Saturday, December 3, 2011

Athlete Salaries

There is one thing in life I always question... sports.  Why?  Why do we need sports?  I'm not a fan of sports at all but I'm sick of these athletes getting such high salaries.  I don't understand how a soccer player can earn more than a teacher!  All they do is play a game... wooh such excitement!  What do they teach?  They teach absolutely nothing.  These athletes don't contribute anything to this world except for boredom.  Why do we have to treat these athletes like princesses?  Others work hard for their money and yet some still can't support themselves!  That is an f'ed up situation!  All they do is work a little and then take a break, work a little then take a break.  I don't even consider that work!  They play a game and then get paid.  Then if they don't win they will start to cry.  Why do we put these athletes first?  They are normal human beings with an outrageous bank account.  Why can't hard working people earn a much higher wage?  It frustrates me that we are treating these athletes like royalty when they don't make a significant change to society.  Please open your eyes.  Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Hey hey hey! Imma sports fan here =p I disagree with your opinion on 'they don't teach us anything!'--->Infact! They do! They teach and help...:
    +Muscle growth
    +Mathematics(strangely this plays into the game because you have to be able to quickly calculate if you can make the ball into the basket from where you're at with the influences all around you)
    +and so much more.
    =D You're debate buddies here, lol

  2. LOL well since we are debating this I will respond back! Honestly, sports are played by people who cry about losing. They tend to use steroids and it causes people to freak out when they didn't do a touchdown or whatever. So yeah :P