Thursday, February 9, 2012

Women in the Media: Commercials

I see a lot of beauty commercials.  Either it's make-up, perfume, face wash, or those eye lash thingies.  It makes it seem like women must need the top products to look fabulous!  Fabulous for what?!  Oh and don't get me started on those ridiculous hair products.  This is my translation, "your hair sucks, but not after using this!"  The message is ALWAYS intended for women.  You must need the best make-up, best face wash, and don't forget you need that shiny look to your hair!  Seems like they believe in the plastic doll face.  Let's move on to the weight commercials... oh my.  Let me start off by saying that women AND men care about weight.  Of course not all men or women do but these commercials make it seem that ONLY women care about weight.  Those ridiculous weight watchers, nutri-system, and all that pathetic low calorie, low carb, and low fat crap.  Don't even get me started on that, "I lost 378 lbs with ____!"  That leads me to my next point.  Why are women always portrayed as sexy in almost all the bra commercials or chocolate commercials?  I always see tall and thin, not everyone is like that if you haven't already figured that out.  It's always sexy, sexy, and more sexy. But what is sexy?  Supposedly the models they showcase is "sexy."  They have to go through the trouble to find a super thin model that's beautiful OH and let's throw in long hair too! Now I understand they must showcase the bra but it's extremely over dramatic.  I often feel bad for the model because she seems underweight and unhappy.  If only they portrayed the average woman.  Not the underweight super model that looks unhappy.  See you on Saturday for the next post!!!!

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