Friday, September 9, 2011


Before I get into todays entry I wanted to say that I'm so glad for the weekend!  I've never been happier to just sit in peace without worrying about homework and such.  I have a lot of entries planned and I'm ready to start blogging again!

In society today religion is starting to become in the way of everything.  No one can do anything without someone referring to the Bible.  I have no problem with religion but there are some things that I question.

1. Who is the leader of the church?
Whenever I see a video on Youtube about some person protesting about gay marriage I always question, "who is the person responsible?"  There are a lot of people taking the Bible literally, and I mean they are nitpicking every single thing they can use to their advantage. 

2. The No Factor.
Oh gosh this has to be the worst one.  I see a lot of people saying things like, "oh you can't eat animals or oh you can't shave!"  Really?  The Bible was written centuries ago.  Society in those ages were way different than they are now.

3. False Prophets.
Everyone's heard about May 21 right?  This is something else that's seriously just irritating me, I can't go search up something on the internet without seeing these stupid 'God warned us in 2009'.  These people are taking everything literally!  I mean what is the purpose in putting up those false advertisements? 

4. Which religion?
The one religion that's causing the most controversy is Christianity.  Again, I have no issue with religion but I have issues with people shoving their religion down someone's throat.  I mean come on I have my own beliefs and you have to respect that.  According to them if we aren't Christian we don't go to heaven.  Guess how many times I heard that?

OK so this is more of a strong feeling towards religion.  I am sort of Catholic, I do believe in God but the Bible is a little eh.  I just think people need to live life, I think religion is suffocating.  Anyways that's all for tonight!  Tomorrow I'll be talking about Prop 8.  Have a calming day!!!!

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