Sunday, December 18, 2011

Horror Movies

Who else is sick and tired of horror movies?  ME!  Horror movies are so generic now!  Here are just a few of my complaints:

Helpless Teenagers
This has to be the most recycled thing with horror movies.  A group of teenagers in a car drinking or doing drugs and then WHAM a killer/monster comes up and kills them all.  Or they show a helpless teenager running for her/his life and they fall down and their world is over.  It is so predictable! 

Paranormal Children
Another thing I am sick of are these children born with a "sixth sense".  I mean in most horror movies you always have children saying these phrases: "they're here", "don't hurt her/him!", or "they're coming to get you!"  It is so reused that it is almost funny!  I can see why children can be so vulnerable but does it have to be done in every movie?!

Magical Killers
Unless they are monsters I don't see how humans can live after being shot 24 times.  Well if they have a bulletproof vest... still how is that possible?!  I absolutely hate those parts where the protagonist has to stab the killer like a hundred times just for him to "die".  Yet after being stabbed multiple times the killer is still alive!  I guess it is a horror movie logic.

Happy Endings!
Oh the ending of horror movies are always the best.  The killer is finally annihilated and everyone's problems have magically disappeared!  What drives me crazy is the part where the killer has been "killed" but wait!  Oh no, he disappeared!  It isn't suspenseful nor is it creepy it is plain irritating! 

In conclusion, I hate horror movies!  I used to like them but there isn't anything to like.  There is no creativity.  It is all the same formula.  Characters running = killer chasing = people die = killer vanished = all is solved!  Please, someone save the horror genre!

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  1. hahaha.This made me laugh so hard.Thats the same exact thing i see in scary movies .Ecspecially with the helpless teenager or better yet the monster who dissapears after being killed!Scary movies have gotten really boring...