Thursday, April 12, 2012

K is for Kumquats

OK I'll confess I thought I had the letter k planned but... I didn't.  So I"m winging it baby!  So kumquats are something I've never had before.  They look unappetizing to be honest with ya'll.  For some reason I'm developing a fear of kumquats I mean they look funny and probably taste funny.  You know something else I haven't tried?  Karkalla (yes I'm using Google today)!  Those fruits seem sour and... well they seem sour.  Let's see am I missing any?  Oh yeah!  Kiwis!  I love kiwi!  They are the only fruit that I like that starts with the letter k!  My favorite part about kiwis are biting into the mini seeds inside of it.  I love that extra crunch along with the fruit itself.  It makes it have some sort of bite to it (nerdy Top Chef terminology).  OK so this post wasn't really exciting or anything but I was unprepared for this letter.  Soooooooo have you tried any fruits that start with the letter k?!  Was it an enjoyable experience?  Was it lacking in anything?  Was it fun?  Was it dumb?  Was it disgusting?  I must knowww!!!!!


  1. First, I'm thrilled to find your site because I'm on the hunt for blogs of other fellow teens. There aren't many of us participating in the A-Z Challenge!

    I think kiwis are the only fruit I've tried that starts with "k". I like them, too.

    The Golden Eagle
    The Eagle's Aerial Perspective

    1. Oh yes another teen! I'll check your blog when I have the chance! Thanks for stopping by!