Sunday, September 25, 2011

Illegal Immigration

The last post that I did inspired me to talk about illegal immigration.  Whenever I read an article about immigration I check to see the comments and I must say nearly all of them oppose it.  It sickens me whenever I hear people talk about how Mexicans will take over America and blah blah blah.  Really?  Whoever said that must be crazy or something because that is complete blasphemy!  To my understanding people who cross the border want to better their lives.  Mexico is getting pretty violent and families would do anything to have a better opportunity in America.  You also have to understand that they want a better life for their children as well.  Of course some people want to be hard-headed and send every illegal back to Mexico.  So, let's look at how that is bad.  The first reason is that it will take a long time to organize this, yeah not a good idea.  The second reason is about the children, some are born in America and are considered citizens... what will you do with the children?  In my opinion I think that will be a very messy situation.  From watching the episode you also have to understand is that some people are forced to come here.  Telling someone to go back to where they came from is a horrible thing to say.  What if they came from nothing?  Not everyone has the same privileges as others.  Understand that people want to start a new chapter in their life and their only choice is to come to America.  I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and my next post will be about bullying.  Have a magnificent day!!!

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  1. they are scared cuz MEXICANS are better at everything. at manual labor and being smart. like me for example. :)