Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Men in the Media: Commercials

Now I'll move on to men in the media and how they're portrayed.  There are countless things to discuss so I'll make this a series.  Men have been misrepresented all over the media: news, books, movies, shows, and commercials.  Let's start with the commercials, how do you see men?  Over 70% of the time men are the dimbos, the slobs, or the drunks.  I always see men being the air heads who do moronic things!  And the women?  They just stare like they're children or something.  The cleaning commercials offend me the most.  They portray men being the slobs who are lazy and can't do anything but make a big mess.  Now there is the stereotype that men don't care about their weight.  What I find confusing are the low-fat commercials.  Not one man has appeared on these types of commercials.  What, just because I'm a male does that mean I don't care about my weight?  Oh but wait!  The protein commercials are mainly for men, like all men care about is muscle!  Ugh such a typical stereotype.  Now there is another type of commercial I feel is strange.  Those commercials that have the message of, "don't drink and drive" are always men.  Apparently men are always drunks!  This has been all throughout history.  Even when prohibition on alcohol way back in the 20's.  There was one specifically saying something about saving her husband and children.  Why is it always men?  From what I've seen men are the ones who can't clean up for themselves, they are pigs who don't care about their health, and not to mention they're drunks.  I guess the conclusion is that men are the ones with horns.  Such misrepresentation that only induces male stereotypes.  Stay tuned for women in the media!

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