Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This School (Rant #342345)

This has not been a fantastic week so please let me rant again.  I complain a lot about this school and for good reason.  There is so much gossip and drama here it isn't even funny.  My fourth hour in particular is the worst hour of the day.  It is filled with a bunch of irritating brats who just want to prove their toughness by starting drama.  I swear all you hear is, "so and so is talking crap about me".  Oh my gosh people so what?!  You have to react better, relying on your physical power is completely stupid.  If there is someone you are working with later in life are you going to be like, 'oh I'm this big bad tough person who's going to pound you to a pulp.'  No, because it doesn't work like that!  There is always going to be a person who won't like you and that's how it's gonna be in life.  And the hilarious part is, they don't try to desist the drama!  They continue it like it's some sort of hobby that's joyful and amazing!  And this school isn't only famous for the tremendous amount of drama but it's also known for the most annoying people I've ever met.  They will not shut up.  When someone tells you to shut up it means you should consider shutting up.  There is this one girl who also moved from Kansas and she agrees that this school is worse than her other one.  My gosh, either it's just me being pissy or this school really is beyond the stupidity level.  I swear, because of all this talking "crap" behind everyone's back there is like a million fights a day.  Ok I feel much better... I'm out.

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