Monday, April 16, 2012

N is for Name Calling

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is when people call each other names like sluts and whores.  I mean I find it funny that most the times people call each other these names for the lack of a better name.  When someone has to resort to any of those names I'll be honest, I consider you uneducated and weak minded.  The best way to insult someone is by calling them that?  Yeah there are plenty of ways to insult someone but please don't call someone that unless you really know what it means.  Most the time I get absolutely tired of girls calling each other that when they really don't even know what it means!  I remember one of my friends called this girl a cunt (omgz bad word) and I asked them if they knew what it meant.  Guess what?!  They didn't!  Know the words you use to insult someone or then it makes you look like the fool.  OH and I find it hilarious how some teens think that cussing is the best insult.  Yeah... heck no.  When you call me every word in the naughty dictionary I can't help but smile!  Sadly I used to be that person who called another person a slut and I thought cussing was the best way to win a fight because that's what the kool kids did.  I hope I made my point across in this rant!


  1. Oh name calling. I think it has its place. If that person really is being a whatever, then use the word that fits. That's not always cussing, but sometimes it is.