Friday, April 13, 2012

L is for Lake

Another late post, I apologize!  So I have a story to share to you all wonderful readers about the lake.  Before moving to Illinois we went to this lake nearby my hometown.  So my family and my step-dad and his son joined us for a day at the lake!  It was actually pretty fun but the part I genuinely remember is the snake or animals that came up from the water!  Alright so let's start to the humble beginning.  Me, my sister, and step-dad's son were in the water splashing and having a terrific time.  And then all of a sudden I see this head sticking out of the water coming towards us!  I completely panicked and ran to shore to avoid that thing!  Once I was panicking and splashing in the water looking like a shark was heading towards me, the other two took notice and ran to shore as well!  I didn't even look back or wait for anyone else.  It was every person for themselves!  While I was graciously heading towards shore I heard the others behind me.. laughing? I don't remember but once we got out that mini loch ness monster already disappeared.  It was intense.  I vividly remember a head coming up and down from the water.  Oh good times... good times...  So who has some stories about the lake?!?!?!?!


  1. Just tell 'em your LATE on purpose ... waiting for L-Day. ;-)

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