Saturday, February 11, 2012

Men in the Media: Movies and Shows

There was one show that talked about a story where a man got his penis chopped off because he wanted a divorce from his wife.  Were they sympathetic?  Nope one lady cracked a bunch of jokes on it and thought it was the most hilarious thing ever!  And yet if a woman was injured like that no one would be laughing at all.  It seems as though pain is only funny when it's directed towards a man.  So what's a man worth?  In shows and movies men are always hit in the private area and that's exposed for laughs?  I have only seen a couple movies where a woman was hit in the chest, of course it was by another woman.  In shows men are always the buffoons, the ones being abusive, or the ones who are douches.  Oh and don't get me started on those pathetic shows that have men being sex-crazed.  It only enhances beliefs that men only want one thing in life (sex).  Now, on to movies!  Have you ever seen a man cry in a movie?  If you answered no I wouldn't be surprised!  Men are NEVER emotional in movies.  Oh no they take their emotions out on everyone else, that's what's being presented.  There are a hoard of movies that make men seem the ones who are macho and tough.  Always the ones saving the princess, always the one saving the helpless one, and always being the main provider for the family.  I can't stand the medieval theme where men must be the knight in shining armor!  I'm sick of these movies and shows that either portray men as the tough knights or the evil demons.  Let's break these hideous stereotypes!  Why is it always a man that has to ONLY do the dirty work?  Someone please tell me the answer to that.  See you on Monday!!


  1. ok mr Opinion. Let's talk about always doing the dirty work. Who cleans up puke and dirty diapers? Who does most of the home care for sick loved ones? (More puke and diapers) I think you're feeling sorry for yourself. Yes, I have seen men cry in movies. Just like in real life.

  2. What I'm trying to say is that men are misrepresented in the media. I'm not at all feeling sorry for myself I'm fed up with men being portrayed as the tough macho guys. Men do indeed cry but how often do you see that? In real life people think men shouldn't cry and that they should just suck it up and be a man. I'm trying to cover everything that I see and hear both men and women.