Wednesday, May 9, 2012


It's human instinct to get pissed off with people and it's instinct to hold grudges.  Right now I'm dealing with a lot of people holding grudges from things that happened like five years ago.  Oh yeah it's that bad.  I'm not a huge fan of bringing past conflicts with people because there is no point.  It happened in the past.  Yet my family thinks they're so intelligent when they tell me all these things my family did to each other and blah blah blah.  Listen, I don't care what a person did five years ago.  If they're better people then I can live with that but if they still have a rotten attitude then see ya later.  And to be honest with you I really don't find any excuse for anyone to hold a grudge.  There was a documentary on a woman who survived Auschwitz and she forgave a doctor who performed horrible medical procedures on her family.  She forgave one of the worst criminals in history for killing her family.  I don't think anyone should hold a grudge considering someone can forgive a Nazi.  But I don't know, it could very well just be me who can't keep a grudge for over a year.  From my view, people aren't that amazing to stay angry at.  I mean, I have my life to live and I'm going to focus on that.  I'm not going to pout that this person did so and so to me seven years ago.  It isn't worth the energy and it only makes me a cranky person.  Sometimes things are so over-the-top pathetic that I want to tell my family to shush, open a bag of Chex Mix, and chill.  The world would be 2% better if we would let things go sometimes. Let goooooooooo... grudges that last for more than five years is silly and downright asinine.  I think I'm going to go play some Zelda to blow off some steam.  Mr. O... out!

I feel much better!  My next post will be my reflection on the A-Z Challenge.  I know I missed the reflections post but I'm still going to do.  Have a hunky dory day!

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  1. Zelda is the best way to blow off steam. I agree about grudges being rotten. The way I've heard it, holding a grudge is like drinking poison yourself and expecting the other person to die.