Sunday, February 5, 2012

Femininity: Experience of Others

I'm not a woman so I don't have experience with this but I did research other blogs and experiences.  I listed the most common I found and I'll just tie it all in.  Remember I'm not speaking for them, this is purely based on what I read.  I watched videos, read articles, and blogs and they mentioned a lot about beauty.  Most of them mentioned they spent a lot of money on make-up products and hair products to look decent for a man.  Either it's the pressure of dressing for men or it's the pressure to dress nice simply because they're a lady and women should dress lady-like.  There was one part that interested me, one lady said their school thought women should be less intelligent than men.  Weight is a big concern that I read, the magazines and movies added more pressure to have a thin physique.  Now I did ask some friends and one said because she was a girl she should act like one.  So... does that mean being taught what to wear, what to say, and how to look?  I had a friend in 8th grade and she tried out for football but they told her, "no, you're a girl".  Let's be honest that isn't a decent reason.  But I have one question still lingering.  If women are told to dress to impress and to look fabulous then why are they labeled as sluts only because of their fashion statement?  There is no in-between for women!  Alright that concludes this post!!  Next I'll move on to the media.


  1. not all girls care about makeup and all that crap some girls do just go naturally, because they are happy with themselves id put more but im at school.<3 love the blog<3

  2. It was more of a feminine issue. Most the things I read or watched had at least one of these and it was their experience with it. Thanks for the comment :)!!!

  3. I understand that it was their experience but the videos may have been the preppy girls and the snobby girls, not one whose just trying to fit in until she gets out of high school.<3 thanx for replying<3