Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Updates!!!

The title isn't so exciting I apologize :P.  I just want to explain that the whole month of February will be about masculinity and femininity.  I want to talk about my experiences and also I want a woman's p.o.v.  I can't really speak for women so hopefully I'll find a way to explain it more.  The only day I'll have a different post is Valentine's Day because I really want to talk about it!  Everything will be running at the normal schedule until further notice.  I've been looking forward to starting this!  This will  undoubtedly be the biggest series I will have done up to this point.  Also my 100th post seems to have landed on February!  I have something planned and I hope all my readers will enjoy it!  I'll give you a hint: (it's to know me better).  The point of the series is to educate others about my experience and to type what others are really thinking.  It would be tremendous help if people commented about their experience with sexist comments.  I hope I didn't bore you with this post!  See you on Friday!

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