Friday, May 25, 2012

Desperate Teens

I originally wasn't going to post something because I wasn't feeling inspired by anything but low and behold I am now inspired by someone.  I have a friend who is a pretty good friend but there is one problem: she's desperate to be in a relationship.  I tell her from time and time again that I'm not interested and I pinpoint why I'm not interested.  Yet she continues to act like I'm going to change my mind and she tells me all these things that make me want to explode into tiny bits.  Whenever I'm busy and she texts me I tell her I'm busy and she gets all worked up saying that I'm lying and she starts complaining.  Now she's telling me I keep rejecting her and all these blasphemous things.  OK I'm not a fan of texting nor calling, I prefer real live socializing.  Number 2, if I don't text you or the conversation doesn't last long then it probably means I don't feel like talking.  Number 3, I hate texting people everyday, I'm a person who likes to text every once in a while because there won't be anything to talk about.  She continues to act like we are in a relationship and it's getting infuriating.  She's a good friend but there are times when I want to be brutally honest and say, "listen I'm not ever going to be interested, move on and get over it."  There was even one time when she asked me when I was going to start dating and I said ten years from now.  She responded with a text that pushed me over the edge.  She said she would wait... are you kidding me?!  I'm not going to reiterate myself a thousand times, I don't want to be in a relationship!  This is the reason why I hate relationships!  Teenagers are so dang clingy and desperate that you can detect it from a mile away!  Yet I must be speaking in a different language because the explanation I provide isn't processing in her mind.  It's frustrating to not be able to have a conversation without her bringing up relationships.  It's pointless to even be friends when all she's thinking about is being together.  If honesty means being a douchebag then so be it.  But I'm thankful she brought up this topic tonight.

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