Saturday, September 10, 2011

Proposition 8

If you don't already know Prop 8 is this bill or whatever to make gay marriage in California illegal.  Yup I said illegal.  Now my very first blog post was on gay marriage but I'm going to add on, sort of like a part 2.  So far I heard all sorts of things about protecting traditional marriage.  Really?  Last time I checked marriage isn't just supposed to be about a man and a woman.  It's so much more than that and I get a little agitated whenever I hear that.  Marriage is love, how can we separate love just for beliefs?  It bothers me how they arranged this just on personal issues rather than rights.  Oh yeah you're going to organize this thing just because you don't support gay marriage?  Unless you have a logical answer I don't think you should interfere with anyone's life.  While typing this I found a website that talks about saving "traditional" marriage and how it says you can vote yes.  I researched this site and found one document on there that was labeled as, "Myths and Facts".  Being the curious person that I am I go ahead and read what they have to say.  While reading I got just a tad bit angry.  They have these subtitles that say the myths and have a paragraph or two about their "facts".  Let me just say that these make no sense whatsoever.  The first one says it does not discriminate against gays, it simply restores the meaning of marriage.... What meaning are they talk about?!  The meaning of marriage is compassion, support, love, and lots more that I don't know!  It's not simply based on a man and a woman, that is a poor reason.  They also talk about how it causes confusion in children.  Of course it does!  Children don't know marriage and at that age it is perfect to teach them that everyone should be allowed to marry.  Everyone should have the right to marry the person they love.  Say no to Prop 8, this bill is blasphemy and it will only cause more problems.  That's all for tonight and tomorrow I'll be talking about 9/11.  Have a divine day!!!

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