Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Racial Stereotypes

The media has constructed many stereotypes over the past decades.  I hear many stereotypes of different races.  I'll start with Mexicans.  I hear a lot of negative comments towards Mexicans and I for one cannot stand them.  I hear people say that Mexicans are illegal and they don't understand English all that well.  This has to be the most filthy stereotype ever.  Why do people think Mexicans are illegal?  There are many Mexicans in America aiming for legal residence in this country.  I see a lot of movies and shows showing African-Americans having economic hardships or emotional problems.  They portray them in the wrong ways which increases our beliefs in stereotypes.  Now the ones I see all the time are stereotypes in commercials.  For example: white men are portrayed as buffoons, black women are portrayed with having attitudes, and yet... where are Asians or Latinos?!  Lastly, during one of my classes one student said that minority groups have lots and lots of babies... x face palm x.  I don't see any real evidence saying that.  Yet he can make those remarks and yet there is many shows that have white families having 19 children.  Honestly I'm done with stereotypes, no justice comes out of it.  Stop believing all these stereotypes!  Enough said.

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