Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Anti Community

Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and Ron Paul are all examples of the anti community. 

Rick Perry
I think everyone has seen the "Strong" video on Youtube concerning is "valuable" beliefs.  I never really heard what he would do to benefit the world.  But he did give me some points to NOT believe in his campaign.  The fact that religion played a big role in the video makes me think he is only worried about religion.  Yeah because NO ONE celebrates Christmas publicly.  Also, since I'm a supporter of the GLBTQ community I feel like his "gays serving in the military is an issue" statement was unnecessary.  Also, he believes in "homosexuals are bad influences on boys".  What.  The.  F!?  Not only is he narrow minded but he is another reason why masculinity beliefs still exist!  He basically told America, "Hi America, don't vote for me."

Michele Bachmann
Also known as, "the candidate that I cannot trust".  I discussed this in another entry but I'll expand.  Well the obvious reason is her tendency to run away from homophobic statements.  She cannot AND will not defend her statements... why?  No clue, the truth is lying in her head.  Of course she is ANOTHER one who does not believe in gay rights.  Hence to why I call this post the "anti community".  Anti-progressive?  Yes.  Oh but that's not all!  She believes in tiered internet service... x facepalm x.  Why not continue net neutrality?  The internet is better with no restrictions on what I can look up.

Ron Paul
The last candidate that is still in the running.  He votes no on the "definition of marriage" which is good... then he had to ruin it with voting no on gay adoptions in DC.  Oh the things people do.  He wants to what?!  Support PRAYING in public schools?!  Please!  Save that for the religious schools, leave religion out of my school.  Oh and don't get me started on creationism with this man.  

In conclusion 2 out of 3 have dropped out which I'm thankful for!  The two worst have quit and I'm absolutely thankful for that!  These are our future leaders?!  What happened?!  I'm prepared to flee the country.

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