Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Alright today we will discuss abortion!  Abortion is such a touchy subject, so might as well get my opinion out there.  I believe that abortion is a woman's choice, no one else should interfere with that.  First let's talk about the phrase, "it's killing a human being!"  OK the baby hasn't developed into the form of a body.  It isn't really murder if it hasn't formed.  Some people say to just put it up for adoption.  Really?  You're going to have your baby and then just give it up for adoption?  I feel bad for that child, he/she wouldn't know their birthmother until quite some time.  Also, being in an adoption home doesn't sound so comforting to me.  There are many children in this world who don't have families, why increase the number?  There are some scenarios that happen.  Accidents happen, uneducated, and they might have been raped or assaulted.  Whenever I mention, "what if they got raped?" the first response is, "now that's a different situation."  uhhh not really.  If a woman wants to get an abortion it is her decision, not ours.  We have to remember that we don't live anyone else's lives, we live our own.  Women who get abortions don't turn into some witch, they still have the same personality.  Society shouldn't tell you what to do, you make your own decisions.  That is my personal opinion, everyone has their own.  Have a miraculous day!!!  My next blog entry will be a mystery....

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