Sunday, January 29, 2012

Because I'm a Teenager...

There are many stereotypes surrounding people my age.  Many people believe that teenagers are selfish, self-absorbed, and mindless fools who are lazy.  I feel very small when compared to an adult because adults have the right to a voice and an opinion and it isn't considered snobby.  For a person my age when I speak like this to an adult they will consider me as a snob or a smart aleck.  Although adults have been around Earth much more than I have it doesn't mean I don't have a voice or an opinion.  I really don't appreciate it when my mom gets to tell me that I'm wrong simply because she's older than me.  A misuse in authority only because I'm a teenager.  I love watching older people's videos on Youtube who discuss issues but it really makes me feel weird when they say only 21+.  Yet adults say that teenagers should be more involved in the world instead of technology.  Now don't get me wrong there are teens who really need to educate themselves more and I'm not saying that I'm mature and intelligent.  I'm still young and I enjoy listening or reading another person's p.o.v but at times it feels like teenagers' opinions are often left in the dark for only teens to read.  I want multiple adults to read my blog and to give me criticism.  At the same time am I way over myself?  Am I going too fast?  I don't want people to say, "oh your blog is so good!" when in all actuality it isn't and it needs a lot of improvement.  I want teens to question and I also want adults to question.  This is getting really long but I really don't want my age to define my intelligence.  Peace out.

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