Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reality television

Oh the enjoyment of watching reality television.  You know, the fake entertainment.  Yes today I will discuss the horrors of reality television.  I'm going to be honest I despise reality shows with a passion.  There are many shows nowadays that are completely worthless and contribute nothing to society.  Shows like Kim Kardashian and her sister going places and doing absolutely nothing.  The real housewives that like to play high school all over again.  Or who could miss Jersey shore, the show that exposes people fighting and partying every day.  Do people really find these shows entertaining?  Not only are these shows fake but they show a lot of stereotypes.  For example: the real housewives expose women being these beauty queens who get whatever they want.  Men are seen as a-holes who cheat on their woman.  These stereotypes are pointless and only increase stereotypical statements.  One show that I cannot stand anymore is "Teen Moms".  Not only is that the most fake show out there but it makes teen girls think that getting pregnant will have no affect at all.  I also read an article saying the moms get paid every season.  Now you know where they get all the money to buy the houses or apartments.  They also over exaggerate the drama in shows like Kim Kardashian goes to whatever city.  Oh my gosh your sister just talked behind your back your life must be so hard.  Yeah your life must be so hard having lots of money and doing absolutely nothing that helps this world.  Come on people get a life, there are so many things to do than spending your day watching snookie get a tan.  I would love to cancel all these pointless shows.  I think life would be much more productive without these shows we call "entertainment".  Please no more of these shows, I absolutely don't care.  That's it for tonight, have an exquisite weekend!

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