Monday, February 13, 2012

Women in the Media: Movies and Shows

Women have always been portrayed as sexy.  Not that there is anything wrong with that but have you noticed how many movies there are that have women in that slow motion doing that hair flip and smiling.  Yeah I've seen that so many times!  And the men just stare drooling, apparently everything is considered sexy no matter what.  I mean how many times have you seen the situation flipped?!  The over sexualizing of women is highly present in a good portion of films.  It's almost like women have become an object rather than a human being.  Has anyone noticed that most of the women in movies and shows are flawless?  Thin and gorgeous.  I can't think of a time where there has been a woman who has flaws.  Come on people we all look different!  I have started to notice how manipulative women are perceived in films.  Its basically telling men that women shouldn't be trusted because they will ruin your lives!  Oh and while we're on the topic of manipulation there are too many shows that misrepresent women!  The Housewives, You're Cut Off, and the Miss America pageants.  The Housewives are backstabbing, money hungry, and insensitive... are people really like that?  Uhh no!  You're Cut Off makes it seem like women are gold diggers and want money and nothing else.  Again, it makes them seem backstabbing, gossipers, liars, and dumb.  It isn't entertainment, nor is it making anyone look good.  Here's an idea!  Why not cancel those inane shows?!  The words I think of when it comes to women in the media are: thin, tan, "beautiful", manipulative, rich, and pampered.  Women in REAL life aren't all manipulative, not all are rich, and not all are pampered!  Geez stop perpetuating these beliefs!  Enough!  See you on Wednesday for men in the news!

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