Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P is for Pictures

If you ever see me with a camera... run.  Wanna know why?  Of course you do. I love taking silly pictures!  It isn't necessarily fun for my sister and mom (I usually take surprise pictures of them).  I have a whole load of pictures that are absolutely silly and should never be taken seriously.  I'm not a huge fan of those people who strive for professional profile pictures on Facebook or something.  Make it fun!  Those pictures are like so totally lame-o.  Another thing I love about cameras has to be videos!  So many memories by just hitting the record button.  The camera shouldn't be fake smiles of a group picture, it should be fun! When I look back at a video and actually laugh... that's a video I will always keep.  Not some cheesy family video with no one doing anything.


  1. You made me want to see your photos! I'm with you on the video memory part. Now our kids are growing up and we are taking lots of silly and day to day photos. Sometimes we see the bigger two giggle together watching their old videos.

  2. I hate fake posed pictures too! I like unusual angles and lot sof weird closeups. I'm over from A to Z saying hi. Stop on by if you like. (Catherine Stine's Idea City)