Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gender Role Stereotypes

Here are the gender roles in society: guys are supposed to listen to rap, supposed to love cars, we must love sports, and we have to be masculine.  Girls are supposed to be feminine, must be the care takers of the house, and they are supposed to tend to a man's every need.  I'm so sick of hearing these gender roles.  All these stereotypes must go away!  I'm a guy so everyone tells me that I have to do this and that.  You know that guy I always complain about right?  Well recently he tells me I'm so "feminine" because I don't listen to rap and I listen to a woman singing, I flinch a lot, and I don't let anything touch me.  Really?  That is a sign of a gender role stereotype.  Being a guy you can't do one thing without people calling you "feminine".  In society a man must stand up for himself and if he is seen with one tear rolling down his cheek he is labeled as a "sissy" or "wimp".  For a woman being tough and masculine; they are labeled as a "tomboy".  Those stereotypes must learn the other side of the story.  A guy can do what makes him happy, a girl can do that as well.  You aren't here to tell me a set of rules I have to abide by.  It should never be a big issue, you have your life to live and I have mine, let's leave it at that.  Next time you tell someone that remind yourself that it really isn't any of your business.  I have more to say about this but that will be another time!  Have yourself a calming day/night or whatever!

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