Thursday, September 15, 2011

Teenagers dumb?

Couple months ago my sister bought a book called, The Dumbest Generation.  I went ahead and read some of it and I must say I got a little offended.  Basically what the guy talked about was America's test scores and how teenagers aren't reading anymore and blah blah blah.  Let's cut to the chase, are we really stupid?  Or do adults have higher expectations?  I must admit here and there I do think that some people at my school are a little frustrating when it comes to education, but calling this whole generation dumb is a little offending.  The author needs to realize that this isn't all of teenagers and basing that off some test scores are ridiculous.  We aren't as stupid as people think.  Science isn't my best subject, I take a test and fail... does that make me stupid?  Another thing is that there are some amazingly smart teenagers out there, I see a lot of trouble makers who are intelligent for their age.  Last thing, he also complains about kids with blogs... -_-.  He needs to look at the bigger picture and realize not all teenagers are 'stupid'.  Have a placid day!!!!!

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