Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Men Are Evil

I decided to scratch off the news idea only because most of the things I'll talk about will be in this post.

Men are evil because they're rapists, killers, and murderers.  They only want sex and they'll do whatever it takes to get it.  I just think that fathers should never gain custody of a child only because he abused the family!  There is obviously scientific proof that men are indeed much more evil!  I mean come on they're lazy and don't know how to clean anything!  All they like to do is sit and let someone else do all the work for them!  I've always see men getting in arguments and beating each other up just for the heck of it.  Clearly men have no morality and all they like to do is break every ladies heart.

I hear most of this either in the news or in public.  I always see men being the rapists, yes some men rape but how many of those were false allegations?  False allegations are mostly used to destroy the reputation and the life of the person.  Now I hear a lot of women say that men are sex-crazed.  Not all men are like that yet we have to generalize!  I think the court system should review things carefully rather than the female gaining custody and the father being completely left out.  Now I'll say this again... NOT ALL MEN are lazy!  Geez yet we keep thinking that men are morons who can't clean up after themselves!  Now the last one is for the people on my Facebook who complain that all men are worthless and idiots.  Many girls on my Facebook constantly say how men are just plain evil.  Of course!  Guys my age will be immature but that doesn't give anyone the right to say that ALL men are like that!

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