Monday, December 5, 2011

Closed Mindedness

What is it?  It's people.  People are close mindedness.  I'm going to talk about people who don't have the capability to listen to others speak.  As you know I watch Laci Green's videos on Youtube and over the past few weeks she has gotten some criticism on her Twilight video.  In that video she talks about how the Twilight series portray abusive love.  A lot of people were somehow offended by this video.  Close mindedness?  Absolutely, they were so wrapped up in this series that they couldn't listen to anyone talk smack about it.  It is exactly like the WBC, so wrapped up in their beliefs that they think they are always right.  I strongly believe in gay rights and it is hard to read the person's side of the story.  If you're a person who can't listen to the other side of the argument... please it makes you look smarter if you do.  We should broaden our minds! (Harry Potter reference).  Have a lovely school night!

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