  My next blog entry will be split into 3 parts and consist of how horrible 8th grade was... and how I learned from it.  Plenty of things to say.  In the mean time appreciate the outdoors and the heat :)!  Have an EXQUISITE day!!!!! :D

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