Monday, May 14, 2012

The Human Anatomy (Rant)

Let me just say that the human anatomy is nothing to be ashamed about.  Yet there are people (English teacher) who are just one of the many examples of people who shame the body.  We were watching Romeo and Juliet and there was a nudity scene that showed Romeo who was completely naked but it only showed the backside. And then there was Juliet who was completely covered until she got up and her breasts were shown for a brief second.  When Romeo got up and stretched the teacher was like, "ewww".  I was completely appalled!  Oh my gosh there was a freaking butt shown, big deal.  Everyone has a butt, get used to it!  And then he said to cover our eyes because Juliet was going to get up and there was going to be nudity.  What is this, third grade?  Number 1: I'm pretty sure all the people in that room have seen a naked body.  Number 2: It's the human body what is the big deal?!  He acts like he's in middle school where everyone turned away when a picture of boobs popped up.  Seriously, everyone else in the class reacted better than him.  Stop being so afraid of the human body, there is nothing bad about it.  Ya feelin me?  And to be honest the actors had pretty glamorous bodies.  How can anyone shame a body like that?  I find it humorous that he tells us to act like adults and yet he says "ewww" to a butt... he contradicted himself there.  Ugh it made me mad when he was making those comments... so I turned to my blog to rant about it!  Please don't be ashamed of human anatomy, there isn't anything wrong with it.

By the way, this post was supposed to be up by Wednesday and the post on my book was supposed to be today.  I think I'm going to make a video on it considering that there is so much to talk about that I can't fit it all in a post.  I tried typing it and I'm not articulating myself as good as I would've liked so I think a video is more appropriate.  It'll be up as soon as I have a chance to record, have an awesome day!


  1. I know what you mean. The U.S. is really weird about nudity, like the body is something to be ashamed of, and yet it's put on display all the time in advertisement.

    It makes no sense.

  2. We watched that in my class to and he didnt even let us watch that part because it was "nasty" and "inappropriate." So ya i feel ya, lol.