Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Wolfe

This is the name I plan to change it to.  Wolfe.  Ever since I heard this name I've been obsessed with it.  It just sounds cool to be called Wolfe!  Now the reasons to why I want to change my name are a bit eh.  The first reason is people don't know how to spell it!  It bugs me to constantly have to correct them, it's "f" not "ph"!  Another reason is people have really destroyed my confidence with my name.  I'm not gonna lie the things they say are bit rude.  For most people throughout my life they associated my name with Adolf Hitler.  They would joke around calling me Hitler and it wasn't once or twice its been all throughout my life.  At first I let it slide but then once you hear something repeatedly it takes its toll on you.  The last reason to why I want to change my name is because of Social Security reasons.  My mom told me they kept sending the check or whatever to my dad instead of me.  Changing my name would help with the confusion they have going on.  I mean even my mom thinks I should change my name!  So yeah this post is rushed because I still have to work on a project I've been on for the past 3 mother effing hours!!!!  

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