Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Rain

The rain soothes my mind.  Whenever I hear the soft patter against my window, I'm at ease.  It's somewhat comforting to hear a loud storm outside.  Hearing the rain plunging down from the sky takes me to Cloud 7.  There are times where all I want to do is just go outside while it's raining and run.  Getting completely drenched in water sounds tremendously fun and care-free.  I remember a time in Texas where I was at a birthday party and it began to rain.  I was with other children and we were outside in the rain having a blast.  I truly "love" those days where I can go outside in the rain and it will result in no punishment from parents.  It's sort of like the rain is a substance to which I can get high but I'm not addicted to it because I can't get it everyday.  Ahh life's simple pleasures...

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  1. I love walking in the rain. It's calming, so long as it isn't too cold or coming down too hard.

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