Friday, February 3, 2012

Masculinity: My Personal Experience

I've had many experiences with masculinity.  Almost everyone in my life has tried to construct me as the modern man.  I cannot tell you how many people told me not to shave my armpits because I was a guy.  Yes it sounds silly but I'm blown away.  My mom, sister, and most of my friends have told me that.  See a pattern?  Yes, all of them are women.  Not all my friends are women but most of them are and they all said the same exact thing, "you're a guy, guys don't shave their armpits."  It's getting to the point where I'm starting to get angry.  At first I was like, "eh no big deal."  Then I just heard it over and over again.  I'll tell you something about myself, I hate cars and I hate sports.  Of course my sister always tells me, "you're a guy you're supposed to like sports and you're supposed to know everything about cars."  Ugh.  Just because I'm a guy does not mean I like any of those things!  I've been told that I need to be more dominant and that I need to fight like a man.  I've been told that crying is only for pussies, only because I'm a guy.  My dad told me that I should stand up for myself and that I should use violence when necessary.  Friends have told me that I should start hanging out with guys more often.  Oh but I'm "feminine" when I listen to female singers and I don't let others touch me. Seriously?!  I'm raging with anger towards people, I don't care who you are but if you tell me that I need to be something I'm not then screw you!  Boys have been taught at a young age that they should follow the rules set up by society's standards.  When I cry it doesn't mean that I'm a prick, when I refuse to watch football it doesn't mean I'm a girl, when I shave my armpits it doesn't mean I'm gay.  Interesting, isn't it?  Sorry this was so long but I need to explain everything.  See you Sunday!!

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